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Chibi Killer Instinct: Season 2

From left to right:  Riptor, TJ Combo, Omen, Shadow Jago, Kan-ra, Aganos, Cinder, Hisako, Mya, and AIRA

When I released my chibis for the new Killer Instinct last year, they got a few RT's on Twitter which was cool.  But more and more some of the KI streamers on twitch began to notice them, and even asked to use them as overlays. You might even notice them pop up as Twitch emotes in KI streams!  Originally I was going to wait until Season 2 was over to do the rest, but this one Maya player (GamerLCD) asked if I was going to draw his main character.  It jump started me doing them each time Iron Galaxy revealed a new fighter.

ANYWAY, here are the new fighters for Killer Instinct season 2!  It was a lot of fun to do, and I'm glad some people in the KI community enjoy them so much!

And as a disclaimer:  Feel free to use them in stream overlays if you wish.  Just give me credit in the description.  But please contact me if you want to make chat emotes out of them.

As a bonus... here are all my KI chibis in icon form.  Use them in various places as icons!…

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Hisako doesn't get enough love, here or anywhere else.  :(

*gives Hisako love*  :)
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Any hope for season 3 once it's completed? :D
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your aganos its very cute *-*
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TJ is all like "Come at me, bro!" XD
ichduhernz's avatar
SO god damn cute
LegendaryFrog's avatar
Yeah how nuts is that!  Glad you liked the pic Mr Lobb!
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Awesome & cute job. :aww:
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