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TLoS:RotG - Redimus (Red) Character Bio,NAME: RedimusNICKNAME: RedALIAS: Redimus the Traitor, The Dark Master's General (formerly), The Fallen Dragon, Master (by his minions), Old Flame Fart (by Sparx), The New Dark Master (self-proclaimed)VOICE ACTOR: Sam WitwerHOME: The Dragon Realms / The Dark Fortress / The Shadow RealmAGE: 40 (in human years)GENDER: MaleSPECIES: Fire DragonOCCUPATION: Sorcerer, Tyrant, Fire Guardian (formerly), Malefor's great-grandsonPOWERS/SKILLS: Fire, Ice, Shadow, Brute strength, Flight, Dark Magic, Manipulation, Crystallokinesis, Hypnosis, Speed, Claws, Fangs, Healing factor, High combat prowessHOBBIES: Corrupting the Dragon Realms with Dark Gems, Training his apprentices, Burning down villages, Expecting things to go his way, Collecting Spirit Gems, Eating fishGOALS: Resurrect Malefor and destroy the Dragon Realms with him, kill Spyro and his friends, use Spydon as his tool for revenge, kill Igntius as revenge for banishing him from The Dragon Temple and taking his role as Fire Guardian and Leader of the Guardians, kill Cynder as revenge for stealing his place as Malefor's servantTYPE OF VILLAIN: Vengeful Barbarian, Destroyer of Innocence, Evil from the PastFAMILY: Malefor (great-grandfather), Zenobia (great-grandmother), Kingroth (grandfather), Tryphena (grandmother), Phorcys (father), Irene (mother), Ashton (brother), Flare (sister-in-law), Flame (nephew), Spydon (adopted son)FRIENDS: Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Dark Spyro, Dark Cynder, Spydon, Gaul, Ineptune, Scorch, The Sorceress, Dark Armies, Grublins, Gnorcs, Apes, Dreadwings, Assassin, GolemENEMIES: Ignitus, Alydia, Spyro, Cynder, Ember, Flame, Glacia, Sparx, Jasper, Volteer, Terrador, Cyril, Tomas, Titan, Magnus, Hunter, Bianca, Elora, Nexxus, Theresa, Ashton, Pyra, The Chronicler, Chief Prowlus, Kane, Dragon Soldiers, The Guardians, Astor
SFM The Legend of Spyro: DoTD 'Warming Kisses' by left4deadify

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Spyro x Cynder forever by blueailenxy6trap
You're Not Alone by PlagueDogs123
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Stars of Time - Chapter 7"You will find out that being a purple dragon gives you a lot of advantages." Asher said to Spyro and Cynder, as both of them walked by his side across the facility. The doors slid open as soon as they walked near, opening space for them to pass without any problems. The hallways seemed to be all the same, made of the same material with the same blue lines running on the walls, on the ground, and even on the ceiling. They were sure that they would get lost in there without Asher, so they were sure to stay close to him and let him guide them both. "Seriously, you get a lot of gifts, and there are guys wanting your autograph and wanting to take selfies with you." Asher explained. "The gifts truly are something. Seriously, they give you all kinds of things as soon as they see that you are a purple dragon. You would not believe how many gifts they give me every time I go into the street... of course, it could also be because my father is the president..." "President?" Cynder asked, and Asher looked at her. "Oh, yeah. You were from the time when there was still a king, right?" He said, looking at her. "Well, this is one of the things that changed since your time. You see, technically there is still a king, but now the power in here is a democracy. The royal family actually have only symbolic power, and the decision are made by a team of politicians, all of them elected by popular vote. The president is at the very top, and he is basically the guy who rules the country. At least by the time of the mandate, when there are elections for a new president. The guy can even be reelected if he did a good job." "Oh... that makes a lot of sense." Spyro said, "Really sounds like a system that works." "Yeah, some don't really agree with it." Asher said, "Anyway, my dad is the president, it is his second mandate. He is very popular among the city, and a lot of people think a lot of me because I'm his son." Asher said it as if it was something that he should be proud of, but that for some reason he wasn't. At least that was the impression that Cynder had. "I see..." Spyro said. "Well, it must be a really amazing to be the son of the ruler." "You have no idea..." Asher said, and once more Cynder could notice the tune that the other purple dragon was using. It was as if he wanted to say something else, but was refraining himself from saying it. "What about your mother?" Spyro asked to him, wanting to keep the conversation going. "What does she do? Is she one of these 'politics' as well?" Asher stopped, and for a long moment he just stayed where he was. This caused the two dragons who were following him to stop as well, and to look at the other purple dragon. They were about to ask what happened, when Asher spoke: "My mother... died... when I was still a hatchling." Both of the dragons blinked. Spyro just realized that he had done something stupid. "I... I'm sorry." The legendary dragon said. Asher stood still for a few moments, but then he turned to look at Spyro, and there was a smile on his face. "Don't sweat it." He said, and added: "So, let's keep going? My room is just this way." With this, the three dragons continued their way. Spyro still felt bad about having brought up that subject, even though Asher did not looked particularly upset about that. As they walked, the purple dragon of the present continued to explain a few things to them. "Every purple dragon receives their own room. They do that do give us space and to give us a bit more comfort. I saw the rooms of some of the others and they look nice. So do mine, actually." Asher continued to explain. "Like I said, there are some perks in being a purple dragon, they treat you very nicely. You know, Spyro, I bet they will give you one of the best bedrooms in this place, and to Cynder too, unless you two want to stay in the same room. Aaaand here we are!" As he spoke this, the door right in front of them opened, revealing a room. "Welcome to Asher's Cave." Asher said as he let them into the place that was his room. "Sorry for the mess." They both looked at the room, which was a rather big one (for dragons their size), and the place seemed nice. The walls and ceiling were on the same style as the rest of the building, with walls of plain metallic material with blue lines running through them, occasionally blinking and glowing as if something was running through the lines. "Don't worry about these." Asher said as he walked inside, "They don't keep surveillance inside of the private bedrooms. They know that we need privacy." Spyro and Cynder weren't sure what Asher meant by "surveillance", but they kept their attention on the room that they had just entered. It was big, as they had already noticed. There seemed to have two other doors on the place, which Asher told them that were the closet and the bathroom. There was some furniture in there, most of it looking quite futuristic, including a big circular bed. What else called attention were the things that were on the walls, or over the walls. "Holographic posters" was how Asher called them. They looked like pictures floating in the very air, just a few centimeters away from the walls. They seemed to be solid, but when they tried to touch them their claws jus phased right through them, letting them know that these things were not real, but some form of illusion meant to be a decoration. They showed individuals of various species. One of them was a dragon that was holding some kind of ball on his paws, looking like he was in mid-flight. Another one showed another dragon, this one a female, and she was flying through what seemed to be a golden ring suspended on the air. Next to it, there was another one that depicted a female cheetah, who was elegantly dressed and she looked as if she was dancing in the picture, looking at them with a smile on her face and with an object being hold close to her mouth. "The dragon with the ball is Gaius Terradin." Asher said, "He is a champion of Speedball. The female is Elektra Thunderstrike, she is a champion of Aero Course. These are both very popular sports in our modern era." He said, and the two dragons looked back at him. "What about the cheetah?" Cynder asked, and Asher looked at it. "Oh, that is Clawdia Stalknew." He said, looking at the picture. "She is not an athlete, but she is one of the more famous singers of our generation." "Is she good?" Spyro asked, and Asher looked back at him. "Good? She is the best!" Asher said, "She has an amazing voice, and her songs are always amazing. She has a song called 'Darling, I'll Never Let You Go' that just speaks to me, you know? She is my favorite singer, and I hope I can get to meet her one day. Maybe when this is all over." He looked at the image of the cheetah in a way that, to Spyro, was almost one of longing. The purple dragon said nothing to the other one, and continued to look around the place, and he saw a few more of these holographic displays, to which Asher was soon explaining: "That is a poster of the 'Dragon Prince' series, it is one of my favorites. That one is from the 'Last Dragon Knight', it is my favorite movie franchise. And that one..." the dragon said, stopping at that specific image, which showed what seemed to be some dragons with weird armors and even weirder weapons with the. "That one is from the Dragonwatch, simply the best videogame ever made." "Video... gay-me?" Spyro asked, confused, and Asher looked back at him. "Oh, yeah, you guys don't know it yet, do you?" Asher said, looking at the two of them, "Well, a videogame is something that you will see a lot in here. They are some simulation things that allows you to live great adventures by taking the place of some of the characters in there, so you can live adventures as them." "Simulation?" Cynder said, "You mean, like what we just did in the room back then?" "Well, it is similar." Asher said, looking back at her. "But instead of actually being in the room as yourself, you look at the screen and uses a device in your paws to control the main character, or the character that you choose, in the case of Dragonwatch." The two dragons looked at him, and it seemed that they were trying to understand what the purple dragon was explaining to them, and Asher then said: "Come with me." Soon they were in front of the television that he had, and Asher soon was turning it on, casing a tridimensional image to appear in it. "3-D TVs are the best." Asher said, as he pressed a few more buttons, and then, he pressed the buttons on a device connected to the television. "This is a gaming console." Asher said to them, "You use them to play videogames. They are like a machine that allows you to play these simulators on them." "So, they are some kind of toy?" Cynder asked. She never truly played with toys on her life, not even the regular ones back on their time. She was wondering how she was supposed to play with that one. She was sure that she could not kick it around like a ball. "There are different kinds of game engines. This one, in particular, is of the Source Game Engines." Asher explained to them as the image of the television started to display an animation with the logo and title that the purple dragon just said, "I prefer them when I'm going to play a game. A lot of people prefer the Dream Field Frameworks, but I never could get used to the telepathic consoles." As the game loaded, Asher was soon fumbling into it; by using a device with buttons on a thing that he held on both of his paws and that seemed to allow him to control things on the main menu. Soon, the dragon was selecting the option for the game he had just spoke to the two about. The opening screen showed a dragon with black armor and even blacker scales, and with red glowing eyes. A helmet covered his head, with his eyes and his jagged horns being the only parts of it that were visible. "That one is Lord Sirius." Asher explained to them, "He is one of the many playable characters of the game, and he is one of the best." As he said that, Asher pushed a few more buttons, and soon, he was at the