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Meet The Kodanii

The Kodanii are an ancient and vastly powerful race of humanoid beings from a planet called Duat. The Kodanii were among the first sentient organic life forms, coming to power billions of years ago. They were the first organic species to have a “humanoid” form, it’s believed that all other humanoids descend from them to some extent. The Kodanii were the first organic race to have the ability to access and manipulate Aethereal energies, shaping it and writing the laws of what we would eventually come to know as Magick. Over time, the Kodanii became the most powerful and adept users of magick, though with this came lots of attention from other races who wanted the same power, leading to the Kodanii severing their planet from their star and rendering it invisible to make it untraceable. The Kodanii and their home world travel through the cosmos to worlds where intelligent life is just finding its footing, where they use their vast knowledge to help guide these races to a bright future.

The Kodanii are very long lived, Theoretically immortal. They can’t truly be killed, their consciousness simply leaves their body to find another. Only a Kodanii can permanently end another, though this rarely if ever done. Their abilities are tied to who they are as individuals, centuries upon centuries of education and self exploration eventually culminates in a Kodanii choosing a role for themselves, often based on what they’d learned. Upon choosing a role, the individual will be granted access to a set of spells specific to their role, as well as occasionally cybernetics to enhance their already powerful physiques. Their roles vary widely, from matters of life and death, war and fortune to farming, animals, wisdom and meditation.

Some 1.5 million years ago, the Kodanii discovered Earth. A primitive yet lively planet inhabited by a deformed species of ape, slightly more intelligent than others of their kind. The Kodanii would guide these early humans forward, giving them small bits of knowledge to help them advance. As time passed, these humans would eventually begin to see the Kodanii as gods, recording their deeds in their various histories. These humans would come to use knowledge from the Kodanii to build massive, complex temples where they could communicate with and make offerings to their benevolent overseers. Life on earth remained this way for millennia.

Things were peaceful on Earth up until about 5,000 years ago, when the worst fear of the Kodanii was realized. A tyrannical empire from the planet Saxxon had found Earth as well, and they too saw the potential within humanity. Though, unlike the Kodanii, these Saxxons had no interest in improving human culture, rather they wanted to turn humans into slaves. It was not a full on assault however, rather they entered stealthily and sewed discontent amongst the humans and filled a few with hope and belief in one, all powerful god..the Saxxon ruler, Neronus.

This deception boiled over, resulting in a split in human ideologies. One side holding tight to the love of their Kodanii gods, the other side lead to believe in Neronus and only Neronus. This resulted in a full blown war between the humans, as well as between the forces of the Kodanii and the Saxxons. This bloody conflict raged for nearly a century and saw many humans and hundreds of Kodanii dead, any gods that survived either went into hiding or fled Earth all together. The Saxxons had succeeded, the seeds of their total conquest had been planted in humanity’s collective consciousness. This battle shocked early humans to such an extent that many forcibly forgot what had happened, for fear of incurring the wrath of Saxxon. This fear spawned a religion, one that revolved around a singular god and was used to instill fear and control throughout the centuries, just as Neronus had intended.

This war, known later as “the Saxxon invasion” is what caused humans to seemingly at once lose their belief in magick and gods, many have become completely cut off from it. In the modern world, things like ancient deities and spells are seen as utterly laughable and fictitious, but unbeknownst to them..its all real, and their disbelief is all part of Neronus’ plan to eventually subjugate all of humanity, only this time there are no gods left to protect them. Not all hope is lost however, as many cultures across the globe still hold on to their Kodanii gods, they can still be found in Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist, Celtic, North and South American and even early Judeo-Christian beliefs. Virtually any god that isn’t explicitly human is of Kodanii descent. Most all of the Kodanii haven’t been to Earth since the invasion but still occasionally check in. The only Kodanii to currently reside on Earth is the Null God, Gharun Rama-Kotep. He fell in battle during the invasion, awaking from a healing sleep in the modern world to find his people and brethren gone. He stays on Earth out of shame, believing that he’s responsible for the loss of his people.
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K-Deca Character - Kai Martins/K-Deca

I have an OC who has Kodanii heritage

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Question- Are the Greek and Norse gods also part of the Kodanii?

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They’re an interesting situation. I imagine the Asgardians and Olympians being humans, granted power by artifacts and spells from the Kodanii, kinda like humanity’s first superheroes. Unfortunately most all of them are gone, Atlas of the Olympians is one of the only “mortal gods” who survived, he’s currently holding the mortal and spirit worlds apart.

oh i see ganesha i love what u did with him

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You just answered my question. Thank you.

Great story and art as always. Two questions though, could Lex turn into a Kodani and what is Lex's general fighting style as each alien? Like the first 6 for starters.

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Impressive story, they will undoubtedly play an important role in Lex's adventures. But has this Neronus already met Lex?

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Not yet, no. He doesn’t have much of a role in Lex’s universe, he’s more present in the main universe as part of that whole storyline. I might start doing more of that, it’s been a while.
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