Pages from Chapter 1 will resume a one-week update.

I've been reading some comments of people disliking having to wait so long. I decided these two-week-update to give me a chance to work on Chapter 8. I haven't even started the layout of that Chapter because of other things I need to do. I have a full-time job, you know?
I just can't draw every day, like I used to do. Is not that simple.

The pressure of completing stuff and getting it done right is overwhelming and having people commenting stuff in relation to this saying "why are you so slow?" and like trying to be "funny"... well, you're doing a terrible job. Stuff like that gets me under my nerves.

It is so sad, people can't still see the work it takes. People thinking I just like, the computer does everything, and I just don't need to move a single muscle in order to do it.

I'm not getting paid for doing the comic. At least maybe consider that "tiny" detail?

I realized I haven't updated any "recent" news regarding the Redo Chapter One.
Despite several previous entries showing you previews of the upcoming Remake of Chapter One, it needs to be held a little more.
The amazing website designer is updating the entire website (it looks AWESOME!!!)
Since that kind of work is completely voluntary, please understand that main priorities need to be attended first. This kind of thing cannot be rushed.
I am waiting for the completion of this update so that I can start a whole new update with a complete and new fresh look.
I need more time, guys! I need your patience. I know I've asked that for too long now. But we are much closer than you think.

Today, October 20th has just marked another year. 9 years in the making of this comic.

There is still much to get done and so many things are keeping me away from it. Keeping the comic going has indeed been a challenge, and as I said before, the next pages aren’t for Chapter 8 but instead an update of Chapter 1. Have a preview of what you’ll soon expect.
AAAAND we close the book as it is the end of yet another Chapter! With an epic number and Epic cliffhanger!
What would happen now?

Another Chapter is completed and I'm so happy to see chapters coming and going. Brings me joy that I'm on the right track continuing working on this project.
For quite some time, I've mentioned and posted some pictures of what I was currently doing after I had all pages of Chapter 7 completed, AND I will explain it to you again now that it is the appropriate time to know it better.

Chapter 7 is done and it expected as much to go for the 8th chapter now, BUT this will not be the case.
What it is currently happening is that I already headed back to Chapter 1 as I'm in the process of finishing redoing the entire chapter. It is mostly presumed that I already completed redoing that chapter and there's no need to wait and just start posting those pages already... well, the truth is, it is not yet completed.

My plan is that there won't be any page updates after I've completed illustrating all pages of chapter 1... and a little downside of this is that it will be more easy for me to lay my hands back again to complete the chapter after the end of this final semester (around June-July).
Yes. I know you don't like waiting but I can only think of this as a viable solution.
Finishing Chapter 1, then I will continue Chapter 8.

All I can say is THANK YOU for your constant support! LOVE YOU GUYS!! LOVE THE PHANDOM!!!

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