main menu. "To play, you select one of the characters to be yours." He explained to both of them. "In this game, you can play as a single character fulfilling missions or fighting other characters. There is even an option that allows you to form a team with other players that are with you and you can do missions together, fight each other or all fight together as a team against the machine." The two dragons listened to the explanation, sharing a look among themselves. "When you say fight, you don't mean actually attacking the thing, do you?" Cynder asked. "No, of course not!" Asher said, selecting an option. Now the image of the screen changed, allowing them to see what seemed to be a series of other options. In the screen, the letter formed the words: TRAINING MODE. "You see, in order to play, you control the character with the joystick." Asher said, explaining, "This includes controlling their attacks, as there are some commands that caused the character to attack, just like there are commands that make them move, crouch and to jump and fly." As he explained that, he pressed more buttons, and he looked like he was going through a few characters. "There are all kinds of characters. There are the Tanks, the ones focus on going straight into combat and resisting blows. There are Strikers, which are the ones that are not as resilient as the Tanks but that are capable of doing a lot of damage. There are the Snipers, the ones that focus on fighting from a distance. There are the Casters, the ones that use magic to attack and involve strategy. There are also the Supporters, the ones that you use to help and heal the other characters, they are more useful in the co-op mode, when you have friends forming a team with you and you are fighting either against other players or again the machine." Asher explained this to the two as he went through characters that depicted this. The first one was a massive rhinoceros-like character that wore an armor and was carrying a huge axe. The next one was a dragon who wore an armor full of blades and spikes, making him look like a weaponized porcupine. Next, there was a female cheetah wearing a grey cloak that produced a grey mist around herself, and she was carrying a heavily decorated bow. After this, it showed a unicorn with a pair of wings on her back and wearing some jewelry on her body, with a tiara and a necklace full of glowing gemstones. Next, there was a fawn dragon wearing a long cape, and she looked like she was a healer or some kind of priestess, she reminded them of Jocasta, for some reason. "Each character is unique." Asher explained to them, "They have their own appearance, their own unique techniques, and even have their own backstory. All of that passing in the fictitious continent of Zeteroth. There are even factions, you see, in the story there is a civil war going on, with a few groups fighting for the control of the land, and each character is associated to a specific faction." "It sounds... really interesting." Spyro said, as he took in all that the other purple dragon was saying, and Asher turned to him. "It is the best! Dragonwatch is the best game ever made! It has the best characters and the best scenarios and the best method of playing." The purple dragon said to the other two, "It is really the best! And..." He said, and he pulled out something form a pocket of the harness that he brought. "It is about to get even better." The two dragons looked at what he just pulled in, both with curious expressions on their faces. "What is that?" Cynder asked, as they looked at the device that Asher had on his paw. It looked like an octagonal device of silvery coloration with a glowing neon-blue center on it. "This, my dear friends, is an expansion pack." Asher said, rather proudly. "It is something that allows to add information to a game, allowing to put in it additional graphics, additional options, and even additional characters. This one, in particular, is a very special expansion pack for Dragonwatch, one that is not predicted to be released for the next months, but that I managed to get my paws on." The purple dragon looked at them, looking quite smug as he said these words. "It really pays of to be a purple dragon and the president's son sometimes." He said as he smiled, "You can get some really neat gifts like that." The two dragons looked at him, and even though technology was still quite hard for them to grasp, they got the gist of what Asher was explaining. "So, that will add more things to the game to make it better?" Spyro asked, and Asher answered positively. "And I'm putting it in... right now." He said, and he walked to the gaming console and inserted the device in a specifically made opening. Immediately, the whole thing started to glow, and the screen changed to show a message: DISCOVERING NEW LEGENDS "Now, we wait just a few minutes while it download." Asher said proudly, "I love how fast technology is. Do you believe that in the old days it would take hours to download?" "Sounds cool." Spyro said, as he looked at the message that was being displayed. "So, you said that it adds new graphics and characters." Spyro asked, "So, this means that there will be more of these guys to play as?" "There sure will." Asher said to him, "This is going to be released in a few months, as a new form of commemoration of the anniversary of the game. There are a lot of new graphics, new levels for the machine game, and a lot of brand new playable characters. This one in particular has only three of them, but there will be many more when they actually release it. They decided to give me a small sample of it so I can play it ahead of everyone. You can say that it is like I am one of their beta players." "Beta players?" Cynder asked, and Asher looked back at her. "It means I'm one of the guys chosen to play it before everyone else, and that not only I got to experiment it before all of them, but I also get to find out if there is any problem on the thing before they release it to the public." Asher explained, "You could say that it is like as if I am their guinea pig. Anyway, I'm really excited that I can play new things about Dragonwatch before everyone else." The two dragons nodded, as it sounded that Asher was quite excited about that. It clearly was something he really liked, and the way that he spoke about that actually made the two dragons want to try it out as well. Even though they both had no idea on how to play that thing. Luckily, Asher was in there. He was soon giving them more consoles for them to play, and explaining the basic on which commands moved the character and which ones were to activate their special attacks. "I'll explain the rest while we play. I'm good at teaching newbies." Asher said, as the game was almost fully loaded, and then, the dragon perked. "Oh, just one more thing!" He said, rushing to a nearby cabinet, and pulling out some kind of package from it. It was of a screaming coloration of green and yellow, and he brought it to the place where they are staying. The other two looked at it with interest. "What is that?" Spyro asked, and Asher opened the package. "These are Bitbites." He said, "Simply the best snack that was ever fabricated, and the best thing for you to eat while you play a game." He removed a few things from the package. They looked like small biscuits with a triangular shape, with a yellow center and neon-green corners. The purple dragon popped some on his mouth, chewing with gusto. "Want some?" He asked, offering some for Spyro and Cynder. Cynder sniffed it from his paw, quite unsure of it. Spyro picked some and popped one on his own mouth, chewing and letting the flavor spread across his taste buds. "Hey, these are pretty good." Spyro said, and Asher smiled at him. "Told yah." He said, and immediately, there was a sound coming from the screen, and Asher smiled even more at this. "And, this sound means that the expansion is completed." He said, and soon, the initial screen appeared once more, and this one showed now a pair of red glowing eyes in a complete blackness, while the menu appeared right beneath the eyes. "Now, lets see what's new." Asher said and, with his console, he started to investigate what were the changes added into the game, and soon he was finding quite interesting things. "Hmm, some characters got new skins. A skin is like a specific appearance for a character, different from the original." He said, as he looked into it. "Some new graphics to play in the team vs. team more. New levels at the main game! Awesome!" He said, as he looked at thing after thing, and he was getting in the characters. "Now, lets see who are the new guys we can play as... No way!" He said, as he was clearly surprised. In the screen, it showed three new characters of the game. The first one was a dragon with a sturdy body and big red wings. The scales of his body where of a deep purple coloration, while his horns and the plates on his underbelly were of a golden coloration. His tailblade was shaped like a big golden spearhead, and he had fins of golden and red on his body. Underneath, there where the name of the character was, it said: SPYRO, THE GREAT PURPLE SAVIOR By his side, there was a dragoness of black coloration. This one was a female, and she was slender and quite attractive. Her scales where jet-black, while the scales of her underbelly were of a dark-purple coloration. She had long sharp horns crowning her head, and two pairs of wings on her back, one of them with a crimson membrane, and the other one of a pure black coloration. Her eyes were of a purple coloration. Beneath her, in the place of the name, was saying: CYNDER, THE BLACK-TAINTED DRAGONESS "It's you guys!" Asher said, clearly surprised, and so were the other two dragons, as they looked at the adult versions of themselves. However, they also gave a look at the final creature that was appearing on the screen. The final dragon was another male, and he was sturdier than Spyro. His scales were all of a dark, tainted shade of purple, with a darkened maroon on the plates of his underbelly, and his tailblade looked like a jagged axe made out of bone. He had spikes made of bone protruding from his shoulders and down his back, and he had three horns that protruded from the top of his head, looking like a twisted and jagged crown. His eyes were of a deep crimson coloration, pretty much like the ones from the new opening screen. On his name, it was possible to read: MALEFOR, THE DARK MASTER Wow ... the scary part was that this one actually looked like Malefor... "This is so cool!" Asher said, as she looked at the new characters. "They made game versions of you!" "Yeah... wow..." Spyro said, as he looked at what could be his older version. Or, at least what someone else thought that could be his older version. Cynder was also looked at the other her. "They think I'll be buff when I grow older?" Spyro asked, looking at the muscles of the Spyro of the game. "Why do I have four wings?" Cynder asked, looking at the dragoness that was being show on the screen. "And purple eyes?" "Well, I don't know about the four wings and purple eyes." Asher admitted, "But, as for the buff you, this is basically how most people imagine Spyro nowadays." He said, and he looked at Spyro. "You see, your legend changed a bit with time, and now most guys think that you were an adult by the time that you fought Malefor and saved the world." Asher said, and Spyro looked at him, "Like, anywhere between a young adult and middle-aged." "Really?" Spyro asked, and he looked at the image that was being show. So, this was how the ones in the future actually thought he looked like? "So, these new characters they added are us?" Cynder said, as she looked at the adult versions of herself and Spyro, and she could not get over on how strange that version of her looked. "Yeah, it is probably for their commemorative edition." Asher said, looking in amazement at the new characters. "I gotta admit that it is really cool." "So, they are doing it because they know that we have returned?" Spyro asked, and Asher shook his head. "No way, they would have to know about you guys for that." "What, you mean that they don't know?" Spyro asked, and Asher answered: "Very