SDCC 2012 Legend Of Korra Fan Panel Summary
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In a room of 4, 500 hardcore fans, the Legend of Korra San Diego Comic Con panel opens with an epic montage of Book 1 moments backed by a stunning score by the Track Team.

The panel introduction is by moderator, Rich Magallanes, who states he is blown away by the entire Avatar universe and its development.

The creators come out - followed by Joaquim dos Santos and the brilliant voice director Andrea Romano. The cast enters: Janet Varney, David Faustino, Seychelle Gabriel and P.J. Byrne. Seychelle rocks a cute steampunk cosplay.

According to Hypable  there are still 4, 000 people waiting outside Ballroom 20. In 2004 Korra/A:TLA was in a room with 50 people.

If you didn't already know, there will be 4 books (seasons) with 52 episodes divided as so:

Book 1: Air - 12 episodes

Book 2: Spirits - 14 episodes

Book 3 - 13 episodes

Book 4 - 13 episodes
  • At 2:24 pm, Janet Varney (Korra) is asked about voicing Korra and how she matches up to Aang. She replies: "They’re so different from one another, it’s so fun to play someone headstrong."
  • David Faustino thanks animation for allowing him to play a big heroic character (joke is: he's short - 5'3" to be exact)
  • At 2:25 pm, P.J. Byrne is asked to choose any character to be from season one. He wants to be himself and Janet says she wants to be the announcer.
  • Seychelle states that Asami and her are most alike because they both overpack.
  • At 2:30 pm: Andrea Romano directs table readings from book 1.

  • The second scene the cast read through is, “The Voice in the Night” and “The Spirit of Competition.” David messes up a little and P.J. is hysterical with his lines. Everyone at the panel laughs.
  • At: 2:41 pm - David fakes kisses Janet on stage to mimic a scene! 
  • Bryan is sorry they, "blew up the boat".

:star: :star:Book 2 Information: :star: :star:
  • Book 2 is called Spirits and takes place 6 months after Book 1: Air
  • The opening scene: Southern Water Tribe festival. There is a banquet hall made of ice. Korra and co. will travel into the tundra of the Southern Water Tribe. Looks a bit dark and scary with a chilling snowscape and a bright green sky. 

  • Fashion of characters compensate for winter. Asami has an Amelia Earhart look. The others have longer sleeves and winter coats. Fashion is innspired by Mandarin, asymmetrical fashion. Mako and Bolin will get big, fluffy coats for the frozen tundra.

  • Korra goes through a storm and reaches a glowing iceberg that resembles Aang's frozen prison.

  • Southern Air Temple Concept Painting: team avatar will journey to the Southern Air Temple.

  • Team Avatar will also journey to the Spirit World.
  • Book 2 will feature episodes that look back into the history of Avatar and Spirit World.
  • We will see more of Korra's parents and meet her uncle Oodalak or Unarock.
  • Oodalak/Unarock?: head of the Northern Water Tribe and very spiritual. He mentors Korra.
  • Verick: described to be a Howard Hughes playboy, kind of character. He is a Southern Water Tribe member. He and Bolin have a funny relationship. He is said to be a very entertaining character and a 'shipping magnet'.
  • Asami takes over Sato's company.
  • Book 2 will feature Aang's children: Commander Bumi and Kya. Bumi wears pink earmuffs. 
  • Random fact: Korra was inspired by Gina Carano.
  • There will be a very cool spirit creature who has glowing eyes, walks on two legs, a tail, and a branch like appendages.
  • Animatics clip: Fire Ferrets being beaten. Mako and Korra motorcycle chase scene vs. robbers. Asami determined to bring her father's company back to the top. Tenzin's family airbends all around the island. Korra goes into the Avatar State to win the airball race with Jinora. The spirit creature attacks Korra and is twice her size. She goes into the Avatar State to fight it. 
  • Spirit creature clearly seems to be the villain. 
  • Mako becomes a cop in Book 2. He is ready to sling some great zingers.
  • Pro-bending returns: Fire Ferrets vs. Rhino Lions in the animatics preview (Korra and Mako are not on the team).
  • In Book 2, Bolin is finding himself and looking for his path.
  • Andrea Romano (voice director) gets the cast to understand the animation by organizing scenes so the voice actors react and work together better.
  • Kya (Aang's daughter) joins Book 2: [I believe this is her description] a waterbender with a hippie look. Kya has a special bond with Senna.
  • Korra's father is a gentle guy, although they imagine him as huge.
  • What do the creator's do? Mike & Bryan work with the writers, come up with stores for Book 3 and work with the creative/art teams. The amount of design is crazy. 
  • The panel's audience is live recorded for crowd scenes in Book 2.
  • Andrea Romano leads the crowd into simulating a crowd at a pro-bending fight.

Videos: Season 2 Preview! Interview With Bolin Aka PJ Byrne!
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OMG :D :D :D but where's Tahno?
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MayBird312Hobbyist General Artist
Go Book 2!!!:onfire: :squee:
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Halcyon196Student General Artist
Bolin and Asami's voice actors are adorable. :3
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RedCatArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
I am so flippin' squealing my pants off right now. o3o


MAKO'S A COP!!!!! *dies of awesomeness*
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PonPon-Shu Digital Artist
I hope for more Makorra loving! :D
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Did they release a date for Season 2???
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(foamy mouth-guy-fangirl-scream) I'm looking forward to this sooo much!!! The drawing of the shadowy creatures remind me of a scarier version of the Heartless of Kingdom Hearts... The younger kids will be scared S*itless, I savvy!
Since I live in Sweden, I couldnt go to Comic Con even if I had the money... Sigh... But I've followed the convent up on tumblr. and Twitter!
I seriously can not wait... Bumi in pink earmuffs, Mako as a cop, Bolin as team-captain of the Fire Ferrets... It will be legend-wait for it-dary
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PatronascharmStudent General Artist
I'm so excited to see Bolins character develop. I think because they had so much going on in a short amount of episodes it made character developement for Bolin and Mako small. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
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Damn i wish i could go, sooner or later >_<
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BecomingTiaProfessional Filmographer
We got about 3 more years of Korra. Which means a possible 3 more years of panels. I've never been to SDCC, but for my 18th birthday I have every intention of running out of Canada and heading to SDCC. ;D
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Even though probending is based off of MMA, I'm pleasantly surprised Korra is based off Gina Carano! Both are pretty attractive and both can knock you out as well. :D
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:iconcannotevenplz: :iconstephencolbertomgplz:
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kremlin-dawnHobbyist General Artist



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Fire Ferrets with Korra and least Mako is a cop!!!! XDXDXD
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WOAH! Everything sounds so...Different? Mako and Korra- not on the fire ferrets? Mako becomes a cop? lol What?!?
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AstreiksHobbyist Writer
I want more Bolin character development!
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awwwww.... korra and mako arent on the fire ferrets anymore!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ahhhh!!!! I'm so happy they're gonna have 4 seasons!!! :D
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slackerraeStudent General Artist
well now i just cant wait for the new season
...but why does mako become a cop??? if anything i was looking forward to bolin joining the forces of lin bei fong and being a part of her police task force T^T
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I agree! Also, why the heck are Korra and Mako not on the Fire Ferrets anymore? I wanted to see a Wolf Bat vs. Fire Ferrets rematch!
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I KNOW RIGHT. it seems like the writers are adamant about not bringing tahno back even though the fans loved. him. because he was so hilarious and interesting
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Oh man I'm so excited! :excited:
I hope that someone recorded the panel!
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Well, I'll just go die of excitement now.
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