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These are purely base colors and they are toned down for actual use.

** Spring Rain's Bio
Name: Spring Rain
Race: Pegasus
Sex: Male
Age: Young Adult
Colors: As seen above - Cyan Coat, Blue mane with wide yellow asymetric stripe and eyes a bit darker yellow to the one on stripe
Cutiemark: [link]
Profession: Farmhand
Residence: Cottage on outskirts of Ponyville
Optional Accessories: Scarf; Rake
Hobby: Tending flowers, Daydreaming in some quite nice place. Preening wings.
** Facts
Kind, Relaxed, Humble
but also Lazy, Scaredy
Reliable and always on time, rather earlier than late.
Mostly thinks before acting and reacts rationaly over emotionaly.
Preffers walking over flying unless he can get significant advantage out of it.
** Biography
Born to family of two Earth Ponies parents. They couldn't provide him with advices on flying but they learnt him all they could about growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. Thus becoming better than most Pegasi regarding gardening but at the same time he's a weak flyer. Altough his mother couldn't provide him with advices she wanted to keep him motivated about flying and so she came up with bedtime stories about Cloudsdale and so visiting there became on of his lifetime goals.
He got his Cutiemark earlier than most of his classmates. It happend during his first Winter Wrap Up when parents gave him a shovel to clean the yard around their house. Overjoyed by the fact that he's old enough to "help" he did not only clear the yard but went so far to reach in to the forest. When he looked back the trail he left, he was awed by the huge number of white flowers in his trail. Cutiemark he earned are three Snowdrops that shows his love for Flowers, Springs and also showins his delicate nature.
Spring Rain's life was forever changed when his parents signed their family for a project where they would house a young unicorn student from Canterlot. For two years they were joined by the female Unicorn Bright Light who's talent was the practice the Magic of Light. Two young ponies easily bonded together and became almost like siblings. She helped him with flying and he showed her where to practice her magic and help others. But most of all, together they've learned the values of Friendship that forever changed their lives.
One day, for no apparent reason his parents decided that they want to enjoy more peaceful life and moved to bigger city leaving Spring Rain alone in what is now his cottage. Where he spends his time waiting for Bright Light to finish her studies in Canterlot and also training for his great flight to Cloudsdale.
His everyday job is to help around farm. While other pegasi don't care much for this job, their abilites are always welcome especially the ability to move clouds.

Spring Rain © Legeden
My Little Pony © Hasbro
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looks pretty sweet! reminds me of General Mumble!