few even know about the prophecy." He said to the two. "They don't know of the existence of the immediate threat and neither of the other purple dragons. Dad and the others decided that it would be better to keep it from the public to avoid panic. That is why I am the only purple dragon who is allowed out of the facility." Spyro and Cynder shared a look among themselves. Did that meant that they were also forbidden of leaving the place? "They must be doing it in order to celebrate their anniversary." Asher said, "They thought that it would be interesting to adding characters of the most famous legend we have as playable characters to their world. I gotta admit; it's really..." Asher was saying, but he stopped, as he suddenly noticed one thing. "Wait a minute." He said, and this caused the two other dragons to look at him. "What happened?" Cynder asked, and Asher was looking at the screen. "What... Is this right?" He asked, looking at the screen that showed the characters, and the two dragons were still not quite following. "What happened?" Spyro asked, "Something is wrong?" "Is just..." Asher said, looking at the screen, more precisely, at the symbols that were right by the sides of the names. "The factions..." Asher said, and the two dragons looked at him with raised eyebrows. Asher turned to them. "Do you guys remember that I told you that the characters had factions?" He asked them, "Like, groups where they fit in that determined their qualities? Well, these also represent their affinities and also some of their weaknesses." "Yeah, you kind of said that, but not explaining so much." Cynder said, "So?" "The factions are represented by the symbols next to the name." Asher said, "For instance, that symbol, near Spyro's name." He said, pointing at the white and golden symbol near Spyro, which seemed like the silhouette of a dragon. "That is the Light Holders' symbol." Asher explained. "Normally games with factions don't have a good or bad guy, only factions with different ideologies and aspirations. But, in Dragonwatch, the Light Holders are the closes thing to the good guys, as all of them are noble heroes with righteous motives and upholders of justice above all things." "So, that Spyro is one of them?" Cynder asked, "Well, no surprise in there." "Yeah, but..." Asher said, and looked at Cynder. It was as if he was deciding either he should or not bring it up. "But what?" Cynder asked, and Asher looked back at the screen. "Look at the symbol near your name." He said, and Cynder looked at him with a raised eyebrow, before she turned her attention to the symbol that was near her own name. It was a different symbol from Spyro's. While Spyro was golden and white, depicting a dragon with his wings up, that symbol was black and dark-purple, and it depicted a dragon's silhouette, but with his open wings turned downwards. "I am not on Spyro's side?" Cynder asked, looking at it. "Why I don't have the same symbol as Spyro?" She asked, and then she noticed one more thing. "Wait, why do I have the same symbol as Malefor!?" It was truth, besides Malefor's name was the same symbol that was right next to Cynder's name. "That is the symbol of the Dark Carriers." Asher said to her, "Just like the Light Holders are the closes thing to the good guys, the Dark Carriers are the closest to the bad guys. In the in-game universe, they are guys who don't care about justice or honor, and they actually mock these ideals. They are all morally ambiguous, and usually they are anti-heroes at best and cruel villains at worst." Cynder blinked, looking at Asher, and then at the symbol that she had by the side of her name. She was... a villain? And she was on the same side as Malefor? That was how the people of the future saw her? "But this is wrong!" Spyro said, "Cynder is not evil! It must be a mistake!" Asher looked at them, and he then turned to the screen. "Look, it has an option to see their backstory!" He said, as he obviously wanted to find a way out of what was happening at the moment. "Maybe it explains why they are in different factions. I'm sure that they wouldn't do that without adding some justification." With this said, Asher moved the selection to the part that said: LEGENDS OF PURPLE AND BLACK "Let's see what this is all about." He said, and he pressed play. Soon, the screen got all black, and the three dragons looked as a video started playing.***** The video started with two dragons together in a cave. It was the adult Spyro, and the one by his side was Cynder, although she didn't quite looked like the one that appeared in the screen before. She looked normal. The two dragons were very close to each other, and they were even nuzzling. They separated for a moment to look lovingly at each other's eyes. Then, they looked down. The camera moved, to allow seeing what they were looking at… There was a small nest right between the two dragons, and in it, there was a single dragon egg, black with purple speckles.*** The scene changed, and now it showed a group of many creatures reunited in front of a great rock formation that looked like a pair of great claws curling over something. The image changed to show a close on the group of creatures, and among them, there was adult Cynder, chained and held in place by the creatures, as she struggled to free herself, trying in vain to escape, hissing and snarling at all of the creatures around her, trying to bite them. However, she wasn't truly paying attention to them. She was truly paying attention to someone that was far ahead. A young dragon, black and yellow in scales and horns and with a star-like necklace around his neck, was also in chains, and he was being drag in direction to the rock formation. All the while, he struggled and tried to get free. "Mama!" The young dragon cried out. "Mama!" "Let him go!" Cynder said, struggling even more. "Let him go now!" "Stop complaining, Cynder." Said a dark voice, and Cynder turned her head to look at the source of the voice. It was Malefor, he was standing by her side with a hard expression. "Your son has been chosen to be the vessel of an ancient power beyond comprehension." Malefor said to her, "You should feel honored." "I'll tear you apart for this!" Cynder hissed at him, and she turned back to where they were taking her son. "Mama!" the young dragon cried once more, as they dragged in direction to the formation, and brought him into the altar that was right in the center of it. They chained him to the altar, and prostrated themselves as they walked back from the altar. "Mama!" "Umbris!" Cynder cried out, still fighting her chains, but unable to free herself. She watched in horror as the formation started to emit a dark-purple glow. Soon, the formation was glowing, and it emitted a series of small purple lightning bolts, which soon were being aim at the young black and yellow dragon. Soon, the young one was screaming out as the arcs of lightning focused on him. The chains that were holding him started to melt away into nothingness, vanishing like mist, and the young dragon was now floating in the air, as the arcs increased, and the young dragon continued to float in the air without his wings moving, being held in there by the power of the formation. He opened his eyes, and they were change to a dark-purple coloration. "Umbris!" Cynder cried out, and she still tried to get to her son, but it was fruitless. By her side, Malefor grinned. "Don't worry, Cynder." Malefor said to her. "Soon it will be over, and your son will be the holder of an indescribable power. A power that will help me achieve all of my goals." Cynder hissed and growled at Malefor, looking at him with murder in her eyes. However, her attention was diverged, as a sound resounded across the sky. "What is that?" Malefor said, as he and the others looked at the sky, as the sound got louder. Suddenly, the clouds parted, and a purple meteor came down from the sky. It hit the ground in front of the crowd, causing a cloud of dust and debris to fly up, startling many of them, with some of them now running away. The others on the crowd had remained, and many of them looked at the cloud that had formed on the place where the meteor had hit, including Malefor and Cynder. Suddenly, a beam of purple energy erupted from inside the cloud, and hit Malefor square in the chest, sending him flying back and crashing into the crowd, sending many of the creatures flying away as he reeled on the ground. Cynder looked in shock, and she looked back at the cloud in time to see a wave of energy come out of it and hit her, but this did not made any damage to her, but completely shattered the chains that were holding her. She looked in shock as she now was free, and she looked back as she saw that the cloud was finally clearing. Standing there, was Spyro, standing in all of his glory, his wings outstretched and a fierce expression on his face. "Spyro!"Malefor snarled as he caught sight of the purple dragon. Meanwhile, the entire crowd broke away, as all of them had expressions of fear in their faces and were running for their dear lives. Malefor was the only one that had stayed right where he was, and he was the only one on whom Spyro was paying any real attention. The two purple dragons were glaring fiercely at each other's eyes, and it seemed that they were about to start a fight. However... "Spyro!" Cynder cried out, making the purple dragon look at her. "Spyro, you have to save Umbris!" Spyro looked at her, and he looked back at the formation. The small black and yellow dragon was still in there, and the yellow on his body was darkening, as the dark-purple glow on his eyes became more and more intense. There was an aura of pure dark power forming around his body as he floated in there. "You are too late, Spyro!" Malefor said, causing Spyro to look at him, as the evil purple dragon grinned, "The ritual has already started, and it cannot be stopped! Soon, your son will become the vessel of the power that will allow me to destroy you and every single one of your allies!" He said, and he laughed. Spyro looked at him, and he then looked back, seeing the young dragon in there, getting darker and darker with each passing moment, as the aura of dark power was growing. Spyro then looked at Cynder, whose eyes were begging him to save Umbris. Spyro looked at her, and his own expression almost seemed pained. "I'm sorry." The purple dragon said to her, and Cynder looked at him confused. However, that changed as she saw him turn to look at Umbris direction. Energy was accumulating in his mouth, as if he was charging an attack. Her eyes widened. "NO!" She cried out, looking at Spyro. "Don't do this! He is your son!" Malefor, who had been confused as well, now noticed what Spyro planned to do. "No!" Malefor said, as he immediately launched an attack of energy at Spyro, but this attack did not connected, for Spyro erected a dome of energy around himself, blocking the attack completely. Meanwhile, Spyro continued to charge the attack, getting ready. "Spyro, don't do this!" Cynder cried out in despair, as she scratched at the energy field, which prevented her from getting at Spyro. "There must be another way! Spyro!" She cried out, and Spyro looked at her. There were tears streaming down her eyes, and Spyro looked at them with a pained look of his own. However, he turned his attention back to the formation and to the young dragon that was in there. "NO!" Cynder cried out, and now she turned to the formation as well. "UMBRIS!" She started to run in direction to the formation, but it was too late. Spyro opened his mouth, and he released a blast of pure ether. It travelled through the air, and passed by Cynder, flying in direction to the young dragon still floating in the air. It connected, and then there was an explosion of the purest energy. A cloud of dust rose from the construction. Spyro continued to look at it, his back turned to Malefor. "No..." The Dark Master growled in frustration, and he looked with hatred at Spyro. That was when Spyro turned at him, a look of pure hatred on his own face. Suddenly, Spyro lunged at Malefor, his face an expression of the most absolute fury. *** "Umbris, look what a beautiful gift your father has sent!" Cynder said to her