It is been such a long time since I posted SOMETHING in the journal of this group.
It has brought tom my attention that a lot of people have been contacting me through all my other social media questioning about the status of the comic. If it is still being continued or not. So I think it is my duty to answer that question in general.
Remember that even if this group is meant for all of you, comic fans, the truly OFFICIAL LINK is the main page:
Although no much has been added like new pages and such, some info is being posted (maybe not constantly) but something to keep you all up to date.
Okay, so what has happened?
On November 17th, 2018, the latest page of CHAPTER 1 REDO was uploaded. Since then, no new updates on the continuation of the story, which by now we should be expecting Chapter 8. The question is WHY the long wait?
As you've seen, clearly I'm not away from the internet. It is most likely that you can find me every day on my social media accounts, posting art.
The very truth about it is that some of the art is taking into consideration being a part of the storytelling of the story being told in this comic. Many concept art is being posted for different ideas. While some are just conceptual, other is more "technical". TECHNICAL referring that I'm testing ink brushes, coloring... I'm testing and checking ways to make my work faster.
Which we come to the main focus of it all: WORK FASTER
I noticed on my previous pages that sometimes I can get a little carried away with the quality. And that is okay with me. I want to deliver good content. I want the comic to stand out! But the thing is GOOD QUALITY=TOO MUCH TIME SPENT.
The truth to all this of all is that Backgrounds, they look cool, but sometimes I need to stop being all that meticulous on details and the time spend on a page or pages can sometimes be ridiculous.
Again, I don't want to reduce the quality of my work because it is not my intention. But what I can do, and it is something I'm continuously testing is to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.
I'm looking for ways to make things easier without me having to spend to much time on it, but still deliver the quality I want you all to enjoy.
Just remember: A single person is doing both art and storytelling.
From the work on the visuals, props, character design...
Not saying is impossible. So many comic artist do that. And as much as I would love to do pages at a super-sonic-speed, I can't.
My life does not depend only on art. I have a full-time job. I get paid and I help myself buying stuff I like as well as helping around in the house. With that, I was able to buy myself a new tablet and get a better PC.
Doing the comic is completely voluntary. I receive NO profit from it. It is completely in favor of my favorite show.
I like doing it. I really do. And just to share some concept art and people just laughing in joy, fun; to share their opinions. I'm all for that!
So, with all that said. Am I quitting?

Heck NO!

Screenshot 1
This is a teaser. This is in fact the first page of Chapter 8. Your welcome ;)
Pages from Chapter 1 will resume a one-week update.

I've been reading some comments of people disliking having to wait so long. I decided these two-week-update to give me a chance to work on Chapter 8. I haven't even started the layout of that Chapter because of other things I need to do. I have a full-time job, you know?
I just can't draw every day, like I used to do. Is not that simple.

The pressure of completing stuff and getting it done right is overwhelming and having people commenting stuff in relation to this saying "why are you so slow?" and like trying to be "funny"... well, you're doing a terrible job. Stuff like that gets me under my nerves.

It is so sad, people can't still see the work it takes. People thinking I just like, the computer does everything, and I just don't need to move a single muscle in order to do it.

I'm not getting paid for doing the comic. At least maybe consider that "tiny" detail?

I realized I haven't updated any "recent" news regarding the Redo Chapter One.
Despite several previous entries showing you previews of the upcoming Remake of Chapter One, it needs to be held a little more.
The amazing website designer is updating the entire website (it looks AWESOME!!!)
Since that kind of work is completely voluntary, please understand that main priorities need to be attended first. This kind of thing cannot be rushed.
I am waiting for the completion of this update so that I can start a whole new update with a complete and new fresh look.
I need more time, guys! I need your patience. I know I've asked that for too long now. But we are much closer than you think.

Today, October 20th has just marked another year. 9 years in the making of this comic.

There is still much to get done and so many things are keeping me away from it. Keeping the comic going has indeed been a challenge, and as I said before, the next pages aren’t for Chapter 8 but instead an update of Chapter 1. Have a preview of what you’ll soon expect.

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