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Commission: Selphie and Fujin

Another commission from :iconsternguard: Selphie getting some mouth from Fujin from Final Fantasy 8.

Does Fujin hate trains, or LOVE TRAINS? You decide!

For commission info, check out my journal post: [link]
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GlassGuise's avatar
So cute! I love it! 
dogface44's avatar
I like trains (train comes and squishes me)
zzzzxx's avatar
Maybe Fujin means Selphie should focus on "training" herself instead of "training" the "train"?
DarkCloud628's avatar
i forgot about Fujin's lack of speech until i started playing this game through again. she kinda makes me laugh. and she doesn't look too happy, so i'd say she does NOT like trains.
maloire's avatar
XD oh epic one-word-sentences!
Sibernethy's avatar
You can actually hack the game and play as Fujin and Raijin. Looks like a lot of fun.
DOOMsword's avatar
Love it! And I think that's just how Fujin talks. She really likes trains too. :)
AyaJeanneBeck's avatar
the only thing missing from this scene is the sugar bags
SlackersDeadAccount's avatar
MistressOfKashyyyk's avatar
haha I love this. I can picture someone just walking down the street and yelling "TRAINS!" at someone :D
Frobman's avatar
Maybe she likes trains, but doesn't want to show it or be associated with Selphie.
Mattchudon's avatar
Admit it, Fujin! You LOVE trains more than life itself!
WanderingTempest's avatar
Word association? Fujin sees Seifer? RAGE. Fujin sees Selphie? TRAINS.
kakashihataka's avatar
WOW! It's been how long!?

Sternguard's avatar
What can I say I like his art, and splurged on it a bit.
kakashihataka's avatar
<3 where did you find that cute dragon avy?
Sternguard's avatar
I wish I could take credit but there the creation of this fellow.


Who has made more than a few cute ones.
kakashihataka's avatar
coolies. are they still active?
Sternguard's avatar
I honestly can't say, but I do believe so since when I asked for permission to use it as my icon I got a okay from them well him
Sternguard's avatar
Oh my god what horror have we unleashed with this picture!
Leaviel's avatar
I super love how Fujin talks. it cracks me up any time she says anything.
Schism-Walker's avatar
Love it, ironicly playing FF8 again on my PSP this time, I still wonder how Fujin actully holds a conversation let alones talks like that, oh well...
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