son, as they both had just opened a package, revealing in it a necklace with the symbol of a star in it. "It's so pretty!" The hatchling said, and Cynder nodded. "Yes, it is pretty." Cynder said to him. "Your father always sends the best gifts." "But why papa is not here?" The young dragon asked, looking up at his mother. "Because your papa is making the world safer for you." She said to him. The young dragon continued to look up at her. "Your father is a purple dragon. You see, the Ancestors send him to the world to help make it safer for everyone in it, including you." She said to her son, "He cannot be in here now because he has to keep making the world a better place so you can be safe and happy." "I would be happy if he was in here." Umbris said, looking down, and Cynder looked at her son. "But he is." She said to him, and the young dragon looked at her. "This is a gift from him." She said to him, "It proves that he remembered of you, and that we thinks about you." She said as she showed to him the star necklace. "This way, even if he is not here in person, he is in here in mind and spirit. This way, he will always be with you." As she said that, she placed the necklace around his neck, and it fit like a glove. The young dragon was beaming with happiness as he wore it. "I like it!" Umbris said, Cynder smiled at her son and nuzzled him. ***"UMBRIS!" Cynder cried out as she finally reached the formation. Or what once was the formation. The cloud was clearing, and it was not possible to see that the formation was completely destroyed by the force of the blast. And Umbris was nowhere in sight. "Umbris! Umbris!" Cynder cried out, looking to all sides, as if her son was suddenly going to answer to her cries. She continued to look around. "Umbris! Um-" She stopped when she noticed something on the ground, and she looked at it. Her expression turned into one of horror. Laying on the ground was a broken star. It was the star of Umbris necklace. "No..." Cynder said, nealy dropping to the ground, as she picked up the broken star, holding it in her paws, and looking at it. "Umbris..." She said, and tears were falling from her eyes. Soon, Cynder was breathing heavily, and sounding as if she was choking back sobs. "He is gone..." A voice suddenly said, and Cynder looked up. She could see a figure standing in there. It had the size and aspect of Umbris, but it was clearly not him. This was a silhouette of purest shadow, with glowing purple eyes, which looked back at Cynder. "Spyro killed him..." The figure said, it had no mouth, but it was still able to speak, in the form of a dark whispering. Cynder looked at it, and her face hardened, but tears were still streaming down her face. "His own son... How could he?" The dark figure said, "He didn't even hesitated. The legendary hero is a fool. He is just an obedient little soldier who follows the orders of the Ancestors, and the Ancestors are blind." Cynder continued to look at the creature, and it looked back at her. "It is the truth. The Ancestors did not protected your son, and neither did their champion, even though it was his own son. He was sacrificed in the name of others who he didn't even knew." The figure said, stepping in Cynder's direction. "It's not fair. They have to pay for this. You should be the one to make them pay. I can help you achieve this, if you just-" "Shut up." Cynder said, looking back at the figure, clutching the broken star of her son's necklace in her paws. "I know exactly what you are getting at. I know what you want." She glared at the creature, which looked back at her in silence. "I accept." Cynder said, and the creature's eyes widened just a little bit. Cynder glared at it, before lowering her head. "Just go ahead." She said, and her voice sounded resigned. More than that, it sounded resentful. Then, the broken start amulet on her paws started to emit a dark substance. It was as if darkness was leaking from every corner of the star, and this darkness was spreading into Cynder. The black dragoness didn't even rose her head as the darkness travelled across her chest, up her neck, and covering her face. *** Spyro and Cynder were both looking at the egg, which had cracks appearing on it. "Come on, little one." Spyro said, in a very gentle voice. "Come on, just push a little harder." The cracks stopped for a moment, but then, they spread all over the egg. The two dragons looked down at the cracking egg, and soon, there was a small newly hatched dragon on the next, with pieces of the broken shell all around itself. Spyro and Cynder both leaned forward to the small dragon, which started to chirp. "He is perfect." Spyro said, and Cynder soon was nuzzling the hatchling. "His name will be Umbris." She said, and Spyro soon was nuzzling the hatcling too. ***Spyro panted as he looked back at Malefor, who was panting a tad bit as well. The two dragons glared daggers at each other, and they seemed like they were ready to resume their fight. However, suddenly, they both perked their heads and looked at the same direction. A silhouette of a familiar dragoness stood in the darkness. "Cynder?" Spyro asked, as he looked at the silhouette. Suddenly, the silhouette lunged forward. In direction to Spyro. The form of the black dragoness collided with Spyro, pushing him back in direction to a boulder, colliding with it so hard that it produced a loud booming and a cloud of dust as the boulder cracked. Malefor looked at it with wide eyes, before his face broke into a grin. As the cloud of dust cleared, Spyro was with his back forced against the boulder, which had a crater on the point of impacted. He was not able to move, as two clawed hands were against his muzzle, keeping him pinned into the boulder by the head. Cynder's scales became even darker, as any other color either disappeared or was replace by a dark-purple. The star that was once part of Umbris necklace was now on her chest, embedded in it as if it was now part of her body. A second pair of dark wings sprouted from her back. Her horns became longer and sharper. Her eyes changed from their green coloration to a glowing purple, with pupils that were like six-pointed stars, which glared at the purple dragon with anger and contempt. "The Ancestors aren't blind!" Cynder said; her voice distorted and full of hatred. "They just don't care! Like you!" Spyro's eyes were widen as he looked at Cynder, or at what once was Cynder. The dragoness pressed his head harder against the boulder, producing more cracks as the stone behind him gave in to the pressure. Electricity cracked in Spyro's paws. The purple dragon rose his paws, placing them right into Cynder's face. The electricity boomed, as it blasted the dragoness right in the face, sending her flying back and reeling on the ground. Once the dragoness stopped, she got up on her feet once more, and she growled. Her appearance was different now, and she looked just like the dragoness that was show on the screen minutes ago. She panted and growled, looking at the purple dragon, whom looked back at her with a surprised expression, as he recovered his breath. The dragoness looked at him, before she looked at the side. Malefor was walking near her, and he looked at her with his red eyes, as if he was evaluating her. "Well, that certainly didn't went like expected." The Dark Master said, as she looked at the transmuted black dragoness. "That is far from being an ideal vessel... but it is better than nothing, I suppose." He said with a shrug. Cynder hissed at him. Before she looked back at Spyro.*** "You do you need to leave?" Cynder asked as she looked at the purple dragon. By her feet, the newly hatched Umbris was sleeping soundly. "Because I am needed." Spyro said, "I have to help finish this war and bring peace to the land. They need me there." "And we need you here." Cynder said, looking at him, as he looked back at her. "Your first born has just hatched, and he needs his father with him as he grows. You should stay in here for him!" "What if this war spreads more?" Spyro said, looking at her, "What if it reaches this place, and our son ends up dragged into it? I need to help end this war so that won't happen. I need to end it so our son can live in peace. I have to go." Cynder looked at him for a while, and then she looked down, at the sleeping hatchling. "I'm going to fight so neither of you have to." Spyro said, "I'll always keep you both safe, no matter what I have to do, and if you ever need me, I'll come to save you both." Cynder looked up to him, and Spyro looked back at her. "I promise." She looked back at him, and then she nodded. "Just end this war as fast as possible and come back." She sadi to him, and the purple dragon continued to look at her, and at their new son. "Will you be fine taking care of him alone?" The purple dragon asked. "What, worried that I'll become crazy again?" She asked, it was a joke, but Spyro didn't laughed. "Don't worry, back then I didn't had anything that gave me a reason to believe in the world." She said, and she pulled their child closer to her own body, as if to protect him from anything that could come. "Now I have a family that I love very much." She said, as she nuzzled the sleeping hatchling, which yawned and turned on his sleep. "I'll never fall back into the darkness." She said, as she rose her head to look at her mate, who looked back at her. "I promise." They looked at each other, and this time, Spyro opened a smile as he looked at Cynder. ***Spyro was looking at Cynder with an expression of hurt and betrayal, as if he didn't believed what was happening. Cynder stood in there, by the side of a grinning Malefor, as she looked at Spyro with clear hostility. "Well." Cynder said, looking at her former mate. "It seems that we both broke our promises." Spyro continued to look at her, and he looked down, closing his eyes, as a single tear ran down his face. However, he looked up again, and this time, the hurt was replace by a burning determination, as his mouth glowed as he charged his next elemental attacks. Spyro started to run in their direction, while Malefor and Cynder now were running towards him. They all jumped, mouths opened and glowing with the power of their charged attacks, and then the whole screen went black. On the screen, the words appeared in blue and golden: DRAGONWATCH *****The 2-D animation finally ended, and the screen now was back into the selection menu. The three dragons only stared at the screen, as they processed what they had just seen. The silence persisted for a while, and it was unnerving. "Oh... wow..." Asher said, trying to break the silence. "They truly took the 'creative liberty' to the letter, right?" He said, and he had a smile on his face, but neither of the other two dragons was smiling. Spyro was still processing what his other version had done. How he had killed his own son like that, even if it was to prevent something bad from happening. He didn't even tried to save him in some other way. Spyro wouldn't do that. Never. But, it seemed that the people of the future thought that he would, and that somehow shook Spyro. As for Cynder... The black dragoness didn't said a word, but she got off the bed and walked to a corner of the room, and she just... stayed there. "Okay, so Dragonwatch was a bad idea." Asher said, putting the controller down and turning off the game. He looked at Spyro. "Sorry about that." "It's okay." Spyro said, "Is just... that is a lot to process." There was a while more of silence, as Asher wanted to keep apologizing to the two for having suggested that game, but he knew that saying anything could make things worse. The silence continued for a while, and Spyro finally recovered enough to speak. "So, they really think that I was an adult by the time I faced Malefor?" Spyro asked, and Asher looked back at him. "Yeah, I guess that most think it makes more sense that the one who defeated the Dark Master was an adult rather than a teenager." Asher said, "As if you could only do good things once you are an adult..." He said the last part in a low voice, and Spyro stared at him. However, Asher was quick recovering from this and resuming a conversation. "Well, anyway, a lot of guys take creative liberties when it