New Change of Plans
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Published: June 3, 2018
Pages from Chapter 1 will resume a one-week update.

I've been reading some comments of people disliking having to wait so long. I decided these two-week-update to give me a chance to work on Chapter 8. I haven't even started the layout of that Chapter because of other things I need to do. I have a full-time job, you know?
I just can't draw every day, like I used to do. Is not that simple.

The pressure of completing stuff and getting it done right is overwhelming and having people commenting stuff in relation to this saying "why are you so slow?" and like trying to be "funny"... well, you're doing a terrible job. Stuff like that gets me under my nerves.

It is so sad, people can't still see the work it takes. People thinking I just like, the computer does everything, and I just don't need to move a single muscle in order to do it.

I'm not getting paid for doing the comic. At least maybe consider that "tiny" detail?
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Stella-DrawsStudent General Artist
Heyo, you take all the time you need~ Every little detail of your action-packed webcomic is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. / v \ I Hope you don't drain yourself. Every artist needs rest when the time comes... Omg, you could put your comic on sale whenever you do finish it. I'd love to hold every page in my hands~ -^^-
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You take the time you need to complete each page and don’t worry about what other people say.
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snowcloud8Professional Traditional Artist
Hey, I've waited this long. You do what you gotta do.

Honestly though, yeah, it takes FOREVER to draw something, ESPECIALLY if it's on the computer. If you want to create good art, it takes time. I create mediocre art compared to most artists, and even my best stuff sometimes takes around 10 hours.
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SecretSigilHobbyist General Artist
Krossan, when it comes right down to it I don't mind waiting at all because I'm just happy you're continuing the comic! Because sadly I've seen many amazing artists drop their projects, stop drawing certain characters, or in worse cases they stop sharing their work online altogether because the fans got too demanding or became downright rude when their 'demands' weren't met. Sure I'm eager to see every new drawing and comic page too as soon as possible, but I understand the simple fact that you're a human being first and foremost; a person like the rest of us with a life you've got to live too outside of just drawing like the rest of us. Besides, when it comes to such a huge project like this with full backgrounds, dialogue, lighting, shading and exctra to fit on a single page, it feels like people don't get that every small detail takes a lot time and effort to perfect, especially when it's only one person working on ALL of it. What you've created is an amazing fanmade project that has taken a lot of time and careful planning on your part to bring back even bigger and better then before! If you rush things then the quality drops and it's not fair to pressure you to do that when we've seen you pour so much effort into each and every page which is already hard enough. Like you said, you're putting in all this effort for free too. So anyway, all my rambling aside I totally get where you're coming from so do what's best for you time-wise and we'll just have to keep waiting patiently for new pages, because I'd rather have a beautifully drawn page then a rushed one! Keep up the incredible work and I'm rooting for you Krossan! I really wanted a puppy FREE flying hearts Icon 
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ForgottenToonHobbyist General Artist
I completely understand the effort you make..even though I am one of those people who kinda wishes to not wait forever *sheepish laugh* But the detail you do on this is amazing...and it makes my art look like crap. But I am inspired by what you do and kinda want to make my own webcomic using my own OCs, but it takes commitment...and that is something I do not have. Cuz I'm always busy. And I totally get the whole "not figuring out a layout" thing.
But I'm impressed by the commitment you give to this and am jealous of the art you do...keep doin' what ya doin'. But can ya gimme some advice on this? I really would like to do what you do.
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Rexy2000Professional Traditional Artist
I don't really care about waiting for more than a week or something. Good quality takes time and effort. And making comics is just tiring and it is not that simple as it may looks.
I think Krossan has made a good point. She willingly use her spare time to make the fan comic/graphic novel by herself and doesn't really "get paid", and phans read the work for free! So I suppose those who are still complaining are just too unfriendly...
Please, everyone, it's already nice to see someone is still making art, stories and sorts of things of DP, so why not be patient and nice to the artist/story teller?
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