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  • Just got done dumping just a small fraction of the stuff i've been holding onto for quite awhile
  • Got laid off from my 6 year game artist gig, Looking for work while freelancing is not easy, especially when you feel like lots of your skill has atrophied!
  • Ill be attending GDC to keep my 6 year record unbroken. I would love to meet any of you who happen to be out there!
  • As always my stuff is far fresher and less ignored at or
EVE Contest:

can't believe i got this done!

Trip to Minneapolis:

The LEGO store was close, but i got these pictures of a giant Gundam being made!

Everything else:

Life is good!
if all goes well, this will be my last full day of work...
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hopefully with less fail boat
  • Listening to: a prayer for owen meany
  • Reading: a prayer for owen meany
  • Listening to: a prayer for owen meany
  • Reading: a prayer for owen meany
  • Listening to: a prayer for owen meany
  • Reading: a prayer for owen meany
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and because i was a tard last time and didn't post a link - here you go!

will start up as soon as mah dinner is done
  • Watching: Gurren Laagen (sp)
  • Playing: REACH + iphone stuff
just ta let you know!
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Unless you haven't heard about it in which case it is better then you can imagine.
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This was about as good of an action movie that i could have hoped for. Having just previously watched Predator, Predators did an awesome job of washing the crap out of my mouth that avp 1 and 2 left in there.

It is a good B action movie with some cool mythos and some decent characters - you should check it out if you are inclined for such things!
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I have never seen a worst "legitimate" i think ever.

maybe time has softened my memories, but Transformers 2 and Spiderman 3 are legitimately better...

There is nothing redemptive in this movie, had i not seen it for free i would have been legitimately angry. IF for some GOD FORSAKEN REASON you feel the need to subject yourself to this, DO NOT GO TO THE 3D SHOWING. The 3D was added in as a cash grab in post. All 3D does in this movie is make the screen blurry when you look at it w/o your glasses. The effect is more worthless then the movie itself.

That is all.
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"BATTLE BEARS -1" is now available on the iTunes App store!

this has taken the last 5 months from my life - a commitment i would give willingly over and over again.

i know the venn diagram of people who read my journals and people who own an iPhone or iPod touch leave about five of you, but regardless, you should check it out!
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i would like to thank :iconphoenixleo: some stupefying amount of platonic love for suggesting my piece for a Daily Deviation and :iconmacrebisz: for facilitating the nomination.

i've been here for quite a few years now i feel, and even though i haven't done anything personal of value for the past year+ not only do i hope to get back into the swing soon, but in the mean time i am flabbergasted that something like this has occurred. thank you all very much.

i would like to add some substance to this post beyond happiness to state that the a team movie is really quite awesome... i haven't had this much fun at a movie for a long time, and i need to watch it again, literally so i can hear the dialogue my own laughter drowned out the first time. there are a few scenes of excessive quick cuts that annoyed me, but the movie is sound as a device that gives you entertainment in exchange for money.

anyway, i will get to your comments eventually.

and i will post again eventually

otherwise, keep a lookout for BATTLE BEARS -1 on the itunes store sometime in the next few weeks.
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just wanted to let anybody who is planning on attending gdc know that this will by my second year!... a year ago this week marks my  first day in the industry, and so this time i am going to gdc not in hopes for a job, but with a full expo pass and the desire to learn!

if anybody is there and wants to have lunch or what not let me know!

otherwise, bad company 2 is downloading at home... my user name is MKingery

add me up!
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i need to get this off my chest... i am sorry in advance.

<epic rant>

this game is the worst game i have played in many years.

this game is an asinine mess, broken to its very core.

the redemptive qualities of this game can be counted using only fingers.

i have never felt such anger at a developer that i can remember prior to this game.

i've played through all of the alien mission in 2.5 hours. i think maybe 30-45 minutes was just fighting the last boss(s)

i am now pretty sure i'll abandon the predator 2 missions in.

only humans are left to lift this POS out of the sewer of utter waste it resides in.

the story is garbage, the mythos is wasted and ruined.

this game is worth money to developers who want to see how a crippling design flaw from an early stage can permeate and so utterly destroy a game from the inside out.

this game is worth money to gamers who want to physically HURT THEMSELVES trying to figure out why in God's holy and precious name rebellion thought any of this was a good idea.

this game is worth watching videos of in youtube for its lighting effects.

here is a haphazard and random list of hatred and regret! (and pros, kuz i mean... it won't take up too much of my time!):


-best first person placement 'awareness' i have ever seen in a game. when you turn you can see your hind legs and tail and it is beautiful.
-lighting effects manipulated for your advantage...