comes to your legend." He admitted, "I mean, it was over fifty thousand years ago. That is a lot of time to anyone, even dragons. Of course some details would get lost or change with time." "What kind of details?" Spyro asked, and Asher shrugged. "I don't know, the order in which you rescued the guardians? Your fight with the apes in Dante's Freezer? How long it took you to transverse the Mystic Glades and if you had too many fights with the unicorns in there?" "Mystic Glades?" Spyro said, "I've never been there. And I've never really met an unicorn. I mean, I heard about them from the Guardians, but I never actually met one." "Really?" Asher said, sounding genuinely surprised. "So these parts are made up? They always were my favorites..." "Yeah, I guess these things never happened. Sorry." Spyro said, and he then felt movement on the bed. He turned to look and saw Cynder. She had walked back to the bed and laid in there again by his side. "Are you okay?" Spyro asked, and Cynder nodded. "Yes, I'm fine." She said that, but for some reason, Spyro was not completely convinced. "You know, you should not think too much about it." Asher said, "I mean, people are reinterpreting the legend all the time, and some of them are more different than others. I'm pretty sure that some guys will be a bit weirded out by this version of you guys. Well, I know that the black dragons will be; they take a lot of pride on Cynder's part on the legend..." "So, I heard you guys were talking about things that they say about our legend, right?" Cynder cut him out, and Asher took it as a cue to change subject. One that he was thankful for having. "Oh, yeah." Asher said, "You know, there are all kinds of versions of the legend, and they change in a lot of details depending on the source you look upon. But, they all follow the same line of events, you know, discovering other dragons, being trained by the Guardians, rescuing Cynder, getting stuck in a crystal, saving Warfang, defeating the Dark Master. They have a bit of coherency." "But, they changed a lot?" Spyro asks, "Where can I read it? Do you have the books?" "Dude, you are in the future." Asher said to him, "You can read all of it from the Aethernet." "From the what?" Spyro said, looking at him with a cocked head. Asher smiled at him, and he pressed a few buttons on a machine that was near the holographic projector. "Just a thing that we enjoy here in the future." Asher said, as the image now showed something different. "Think of it as a web of information that covers the entire world. A place that is not real but it is real at the same time." Asher explained. "It is a virtual space where you can store information. Not only everyday information, like how to fix an holographic projector and how to use a telepathic-link interface, but also more detailed information, like all of the information available about the legend of Spyro the purple dragon." Spyro blinked, as he saw the amount of information that the holographic screen was now showing. His mind was still processing and trying to make sense of what the other purple dragon had just said. It was a bit complicated, and Spyro was not sure if he was getting it all. "So... it is like a library?" He asked, not sure if it was right. "A library. A game room. A meeting room. A place to make business. A bank to take and put money. A map to locate anything and everything. You name it, the Aethernet surely has it." He said with a smile, and he tapped a few commands into the holographic keyboard. "Now, I believe you want to know more about your own legend, right?"

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TLoTF: Rise of the King: pg 7 by Herakidpatrol
TLoTF: Rise of the King: pg 8 by Herakidpatrol
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King of kings: Chapter 48"Are you ready?" Vinaha asked."I am." Malefor answered as he approached his master. He sat down in front of his mentor, perfectly still, as he closed his eyes. He felt a slight, tickling sensation all over his body. a few short seconds later, it began to more closely resemble the feeling of tiny needles being slightly poked into him. He made no movements, nor did he make any sounds, knowing a distraction could ruin the spell.Thankfully, it didn't last much longer. The feeling faded as quickly as it had appeared. He opened his eyes, seeing his master bring his paw up to the purple dragon's throat, and press against it as he mumbled somethings under his breath. This spell was shorter, and Vinaha removed his paw mere seconds later."Say something." He ordered."Hello." Malefor said, instantly shocked to find his voice had changed into something else entirely. It had become softer, and did not sound like his true voice at all.He quickly raised a puddle of water from below to see his new appearance.He was now a blue dragon with spikes all over his body, shoulders and back. He had only three horns instead of five, and his wing barbs had also changed.Nobody would recognize him with this new appearance and voice.At least, not unless he messed things up."Don't worry." Vinaha smiled. "No one will know who you are. Just stay close to me, and let me do the talking with the guards."Malefor nodded in understanding. He stood still as Vinaha pulled him into another portal. A few years ago, it would have been torturous, but Malefor had gotten used to it by now.He was more concerned with breaking into the empire.If he were found out, the punishment would be severe, and both dragons would have to pay for it.A few seconds later, Malefor began to feel normal again. He opened his eyes, gazing at the city in front of him. while they were still a few minutes away from it, the memories began to flood him."Wrandarra." He uttered bitterly."Yes, the lost jewel of the wild." Vinaha confirmed."That would imply it is worth something." Malefor dismissed."Back in my day, it was in better shape than Warfang." Vinaha chuckled as he began to walk towards the city. "Never underestimate what is ugly today. It might have been beautiful yesterday."Malefor simply shrugged as he walked towards the city aside his mentor. Vinaha had a saying, expression or proverb for every situation.Wrandarra …Since they were already breaking the law, why not go to Warfang?If no one could recognize them, that would be the more sensible option.Of course, the citizens of Warfang were all highly reputable scholars compared with the worms in Wrandarra. Intelligence, if it belonged to the enemy, could be dangerous."Peace, peace." Vinaha said to the approaching guards as he lowered his wings, signaling Malefor to do the same."You again?" One of the guards said. "I thought you said you weren't going to return for a while.""It has been a while." Vinaha nodded. "Sixty-five days, if I remember correctly.""Out of supplies again?" Another guard asked."I'm afraid so, yes. It's hard to keep supplies when you have a student you must teach."He then pointed at Malefor, prompting two of the guards to circle him."What's your name?" A guard asked."Radwa." Malefor said the first series of consonants and vowels that came to mind."Where are you from?""The Tall Plains."The guard stared Malefor in the eyes for a few seconds before beginning to nod, slowly."How long will you be staying?" He asked Vinaha."We should return within the hour." Vinaha answered. "It's only shopping for supplies from a well-known store, after all, one that isn't too far from the gates.""Very well then." The first guard said, signaling the others to allow them through. "But I expect to see both of you back here in an hour.""You have my word." Vinaha said as he walked through the now open gates, and into the city. Malefor quickly dashed to his side."They were on edge." Vinaha commented. "More so than usual.""They had combat placing." Malefor added. "Four guards to interrogate newcomers, six to defend those four, four archers aiming at us, and the rest of the garrison on guard behind the walls.""You mean they're at war?""Either them, or Warfang as a whole." Malefor nodded."Let's see what we can find out." Vinaha suggested. "If there's a war going on, it's best if we know of it. Always, and I do mean always, pay close attention to the turning tides."Aside from the abundance of guards, the city hadn't changed at all since Malefor's last visit. It had remained true to its depressing, filthy roots. Everywhere he looked, he saw more and more misery. How the citizens could live here, he did not know."Hello again, my friend!" Vinaha cheerfully said as he entered the store."Ha ha ha!" The shopkeeper joyfully laughed as he got up from behind the counter and brought Vinaha in for a tight and friendly hug. "Klaman, you old lizard! Just as I was thinking of closing the shop, you go ahead and show up!""Can't have my friend go on for too long without a sale, can I?" Vinaha chuckled before turning to Malefor. "This is Radwa, my pupil."Malefor politely offered a bow."We don't do that here." The shopkeeper said as he hugged Malefor tightly. An uncomfortable Malefor tried his hardest to return the gesture without letting the over-friendly host know how awkward he felt."I'm master Karula." He said, smiling kindly at Malefor."What's going on here?" Vinaha asked as Karula turned to him. "Why all the guards?""They're here because of the war." Karula explained. "Lord Bukash suddenly died a few weeks ago. The eldest son and his successor, Sodoz, remained loyal to the empire, and took his father's place. The youngest son, Gaul, thought it would be a good idea to declare independence, and is fighting the empire each day.""That's terrible." Vinaha shook his head. "That a family is torn because of such things.""Indeed." Karula agreed."How is the war going?" Malefor asked."Against all expectations, not in our favor." Karula answered. "Gaul was never as resourceful as his brothers, and not nearly as powerful as his father, but it seems many apes wanted this war. His radical ideas increased his popularity, and his subjects helped him overthrow Sodoz, and kill Feva. He crowned himself king, and started this war."Malefor frowned. He never figured Gaul could do such things. He had never seemed violent, or capable of murder. It seems his nature-loving friend had a side he had never shown Malefor before.Not that Warfang was entirely innocent, with their ridiculous system, needlessly meddling in the affairs of others, high taxation and relatively low expenditure which slowly drained the many less fortunate colonials.The many less fortunate colonials …Was this the beginning of the predictions Yat'ush had made?If the apes won their independence, Warfang would lose the south, and by extension, a significant portion of their farmlands.Not to mention the vast area of land they would lose.Even if the empire won, they wouldn't be able to change the minds of the inhabitants. Their desire for independence and hatred of Warfang would live on, being passed down to generation after generation until the right moment appeared on the horizon once more.So difficult a task it was to persuade a being to appreciate the ones who had killed their friends and relatives.Malefor remained quiet as his mentor paid for the many things he picked up. He only came out of his trance once to pay his goodbyes to the friendly shopkeeper before deeply thinking again.If he hadn't been exiled, if he had joined the imperial guard …He would be sent to fight Gaul.No doubt, the guardians would want to test his loyalty, especially after finding out about his connection with dark magic. He might have even been forced to kill Gaul himself.The young, idealistic ape may have made mistakes, but … to kill him?And to have Malefor do it?No …He wouldn't.He couldn't …"Right on time." The guard said to Vinaha."I am a punctual dragon." Vinaha stated."Did you find all the things you wanted?""I did.""Good." The guard commanded. "Let's see what you have."Without warning, the guard grabbed the bag of goods from Vinaha. The mage did not resist, not wanting any trouble with the guards."Nothing illegal here." The guard stated after a while as he gave the bag back to Vinaha. "Now leave.""Let's go." Vinaha said as he turned his head to Malefor.The two dragons took flight, Malefor following Vinaha without saying so much as a word. However, the more they flew, the more Malefor began to realize something.They weren't simply flying away until they could teleport back to Tohoria. Vinaha was leading him somewhere. He changed his direction and turned every now and then."Are we going somewhere in particular?" Malefor asked."We are headed for a certain area deep in Mamona." Vinaha answered. "I've been detecting something of an unknown magical essence there recently, and we're going to find out what it is.""Unknown magical essence?""Yes." Vinaha confirmed. "I can't tell if it's dark magic, Warfang magic, or something else entirely. But as you can see, my curiosity is piqued.""So is mine …" Malefor mumbled under his breath as he continued to fly by his mentor.