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Operation: Lower Manhattan
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Published: April 1, 2009
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Kinda late on this one, since Watchmen was weeks ago. Had a sick computer, and then I was struck by "I don't want to work!" But here it is!

People who aren't familiar with watchmen probably won't get this one much.

Also, this is my 50th comic!
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Comments (83)
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Morggehan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
..........uuuuuh.... if it's about penis sizes, then get it.
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DMajorBoss|Professional Writer
Hahah, dual joke: the comic instance itself and your appearance at the end. Very well done.


Thanks for sharing; keep up the goodness.
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Lars-Dagger's avatar
Lars-Dagger| General Artist
I Love Dr.Manhattan :D :love:
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SerbianCinderella's avatar
I watched ''Wathcmen'' the day before yesterday, and all I have to say about the movie is > boring&stupid. < xD
But I like your comics =)
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Falith's avatar
Falith|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol~. I have to be honest, I liked the title more than the joke. And I've seen Watchmen.
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Siddif|Hobbyist Photographer
i havent seen watchmen yet and i missed my chance now, its no longer in our local cinema so ill have to wait for DVD =( i only sorta get it but its funny in its own right =)
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Th--three panels ago?!

This was entertaining. Interesting take on Dr. Manhattan's...character?
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fjgamer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
50 comics already!?
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Midesko's avatar
I should have done this punchline 35 minutes ago!
Possibly awesome? Must investigate further. :heart:
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link55557's avatar
Still got it =D
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SirBouf| Traditional Artist
I never saw the movie, but I read the comic. And I most say, you did an excellent parody of the conference. By the way, happy 50th comic!
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Hentai-Sweetie's avatar
congrats on your 50th comic
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dudiwatsit's avatar
I lol'd so very hardcore.
Awesome as always :D
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citrikacid|Student Writer
WOO!!! go 50 comics!!!!
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DarkRedEye|Student Traditional Artist
I got to see Watchman, loved it, Rorschach is such a cool character and I love their choice of an actor for him.
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ranasan's avatar
Oh god it made me giggle loudly like a mad man
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MissAnimegrl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao!! EPIC BLUE PEEN!!! XD poor Dr. Manhattan. Happy 50th comic!! Keep up the good work.
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WyldePhyre2100's avatar
WyldePhyre2100|Hobbyist Photographer
Simply brilliant, sir!! :giggle:
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kumori13's avatar
...lol...didn't understand. But I still chuckled. XD
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AngelicAdonis|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol. Thats the spirit! :P

Nice job! :D
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pixelkirby's avatar
"I delivered it three panels ago..." HA! Sheer brilliance. Brilliance worthy of Ozy himself, definitely.
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"Push my awesome button."
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