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:icongroupsplz:~Welcome to Legendary Destination Group.~
Made for all the fans of the Graphic Novel:
Danny Phantom Legendary Destination.

Legendary Destination Official Website

:bulletorange:What is Legendary Destination?
Legendary Destination is a Graphic Novel, a Fan-Comic made by me ( Krossan ) of a NEW whole adventure of Danny Phantom after what happened in the last episode: Phantom Planet.

:bulletblue:Where can I find the comic?
The comic can only be found here, in deviantART:devart: and on the Website:

:bulletblack:Is the comic for SALE?
Many of you keep asking the same question. Due to some copyright restrictions, the comic cannot be published for Sale. Do not even try to sell it by your own, you do NOT have the permission to do so.

:bulletwhite:How will the comic be divided?
This comic, as being a Graphic Novel, means that it won't be neither small nor too large (well, that's what I think). So the comic will be divided into Chapters.

:bulletyellow:What kind of art will be featured in this group?
Comic Covers, Comic Pages, Concept Art, Characters References, FanART.
Sometimes, it can be featured some artworks that can't be found in my gallery.

:bulletgreen:Can we all contribute with ART here?
Only if you're a MEMBER. Members can contribute either in the FanART Folder.

:bulletblue:When are the pages gonna be uploaded?
First, you need to understand that making comic pages takes their time to get done.
Below (in the artist's deviation comments(this only works if you're watching the comic in dA)) on every page uploaded, it features an easy way to navigate through the NEXT and PREVIOUS pages. If you want to know when a page is gonna be uploaded, first check what in the NEXT link of the latest page says. It could be saying "Next Saturday" or "Coming Soon". If it says "Coming Soon", that means it will take a while to start publishing the next pages for the weekly update.

:bulletwhite:Can I join?
Of course you can. Just simply click right into the Join Group buttom. Your request will be automatically approved.
Over the past years, working on the LD comic was a fun project as I started knowing absolutely nothing about how to make proper comics and writing. For those who have been following the comic from the very beginning, you know exactly what I'm talking about. As I got older, my skills developed and so did my interests.
To make a comic on your own is not an easy task. You alone are tasked with doing everything: writing, props, characters, backgrounds... everything and anything you see on a page, all is planned by one person. Easy to write it, but to pull it all... it's a tremendous difference.
I do not longer want to look or reread the first chapters (starting from Chapter 2-as Chapter 1 was redone-) because now knowing how bad they are. Remember that these chapters were created when I was 16 years old? If I had a magic wand that could reset everything and make everything look as consistent as my skills right now, I would definitely continue, no just art but also storywise.
I just can´t look back and even get the idea of REDOING chapters because then... where would all my time be going? Redoing everything? What about moving forward?
This comic has always been a non-profitable project. Everything came from just experiment and passion for what was it like to be doing a solo-comic, but it's been so long since my hiatus that has resulted difficult for me to turn back at this project again and continue with it.
I'm having more fun sharing concept art of the ideas of the story I wanted to tell, rather than people waiting for eternity just to get to that part of the story. Breaking schedules and losing the working pace I had before, stressed me out so much so can no longer keep up with it.
I will still be sharing concept art for this AU. The comic pages will be around my Deviantart account (even though I no longer use it), but the website will only be available until the 15th of July of this year.
There was no reason for the site to still be running as it was being hosted on the site’s creator server, and also me paying annually to maintain a page that hasn’t had any updates...
I only ask of you not to be rude about my decision. It has been made and only I will decide if this moves forward or moves in another direction.
There could be a small possibility that the comic MAY have a comeback -no promises- as some pages of Chapter 8 were completed but never published. In the meantime, I want to remove myself from the equation to help me balance my personal projects and my job.
Thank you to those who followed the comic all these years. And I hope I can still count on your support for future projects.
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ESPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2020  Student General Artist
Is there anything going on with the comic's website? The link I bookmarked has been taken down/URL has moved. Do you have another link to maybe a new website of the comic? Still a big fan of yours; art style, your writing concept and the ideas you've unleashed. Keep it up 👍🏻. I also can't help but be a little jealous too. Sorry. You're amazing. 😁
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K-Kimi Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2019
I love this, but I have a question, will this comic be translated?  I'm looking specifically for Spanish.  I have a friend who would be interested in reading it but he does not understand English.
RedKing1990 Featured By Owner May 17, 2019
what happened with the comic?????
ESPhoenix Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Student General Artist
#HartFanArt - please don't be mad at me.
Im-Stuck-In-A-Well Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Will there be a sequel to your comic after it's done? And how many chapters do you think it'll have?
theguardianphantomTD Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
after this comic will you make new comic?
PinkWoods Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I wish it were a chapter a week instead of a single page a week. :cry: I really wanna see what happens!
SecretelyCharmed Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If your interested in earning some points, enter this Danny Phantm drawing contest!…
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Just so we're clear, what kind of "fanart" is acceptable in this group??
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