***"Here we are." Vinaha said as he hovered in the air. The forest was too thick for any dragon to land, but with Malefor's mastery of earth, it posed no problem. He simply made the trees bend outwards all at once, slightly, creating a temporary hole for the two to land.The mage closed his eyes, and focused deeply. A few seconds later, his paws, tail blade and wing barbs were engulfed in a black flame. He checked them shortly, making sure they were all emanating with his guardian flame. Malefor noticed the flames did not burn, or even singe, anything on the ground. They didn't seem to be harming the wizard either.Vinaha looked to the left."This way." He said as he began to walk.The woods were getting more and more dense by the second, which made the purple dragon apprehensive. To run in these parts would be highly impractical. To fly out of the woods was nigh impossible without aid from his elemental powers, and it would be difficult even with that aid given how thick and dense the trees were. Especially since Vinaha never teleported to and from an area of discovery so as not to leave any trace of dark magic, it left their options for a hasty retreat somewhat narrow.The area was a highly pragmatic trap."Wait." Malefor said as he came to a stop, listening to his surroundings carefully."Do you hear something?" Vinaha asked, his voice carrying hints of both excitement and fear."We are being hunted." Malefor lowly whispered. His words caused the mage's eyes to widen slightly."Where?"Malefor listened more closely, slowly turning his head left and right for more accuracy. He focused on wind, bringing it in from his surroundings. He could recognize all the aromas of the jungle. The wet dirt, the animals crawling by, they were all familiar to him.Except for one.The scent belonged to an animal, no doubt. But not one Malefor had ever seen before."Behind us." Malefor whispered as he turned around, staring vigorously on where he thought the beast would be, focusing on lightning. He could not see anything unusual, but he could hear a very faint chiming sound from where he was looking. It was pleasant, and yet somehow, at the same time, unnerving. It was a … strangely familiar sound.Suddenly, a glowing, golden, hot orb shot towards the purple dragon.Malefor quickly jumped to his right. He dodged the orb, but hit a tree on the way. He had hurt his wing, but unfortunately, he had no time to waste.He shot several bolts of lightning at the direction the orb had come from. Each bolt hit a nearby tree, blowing pieces of it off and sending wooden shards in all directions.One bolt, however, exploded in midair. A satisfying scream of pain indicated Malefor had hit something, and thanks to a very sudden and jerky movement, Malefor got a good look at the hitherto hidden enemy.Its body bore resemblance to that of the apes, but it was scrawny and without any hair or fur. Instead, it had white, fleshy skin all over its body. It had two hands, and two legs on which it stood straight. It was as tall as a young adult dragon.Each limb had three long, thin fingers that thickened at the tips. Its head was a long oval shape on a very scrawny neck, with two red eyes in the front that were staring in utter hatred and disgust at the two dragons. Its mouth was a small, round hole covered by two thin lips, and it had two vertical lines where its nose would have been.The beast, whatever it was, was holding something in its right hand, a long, thin, metal pole, the likes of which Malefor had never seen before.Another chiming sound …Wasting no time, the beast pointed at Malefor with the pole, casting a steady stream of the golden light at Malefor. Malefor dodged it again, trying to run in a circle and towards the creature. However, the dense texture of the forest made fighting very difficult, especially since the light tore through trees with no problem, turning everything it hit to ash.Wait …Light?Ash?Suddenly, he heard the beast growl painfully, and the chiming sound came to a stop. He took a look and witnessed Vinaha fighting the hideous creature. He was using the black flame on all four of his paws and wing barbs to slash at the being, inflicting large and very sharp looking wounds on its body, jumping everywhere as he did. The flame left behind a faint, ink like trace in the air that lasted a few seconds when the mage's blades were swung.Malefor stopped, focusing on the purple light. However, with Vinaha jumping around, he could not find a single moment to strike.And even if he did ...He didn't want to use the light too much ...It was still an unknown entity ...What if it could overtake his body, and corrupt him whole?Suddenly, the beast's body emanated a yellow glow. A second later, a large explosion of light sent the dark mage flying away, roaring in pain.The golden glow …That sound …Malefor had seen this …This beast was …It was performing Warfang's miracles.And if the light of Warfang was similar to his purple light, what did it mean?Malefor quickly shot an iron shard at the foe. It instantly reached the beast. The being held the rod it was holding in Malefor's direction a split second before Malefor could shoot, and the shard bounced off a blue, spherical shield it had created around itself.The shield Shaiath created on their journeys …How?He could ask questions later.Malefor quickly raised sharp pillars from the ground, hitting the shield fruitlessly. But before the beast could divert its focus from defending the shield, Malefor created a dense lightning cloud inside its shield.The creature yelled in shock and pain, each one a good indicator, as its body was hit by the many bolts of lightning the cloud had created. They broke its focus on the shield. And the second it did, Vinaha slashed at it with another strike from the black flame, scratching a good chunk of its face off.Not wasting another second, Malefor shot another iron shard directly at the beast's chest. The beast got lucky, and accidentally stepped to the right before the shard hit him. Malefor's attack hit it in the left arm, tearing it clean off.The beast was still standing.Screaming in pain, but standing nonetheless.It slammed the rod on the ground, hard, creating an extremely bright shield of the golden light around itself. The sudden, immensely bright light caused Malefor to squint his eyes while trying to keep them open. It took him just a second or two to adjust, but unfortunately for him, that was all it took for the creature to close the distance.The beast slammed its rod against Malefor's jaw. The impact was much more powerful than it looked. It caused another explosion of the golden light, burning his skin and flesh, and sent Malefor flying backwards. And before the purple dragon could gather his bearings, he hit a tree face-first, with the full weight of his body behind the impact.Malefor's eyes widened at the extreme pain as he felt his snout break, badly. He could sense his face breaking halfway through the snout, and then forced back into the rest of his skull. It was the worst pain Malefor had ever experienced by a wide margin. Nothing else even came close.The pain did not last very long, however, as its severity instantly caused Malefor's vision to fade.Another chime and another glow of the golden light, coupled by the dark trace of the black flame …And then …Darkness …
PL: Ch.6 The Isle - page 43 by RusCSI
King of kings: Chapter 47"They chose to flee from the shadow army, knowing their resistance would be futile. But with the loss of their castles, and the annihilation of the sea crawlers, the Virith were trapped like rats in the realm.""They gathered their finest mages, crafters and builders to make one final fortress. High enough to scratch the face of the heavens, hidden from the eyes of the world, was the impenetrable Darak-Vuh-Ze. The Virith even ripped the skies above their fort, believing it will bring closer their deities. For a short while, it seemed as though they had achieved their goal, and escaped our lord's wrath.""How wrong they were, as ever, for nothing could escape lord Zarakhan's shadows.""Their fortress was found by our ever-relentless lord, who proceeded to show the superiority of his might, and that of the dragons, by attacking this final pitiful attempt at conquest alone.""The guards, killed in seconds.""Their sorcerers, annihilated.""Their natural defenses, useless.""Their pleas, unheard.""With the fall of Darak-Vuh-Ze, the Virith disbanded at last. Those that remained of the once proud rulers of the land fell from grace, choosing to live in smelly swamps and dark caves, out of sight and out of significance, forever in fear of the dragons.""They had chosen death from the beginning, and so it was granted. And to the victor goes the spoils.""The realm, was at last, ours."***"Nice." Vinaha commented."Thank you." Malefor smiled. "How many mistakes did I make?""I counted eight." Vinaha answered. "Three mispronunciations, two misused cases, one wrong word, and two wrong tenses."Malefor only sighed. So many mistakes in so short a text …"But you have improved, massively." Vinaha continued. "In fact, I think it's good enough for us to start your training.""Really?" Malefor asked, wide-eyed."Yes." Vinaha confirmed. "You won't get to use the tongue just yet, and even then, it's mostly repeating the things I say at first. It will be a while until your own knowledge of the tongue can come into practice, and you'll be proficient enough with it by then."Malefor smiled as his body shook with excitement. To finally begin his training in dark magic …Even if it was limited to repeating the things he heard, it would still be good!"But just so I can organize your training, which area of dark magic are you interested in?" Vinaha asked."Hmm …" Malefor mused as he scratched his chin. "I … I never really thought about it …""Well, when you decide, let me know." Vinaha said. "I'll teach you myself if I can, and find you a suitable tutor otherwise.""The study of curses sounds fun." Malefor said, smiling. "We already have a large stash of resources, and it sounds fun to be able to protect the ones and the things you care about."He could tell the instant he had uttered the first sentence that his mentor's face suddenly dropped. He did not approve of Malefor's decision, and it showed."May I offer a piece of advice?" Vinaha asked."Of course.""Don't pick curses as your first art.""Why not?""Because you will become a murderer." Vinaha answered. "If you become a master of curses, you will be able to bring unimaginable misery to the beings of the land. Trouble is, that's all you will be able to do. You will never be able to help make the world a more tolerable place.""Can they not be used for protection?" Malefor asked."They can, by killing another being." Vinaha nodded. "Eventually, you'll have to kill someone because curses are quite limited in function. If others are attracted to your curse, they will be killed as well. You will become a 'Nifir'.""A what?""A being who lusts for the deaths of others." Vinaha answered. "To set foot in such a dark path … I wouldn't pick it as my first art. It … let's say it doesn't leave a good impression of what dark magic is, neither on you nor on the world. Just imagine seeing someone at a tavern and him saying it is his job to kill others, how would you feel about him?""I see …" Malefor stated. "What would you recommend, then?""Do you really want to know?""I do.""Spells." Vinaha stated. "It is a more generic field, and you can decide for yourself