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So Brutal It Hurts

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Published: November 2, 2009
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Really looking forward to playing Brutal Legend. Mostly for the story and atmosphere. But I'm dreading the (according to almost every review and impressions I heard) the only so so game play.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll still enjoy it.
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id fucking kill to have a  Brütal Legend table top game 
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Brutal Legend would have made a much better movie or tv series, just like most of Tim Schafer's stuff. But it's still a lot of fun! The story and sound track put it into my top 10 games.
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0ArmoredSoul0Professional Digital Artist
To be honest, the only gameplay portion I had any complaints about were the driving sections, but even then, after a couple tries, I got used to the controls and had a freaking BLAST charging across the landscape. I know a lot of people don't like RTS's, but Brutal Legend actually plays strongly in the Stage Battles, and you can dive in to provide support on a one-on-one basis rather than being forced to watch from afar as your dudes get smashed.
It's a stupidly awesome game. :)
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DemonBeatzHobbyist Digital Artist
<3 yeah brutal legend is awesomeee:iconyeahplz:
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The weird strategy and lack of jumping can be daunting but I thought the story, characters and level of badassery were pretty well worth it. You're comic is adorable.
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The RTS moments are rather easy to deal with, the problem is they get harder and harder as the game goes on, and you find youself mashing buttons and creating troops just to save one merch booth.
I don't mind them, but I wish they kept Brutal Legend as a full blooded action game and maybe save this for multiplayer.
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Cocoa-SwirlHobbyist Digital Artist
ROFL Moment
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RTheEvil1Hobbyist Artist
Cool! I love brutal Legend~ <3
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Okay.. I think I get these now. You were hoping that you would not get turn based strategy? Some people would've loved that I think but personally... ugh, it would've just bored me to tears.
Snazzy art by the way! Nice build up too
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KogoumaHobbyist Digital Artist
oh no!not a natural 20!you know if Doviculus(i think thats how you spell his name)had a vorpal weapon that would be an instant decapitation.
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To be honest, i hate RTS games (i'm not really sure what it means, but i've got a pretty good idea) like Halo Wars, Dawn Of War etc.

But this game is totally different.
For me, it's nothing like an RTS game.
You get to kill them yourself, and it's not just a huge map with some random 3D buildings and people on it!
So for that reason, i disagree with this flash comic, however awesome it is :meow:
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No! This game is totally awesomer than what is presented in the above art. Basically, you kick demon ass assisted and augmented by your troops. Quote Tim Schafer: "If you play this like an RTS, you're going to lose." And that makes sense, the strongest unit is you! I mean, you can summon the Hindenburg on the enemy base! Ride a gothic hot-air balloon and drop poison urns on your enemies! Ride a kick-ass demonic chariot!* You know, metal stuff.

And I guess you can hack enemy units to tiny bits, but it's easier to kill 'em by Double Teaming up with your units.

This is a Console Action RTS done right.

*Not as the same character, but still.
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HelforgeHobbyist General Artist
hahahahaha lol!
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why does no-one like this game? I thought it was amazing!
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CreatureSHHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I usually HATE RTS and similar games, but I freaking love Brütal Legend. It doesn't really play like an RTS, anyway. Or do you know any RTS game where you constantly have to fly around the battlefield and personally bash the enemy troops' skulls in?
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that is so brutal it hurts. oh well LONG LIVE THE METAL
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TheRealChristhHobbyist Digital Artist
I personally didn't mind the RTS elements in the game, didn't really take anything away from it.

Great flash comic.
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I'll get the cheetos and mountain dew.
Have you been spying on my brothers?
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the gameplay ain't that bad when you get used to it, but I'm not a fan of RTS, so the stage battles are a real drag, especially later on in the game, but the story and general awesomeness makes up for it ^^

Also, awesome comic, it made me lol :D
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DarkArtistKaiserHobbyist Digital Artist
Jeez, people certainly cant handle a mix of game play(reviews and commenters).

People are so picky these days, why not go back to playing some mindless shooters? Its about all people seem to care about anymore.

Anyway, nice comic man.
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Dungeons and Dragons can suck Brutal Legend's metallic ding-a-ling.
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