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Good Fortune

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Published: September 14, 2007
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I've gotten all these fortunes before. Even the last one!
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rusty-le-catHobbyist Traditional Artist
do you live in Canada? im starting to notice...
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Ahh you know you love us for our colourful moniezzz
Saru23's avatar
Saru23Hobbyist Photographer
haha that;s great...Canadian money. :D It's sorta funny, Weird Al says in "Canadian Idiot" that we have monopoly money, but the US created monopoly...(It's just somewhat funny to think about it this way)
Unless he is stating we have weird looking money like the game...that's probably right. :P
Metaknightdoesddr's avatar
That reminds me of the time that I opened an *unused* container of butter, and found that it had nothing in it! :XD:
CherryCorpse's avatar
Woah wait, you even had the last one?? o_O There was a bunch of Canadian money in your cookie? ew..
uria96's avatar
BUT Canadian money is worth more the US money now
handsockpuppet's avatar
It may be Canadian money, but I'd like a fortune like that.
Jedi-Knight-Dave202's avatar
Jedi-Knight-Dave202Student Traditional Artist
I accidently ate my fortune and my cooky once. then I took a dump and found the fortune in my crap. It read "fortunes will fill your belly"

Oh well nice joke about the canadians though Joey. I'll forget that insult for the time being
Missa-EXE's avatar
Aww, but our money is so pretty and colourful. xD

But yeah. xD Hilarious, I loved it. I could just hear the vioces from the videos with them while reading.
choask1699's avatar
I dont know if this has anything against Canada
I dont even understand it |D;

But great job~
Luna-Minura's avatar
Luna-MinuraStudent Filmographer
Fortunes can be soooo stupid sometime! Once I even got one that was saying : ''Chiken make eggs'' o_O How stupid is this? (Well it was something like that... but it was in french, it says : ''Les poule fond les oeufs'';)
Luna-Minura's avatar
Luna-MinuraStudent Filmographer
Nice comic by the way ;)
badash13's avatar
badash13 General Artist
hahaha that's great....i collect fortunes, so i know exactly what you mean xD
sdwn's avatar
sdwnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sry bout the print request I acidentally clicked it to add to favs but net lagged and I clicked request print....^^;
AniDragon's avatar
AniDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
The oddest fortune I ever got was "Call your mother."

I was all like, "What the Deus? She's sititng in front of me!"
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apeman505Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good one, froggie! :D
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ShadowStriker1Hobbyist Digital Artist
RosaRubicundior's avatar
I got one that said
"In God we trust, all others must pay cash"
tombacksha's avatar
Lol, my fortune read "Keep an eye on your man" lol
OokamiYashaChan's avatar
OokamiYashaChan Digital Artist
our dollar is higher then the american!!!

via va canada!!! (i cant spell>>;)
killerkitty159's avatar
killerkitty159Student Photographer
I once got a fortune cookie that said
"that wasn't chicken"
it was funny
ArthurArthurArthur's avatar
that would scare he shit outa me :P
killerkitty159's avatar
killerkitty159Student Photographer
I haven't gone back to that chinese restaurant since
It's a good story though
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