-no vision modes... just default visual spectrum adjusted for seeing in dark places.
-you can now see androids and guns by their pheromone trail... what a joke.
-auto transition is trash... but push to climb is even more useless.
-seeing all 4 of your finishing moves within 5 minutes and knowing you will have to see them for the rest of the game (same with harvest)
-the lock on system... don't get me started
-ok i started anyway! you have to LOCK ON TO ENTER AND EXIT VENTS... YOU LITERALLY LOCK ON, PRESS SPACE BAR AND ARE FORCED TO RUN THROUGH THEM IN A PRE-ANIMATED MOTION... this demonstrates a FUNDAMENTAL error within the game, that being lack of control.
-the final boss involves hand to hand combat with predators. since the game is too broken to allow real combat to take place within the rock/paper/scissors gameplay, the game PROMPTS you with what to press, making it literally nothing more then a QTE.
-and in regards to the combo system, you really can block pred blades with your alien arms?... and you have a light and heavy attack?
-and not only do you have to lock onto vents, but people? and changing locks is stupefying. if my tail can auto target lights and "royal jelly canisters" but not people... why even try?
-the alien plays like the predator. no more puzzle solving to get around sentry's, doors, etc, just pure stealth interrupted by balls to the wall motion blurred chaos and eventually death/success.
-75% of the 2 hour campaign takes place outside. in the daylight. in a jungle temple.
-you can't jump over 2 foot high barbed wire barriers, even when their power is turned off.
-at the end it spits in the face of the alien mythos.
-and don't get me started about the 'story'... you are saved twice by weyland, and kill hundreds/thousands of people both times... thats it. the rest is just trying to take the first avp movie and run with it.
-marines on normal that are shockingly stupid. you literally hiss to lure them to you, they don't even interact with each other, or work together, or notice when their friend has violently been killed feet away. rebellion took the handful of quotes that made Aliens special and shoved them down the throats of [nameless_meatsack_#194]
-and on the same note, you never feel like you are terrifying to them. they don't react with the pants shitting you want or expect. only scientists for harvest do... and they show it by turning their back to you and running around to 2-3 locations in order and for no reason. one actually kills himself... which shows me they at least once accidently stumbled over and then promptly forgot a mechanic to aid this ruined aspect.
-your blood being acid plays zero roll in the game. when preds kill you blood is EVERYWHERE, gushing out all over them... nothing. i understand the limitations, but... i don't understand.
-i won't get into the weakness of the levels really, but one specific moment stands out that sums up the gut wrenching failure that this game possesses. at one point, you are traveling down this vent and in front of you in a vortex/air shaft you see one of your alien friends being lifted up and tearing apart/dying. this however does not exist as a warning letting you know to "find a different way", what this actually means is "look out of the duct downward and lock onto a vent below. then press spacebar to jump THROUGH THE 'DEADLY' WIND and into it, turn around, look down find the next and so on all the way to the bottom... where there is actually no fan, or suction or turbulence". and the fact that the game literally locks you in the room so you can't go back and figure your way around this deadly obstruction shows that they knew the whole concept was a load of crap from the beginning.
-when i think of more, or remember more suppressed memories i'll put them here


-the jumping mechanic is pretty well done, but as noted in other places, it is often confusing why some places can and can't be jumped to. it is handled well enough that it didn't bother me however.
-... the distraction mechanic is neat i guess, but it ruins the immersion in the game i feel.

-the hud is a cluster cuss... you can never quickly identify what is going on, what you need, and what you don't have.
-the controls on the pc are a joke. in order to support the first person melee fighting simulator they tried turding out, you sacrifice every mouse button to execute heavy and light attacks. you literally press middle mouse button to fire your caster or use your special weapons.
-so far no special alien vision, even though it was in the beta... you gotta fight them optically.
-mines are gimmicky... again, just more grave robbing from the second AvP movie - which is the most worthless of the franchises to date imo.
-recharging power off of human power nodes...? ok... why?
-since the preds fight aliens more often then the aliens fight preds the utter shame of the melee/combo system really comes to light. at least with aliens vs humans all they could do was block and shoot you, and while that is stupid enough, when you fight aliens as a pred it makes the whole game a QTE.
-the lock on system for the caster is completely different then the lock on system for jumping, or the lock on system for melee combat. that means there are 3 different keys for locking onto things.
-the cloak disengages only randomly. you can attack while cloaked, but you can't execute a 'stealth kill'... wait what? and you can't harvest power while hidden either?
-looking at enemies shows their weapon and aptitude at ranged combat etc, but none of this information has ever served me in any way other then to clutter up an already hellish HUD
--when i think of more, or remember more suppressed memories i'll put them here

i guess i understand where people might call me out for being hard on the melee system. but there is a reason first person melee games are so rare, and there is an even better reason FAST PACED FPS melee games are even rarer... they don't work, you can't function within their rules fast enough, as it is all chaos. the only way rebellion could pull off this system of rock/paper/scissors was to literally tell the player what to press in order to break the combo of the enemy... and since that simplifies combat down to mindless QTE, it all at once invalidated the precept of value the devs were trying to add.

i am strongly of the opinion that all that this game needed to be was a re-skin engine update of 1 and 2... that is all! taking the fight into the daytime jungle of the movies? why? and even then the jungle had more level boundaries and more limitations then most other games's indoor environments... if this game existed within a jungle engine of say, farcry or crysis then maybe.. but no, not this.

this game above all others in distant memory made me the most angry because i was the most loyal to the franchise. i was excited for this game for years, and the game in some places just looks beautiful. but almost every other aspect of this game destroys it. and its the fact that i can tell they tried that hurts the most.

i still need to finish the pred campaign, and play through the humans, but this is where i stand.

i do think that the marine campaign will be the strongest for a few reasons.

first, the alien campaign is a complete joke with nothing redemptive
second, the pred's isn't looking any better
third, the tension and fear is what brings life to the human experience in these games.

</epic rant>

sorry for that again...
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here is just a bit of what the game is!…
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it is something you will think about for a long time

only see it in 3D

that is all
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just a heads up, our iPhone game "Battle Bears" has just had its 1.5 update clear approval at Apple so over the next few hours it should be hitting the app store!

this update doubles the content and file size of the first game including OpenFeint social integration, End-of-round boss encounters and 5 new weapons!

sooooo much work for such a small deal, i'd appreciate it if you check it out!
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