what to do with your knowledge, once it is deep enough. I can also teach you myself."Malefor thought about the suggestion for a few seconds. If curses couldn't do much aside from killing others, as Vinaha had said, it wouldn't be as ideal as he had initially thought. While he didn't mind the deaths of those who deserved it, he wasn't entirely sure if he could do it himself.If he couldn't kill Yat'ush when the seer had offered it himself, he probably couldn't kill anyone else either.To be able to kill was one thing, to only be able to kill was another.And Yat'ush had said that it's best for Malefor to learn from Vinaha …"Very well." He said. "I will learn spells.""Are you certain?" Vinaha asked. "I don't want you to feel you were coerced into learning spells. If you truly want to study curses, I won't stop you.""I am." Malefor assured. "I already have enough powers that let me kill with great ease. To learn things for which my elemental powers aren't the perfect fit would be the more sensible course of action.""Wise words!" Vinaha smiled. "Very well. I will now teach you the foundations of dark magic. Regardless of the branch that you pick, these will remain the same. Are you ready?"Malefor nodded quickly, excited to finally understand what makes magic dark."The phrase 'dark magic' was given to our arts by the followers of Warfang." Vinaha explained. "It is, once again, lost in translation due to the similar pronunciation of the word 'dark' and the word 'shadow' in our tongue. Their semantic similarity doesn't help. In other words, it should be called 'shadow magic', which refers to magic that is practiced by the followers of the path of shadows, namely the followers of Zarakhan.""Why was it adopted, if it is a misnomer?" Malefor asked."These things happen." The dark dragon shrugged. "I'm not sure if it was intentional, or accidental. It just … happened. But its name doesn't really matter. Its nature does. Its nature is quite different from the type of magic recognized in Warfang, even though their functions can be much the same. Do you remember the definition of that magic?""The forceful transfer of traits from a vessel, by an intelligent source, to a potentially accepting target using means that are exclusive to that particular function and the process of transfer." Malefor promptly said.Shaiath had done his job well."Precisely." Vinaha nodded. "That definition is lacking when it comes to dark magic. Dark magic can be defined in two words, if we're being a bit generous: Altered reality. You do not transfer the properties of a vessel to the target, but imagine what properties you want, and create them on the spot."Malefor simply stared at his mentor, a dumbstruck look on his face."Do you remember the first spark?" Vinaha asked. "From the book of Zarakhan?""Yes.""Then you also remember that it came from the crystals, defined as 'towering and all-powerful'. The crystals described in that book are, supposedly, found in the edges of the original realm, where reality itself is twisted and chaotic. It is said that after the first spark, the dragons were fused with the crystals. More specifically, their life force formed a bond with them, which granted them the spark, and also their capacity for magic. Furthermore, we don't know of any other being that has the same bond with crystals. As a result, what we call dark magic is specific to dragons."As Vinaha recaptured his breath, Malefor thought about the things he had just heard.Crystals at the edges of the original realm?The edges of the realm?Chaos?"So, the crystals are bound both to the dragons and to the borders of the original realm. Because of this mutual bond, the power of the crystals can be used, and that chaotic nature can be channeled through dragons, and create any result that is asked of it. Of course, the more complicated the demand, the more nature has to be bent, and the more laborious the task of channeling the power of the crystals. Potentially, dark magic can be extremely powerful due to it being able to create any results with no catalysts required.""No catalysts whatsoever?" Malefor asked."Pay close attention to my words." Vinaha warned. "No catalysts are required. Anything can potentially be done by using the proper spells. However, if the task is too complex, catalysts can be used to make casting the spells easier. You don't need them, in the same sense that you don't need gold to survive. However, having it and using it makes survival a lot easier, and more enjoyable."Malefor nodded."And the catalyst is, in the overall majority of cases, a piece of those crystals." Vinaha continued. "I'll teach you how to deal with crystals once you're done with the basics.""Is that why it is banned?" Malefor asked, remembering the words he had heard in the courtroom. "Because it is against nature?""That is one of the reasons." Vinaha answered. "But just so you know, this ability is innate to all dragons, and only to dragons. Saying it is against nature is the equivalent of saying the dragon spark is against nature, or dragons as a whole if we're being honest. Another reason for it being illegal is that most if not all dark mages were and still are the worshippers of lord Zarakhan, and also the idea that the overlord of shadows is the incarnation of evil.""So there is nothing inherently evil about dark magic?" Malefor asked."Unless someone argues that the method itself is evil, and they sure do, there is nothing inherently wrong with it." Vinaha responded. "Just like the magic they use in Warfang, it can be a viable tool to help others, or a powerful weapon for murder and suffering. It depends on the actions of the individual caster, not its inherent nature.""Why would someone make such a claim about the method?""Some say it invites chaos into the world, citing the fact that it is potentially capable of accomplishing anything. Because of that, they claim that in the long run, so much of nature will change that it will no longer be able to exist.""Is it true though?" Malefor asked. "I want to know the truth.""Well, dark magic has been around in this realm alone for over seven thousand years, and at times it has run quite rampant." Vinaha answered. "As of yet, no such chaos has been seen. So, I guess the argument isn't as strong as its proponents think."Malefor smiled back, relieved at last that he wasn't stepping into a dark path. Unless he made it his duty to harm others, he wouldn't be doing anything objectively wrong.Not that those in Warfang would understand …They had simply dismissed his faithful service and his saving their empire because of its relation with dark magic.No matter.That was nearly two years ago.Life had moved on, and so had Warfang.He had to do so as well.Besides, dark magic had created Vinaha, a caring, gentle, forgiving, and kind dragon who grimaced at the thought of Malefor wanting to learn curses. Whereas Warfang had created hate-filled and ignorant citizens, officials and regulars alike, who reveled in the idea of genocide.They had even attempted to turn him into a tool for just that.Minutes ago, Vinaha had prevented Malefor from setting foot in the path of the Nifir. Warfang had encouraged it.Warfang was in no place to lecture anyone on morality."Are you alright?" He heard Vinaha say amidst his thinking. When he looked up, he felt his forehead slightly sore from the deep frowning."I apologize." He smiled. "And I am."Yet another lie …"You were saying?" Malefor said."Some say the crystals granted us this power so they can spread to other places." Vinaha explained. "Think of it as a form of coexistence. We have been granted these powers, and our survival has become much easier. However, the cost of our powers is that wherever the dragons go, it becomes possible for the crystals to survive. The more they travel, the easier it gets for the crystals to function, and as a direct result, the more powerful the dragons become."As his mentor gave Malefor a second to absorb that knowledge, Malefor began to think.The more dragons migrated to other lands, the easier it would be for crystals to spread.Which would result in stronger dragons, who could spread the crystals more easily and conquer until there no longer was anything left to conquer.The purple light …It had given Malefor a power that was as fearsome as could be.The power to annihilate any foe within seconds …And it did make crystalline sounds when used …Could it be a similar entity to the crystals?If so, then it had opted for Malefor to spread it, like the crystals had done so with the dragons …Was that his call? To help spread the light?No …The light turned everything to ash. It left no possibility for survival. If it spread throughout the realm, nothing would be left."Calm yourself." He thought. Maybe that wasn't the case at all. The Godakis had yet to understand the nature of the light.It would be foolish to assume anything until they had fully understood his spark.So far, he had done next to nothing to help spread that light. He would continue his life until it was proven that that was what the light wanted.If not, so much the better!…But what if it did?Even if there was a slim chance, what if that was what the light sought? To turn the world to ash?What a sick, twisted idea …Even if it were his cause, he would not oblige.Never …
King of kings: Chapter 44"This is impossible!" The purple dragon angrily yelled as he shot to his feet."It's not as difficult as you think." Vinaha calmly said. "You see, Tiraga is animate, plural and masculine, which is why it should accept the -rriwaa suffix for the comitative case. The -wuyi suffix is used for elative, and it's only used for feminine nouns.""How is that not difficult?" Malefor argued, unable to control his frustration."It is." Vinaha agreed. "Just not as difficult as you think. It's based on rules, unlike the many stylistic changes in the high form of the tongue.""It gets harder than this?" Malefor spat out, his eyes wide in shock."Much more so, I'm afraid." The black dragon chuckled. "But not until quite a few years later."Malefor stared at the dark mage, speechless, panting heavily, with a look of utter helplessness on his face as though he was about to cry."I feel stupid already." Malefor sighed in defeat as he shook his head, sitting down. The tongue of Zarakhan was, without a shred of doubt, the most difficult tongue he could have imagined. It had features Malefor never thought could be possible in any tongue. High ancient Warfang was nothing compared to it."Don't." Vinaha replied. "You've barely studied it for six months. You shouldn't expect anything else. You'll learn it eventually, just like you did ancient and middle Warfang, each a difficult tongue in its own right."Malefor was about to answer, but decided not to at the last second. The wizard had a point. He had initially found both of those tongues impossible. The number of times he had lost his temper, pulled his own scales in frustration, or decided to stop studying for the day had escaped him.It wasn't even limited to that.He hadn't learned to become a good fighter overnight. Countless burns, wounds, broken and even shattered bones, and humiliating defeats one after another had gotten him there.Everything was difficult to master."I suppose you are correct." He sighed."Do you know how long it took me to master the tongue fully?" Vinaha asked, smiling kindly."No.""Six years." Vinaha answered.Malefor gasped in shock."Yes, six unpleasant years." the mage affirmed, a painful expression on his face."It will probably take me a few decades, then." Malefor commented."It will probably take you around the same time if you practice the way you do now." Vinaha answered. "And when you do, you will laugh at how simple it all sounds."Malefor's face suddenly hardened upon hearing those words."Is everything alright?""Familiar words." Malefor mumbled. Vinaha's last sentence had reminded him of something, though he could not remember what exactly. The feeling was a mix of nostalgia and disgust.An unpleasant memory deep within his mind, perhaps."It is nothing." Malefor shrugged off."Take a quick break, and then we'll practice some more."Nodding in appreciation, the purple dragon flew down from the mountain and towards a patch of dirt he