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So my data ran out 
gonna be inactive 
technically taking two week hiatus but if I can get on and rp I will so 
Hey so 
Commissions are open I guess 

I can do cats (feral) and human halfbodies 
All Digital art. 
Also no nsfw 

25-Gray Points 
Maple by Legally-Vic

Human Busts

50-Yellow Points 
Vic by Legally-Vic

Creampetal by Legally-Vic

Fading Fires Redraw by Legally-Vic

Nightfall by Legally-Vic

Cat headshot- Simple or Transparent Background 
Lineless- 60
Colored Sketch- 30

125- Points 
Crimsonpaw by Legally-Vic

Lightwhisper by Legally-Vic

Milkysneeze by Legally-Vic

Cat fullbody, simple or no background 
200- Joker Points 
Fallen Night by Legally-Vic

8c463984-ba04-44d2-8804-e3ff268deac7 by Legally-Vic

Cat fullbody with detailed background (Plus 15 per character, max of seven)

Comment with a ref+ the kind you want if you want one (I can work off photos, digital art, and traditional art) and drop the points off in my donation box. 

Two more days until I get my drawing tablet! c: 
Think i’ll open commissions a little bit afterward. 
Stay tuned.