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All About Random Battles picture remake

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This was a lot of fun!  

Last weekend, the voice actors for Roche in the Final Fantasy Remake (Austin Lee Matthews) tagged me on twitter saying that my and Flash Bro's toon "All About Random Battles" was his introduction to FF7. Very cool! Turns out, it was quite a fews people intros to the game!  

It got me looking back at the old toon, and was inspired to remake one of it's classic shots.  It was a ton of fun to make new models for Aerith (not Aeris) and TIfa (not TIFF-a)
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I just started playing FF7 again, and when I got to the point where it would let me choose party members I went with Aerith and Tifa, saying to myself "Nice choice, Cloud. They're HOT!" Haven't even watched this toon in years.

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<3 an eternal classic!
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God its been years since ive seen this! Glad to know legendaryfrog is still around!
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What a throwback! That's amazing that you're their bridge to the Final Fantasy world!
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Holy gods! It's been a minute, hasn't it? Awesome!
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Oh yes, I remember your older works!
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"I'm looking at YOU, Aeris Aerith!"
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