had made for himself. He raised a stone pillar from the ground in front of him, slamming it with his earth orb as he landed.He turned around quickly, shooting several bolts of lightning at the now crooked pillar. Each bolt blasted a piece of the pillar, sending small stone fragments here and there.What remained of the pillar fell to the ground where it fell into a small ditch of purple lava he had summoned.Purple stone pillar …Purple earth orb …Purple lightning …Purple lava …Even his wind and ice had been completely imbued, in every aspect but color."I have never seen or heard of such a thing." Vinaha had said. "It is completely new to me. But, then again, you are relatively unique, don't you think?"The power of the light was simply astonishing. Nothing he had tested it on had survived its highly corrosive effect. However, the strength it offered was outmatched by Malefor's concern. It was one thing to strengthen a being naturally, another to strengthen it for its usefulness. The latter was a most unpleasant experience Malefor did not want to experience ever again.He raised another pillar from the ground, and began to step away from it. Ten steps later, he stopped, and focused on the light itself. He opened his mouth a few seconds later, unleashing a massive beam onto the pillar. The light closed the distance with the pillar in an instant.He made no effort to come to a stop. He continued to breathe the beam out for as long as his lungs could take it, taking his time to examine his improvement.The radius, range and the strength of this power had all improved drastically. It was softer on his mouth, lighter on his lungs and harder on its targets. Improvements in one's elemental power was to be expected. It came naturally with age and practice. However, it was the amount of growth that surprised Malefor.Less than one year of practice, and it had surpassed all his other elemental powers in terms of strength, speed, and ease of use.It could affect everything, but it was affected by nothing.It could not be stopped in its path, nor could its direction be changed by any means Malefor had tried.It simply created its own path in the straight line it was commanded to travel in.It was beautiful, elegant, unique, and completely devastating.Not unlike Malefor himself."It never ceases to amaze me." Vinaha said from behind Malefor. "The more I learn, the more I see that I know very little about the world.""You should not stand so close as I practice." Malefor said as he shot an iron shard at the newly risen pillar. It was strong, as expected, and made a crack in the pillar where it hit, the edges of which turned to ash."It is dangerous in the best of circumstances." He continued. "Even if I were not infected with this thing.""I wouldn't use the word infection." Vinaha smiled. "Infection is harmful, lethal even, yet you are stronger now than you were even a couple of months ago.""It has made hunting very difficult." Malefor said, letting out his anger in the form of a massive trail of purple fire. It was much more powerful than just a couple of months ago, and easier to use as well."Half the food is ash by the time I am finished." Malefor said as he stopped to refresh his breath. "If things continue like this, I will have to rely on others for quite a lot.""That is an issue." Vinaha agreed. "But we might be able to solve that problem.""How?" Malefor asked, paying full attention to the mage."There exists a school of mages, dedicated to the study of the dragon spark." Vinaha answered. "If we ask them for help, they might be able to study your spark fully, and tell us exactly how it functions. They might even be able to tell you how this new power of yours might be controlled.""The order of Godakis?" Malefor asked."Y … Yes." Vinaha answered. "How do you know them?""A friend of mine told me about them back in Warfang." Malefor explained. "The one you saved in Fraghia."The look on Vinaha's face was one of suspicion."For an ordinary mage of Warfang, he knows quite a bit about dark magic." He almost whispered. "And he traveled to rather exotic locations, with a somewhat strange aim in mind. Are you sure he wasn't learning dark magic himself?""He could have been." Malefor shrugged. "He was the seer's son.""That explains a lot.""Though I should say, he hated his father." Malefor said. "And the seer had, very explicitly, said that his son was an idiot, and that the world would have been much better without him.""Necromancers in general don't make good parents." Vinaha said with a slightly bitter smile. "They care too little about the living. Perhaps that was the reason your friend sought eternal life, to live a good life without his father. Though if I could, I'd have tried to talk him out of it.""An impossible task." Malefor said with a smile. "He was quite stubborn.""Still worth a try." Vinaha smiled back. However, his smile was not a sweet one. It showed sorrow. "To live for so long is sad, and boring."There was a solemn look on Vinaha's face, as if the memories of Fraghia were beginning to torment him again."But enough about that." He shrugged it off with a flick of his paw as his face returned to normal. "Would you like me to ask for aid from the Godakis?""Yes." Malefor promptly said. "But why did you not tell me sooner?""I had to find them first." Vinaha explained. "They were around back when I was free, but I didn't know whether they were still active or not. They could have been long forgotten, as is the case with many schools of magic."He took out a crystal, similar to the one he had given Malefor, and planted it in the ground. The familiar black smoke sprang up from the crystal, creating a circle in front of Vinaha. The mage began to speak, though Malefor did not quite understand what he was saying. It was in the tongue of Zarakhan, that much he knew. He only recognized a few words, all of which specific names.A few minutes later, he stopped talking, and the black smoke vanished. He turned his gaze to Malefor, chuckling at his confused face."I explained who I am, who you are, whether they are interested in studying you or not, and where to find us." He stated."Do you think they will come?" Malefor asked."I do." Vinaha confidently answered. "I don't think any scholar would miss an opportunity to study you, let alone a scholar who focuses on the dragon spark.""I hope they do." Malefor said, signaling Vinaha to step back a bit further. He resumed his elemental training. However, even as he continued to land hit after hit on the many pillars he raised, his thoughts were far away.If the purple light was natural, and not caused by infection or possession, that meant it had an equivalent in nature.But … what?What did it embody?What did he embody?"A dragon, at fifteen, ought to ask himself: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I headed?" He was always told. And even though he had never bothered to answer any of those questions in this sense, he was beginning to feel the need to do so.The question of what his spark actually was, what he himself was, lingered in the purple dragon's mind for the rest of that day.
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UPDATE: Well, sometime after this was uploaded, a commenter just instructed me on how to check up on Group art submissions so the problem is solved!
Well, today I've just found out that due to complications from DA forcing Eclipse down our throats, I'm having trouble accessing, reviewing and accepting art submissions to the group. I know, it's rancid since some of you really want to input fanart for the group and I'm not happy about it either. I'll have to send a message to the staff on DA and ask them on when this can be fixed.
In the meantime, for those of you who still want to submit artwork into the group, I have a suggestion: just comment and link the pieces you want submitted onto the comments of my Deviantart profile and I'll make sure to have them submitted onto the group from there, okay? Until then, all of you have a blessed day.
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Are WIPs allowed in this group?
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RainaCrystalStar Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there ^.=.^  

As much as I love TLOS game and will do for many many years. I have my own Original Stories and Characters that I have made, sadly it’s not going to be part of the spyro fanbase but my own... I was wondering if it’s allowed in here? 

If not I don’t mind joining as long as my characters are left original and not included in the TLOS files ^^ :heart: 
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Only 9 more signatures to reach 200 lets go.
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RavenNocturna Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hey everyone!
I'm doing sketchy character headshots for only 100 points each!♥
Commission - Joshder by Cynder18
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I like this group.
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Hello, I appreciate it when I'm new to this group.
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Hi, I'm new to this great group
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Thank you for accepting me.
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Full Body YCH Dragon by Cynder18  $10
Chibi Sticker YCH Base by Cynder18  $1
Thanks for reading and please support!♥
RavenNocturna Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble financially and I was hoping you guys can help me out!
I'm doing some sketch coloured headshots for $5 or 500points each!
Here's some examples:
Commission - Boss by Cynder18 Alp the Precious by Cynder18 Commission - Trico by Cynder18 Commission - Cece by Cynder18
Thanks you for your time!♥
jeroen01 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I question some of the content uploaded in this group. questioning Why its Spyro releted.
Sekeolath Proper - Map by AMCAlmaron  This is a map of Norway, Sweden Finland. Not a LOS Map.
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comicfam Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
how is everyone is doing?
FoxDragonLover Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heeey i was offered to have an OC of mine put into the group, but i'm going to decline because it's not for Spyro ^^;
I don't want to false advertise, this is part of a side project,
Thank you!
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OrangeXLightning Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would Photoshop mockups be allowed in this group?
sapphire3690 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Just letting users of this group know that First 4 Figures opened a poll on their facebook for fans to vote on a DOTD Cynder statue. They're already doing a Classic Spyro statue, but the 'Yes' votes on poor Cynder's poll are low! You have to be a member of the closed group to see and vote on the poll however.…
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ScippaLimoni Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Hello, I hope someone notices! I need someone to help me with a fanfiction game, I suck very bad at drawing, though I can code and make some original music. If someone is willing to help, more details are here:…
RaynalJacquemin Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
Hello Legend-of-Spyro-Fans, It's been many times I tried to submit my artworks, but it seems like these keeps being refused. Or maybe is that you just don't even recieve the submissions, can you please figure out why and maybe find a solution?
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CynderWa Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Artist
I wait for this! 
FyreDragon5 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've got a ton of new Spyro art that I think would be great for this group!  How do I go about getting them submitted and approved?
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DragonicaLu Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there! I've submitted this almost a week ago and, sadly, still awaiting of approval. What should I do in this situation?  
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