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Happy Bithday, Steve Ditko!

A very Happy 86th Birthday to Steve Ditko!

A living comic book legend, who is best known for the co-creation of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.
He also created or co-created the characters like The Question and Captain Atom for Charlton Comics
and The Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, and Hawk and Dove for DC.

He is a retiring and somewhat reclusive artist, who has often shunned interviews and declined public appearances, and prefers to let his work speak for itself.

He has continued producing comics in self-published endeavors, featuring such characters as Mr. A,
Miss Eerie, The Cape, and The Madman.
Many of the editions are available through the Steve Ditko Comics Weblog…
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one of the biggest thrills of my comics carreer as an inker at marvel was inking an issue of speedball over mr.ditko's pencils-met him briefly in the marvel bullpren in the 80's-just an incredible talent!
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Say Eric, you made this, correct?

I actually saw this image online but didn't realize you made it. Very nice piece!

More artists should spotlight Ditko's work. Folks should be aware of his place in comics history! And, he's still working!
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Yes, I couldn't let his Birthday pass without somehow marking the occasion, so I created this collage of Ditko-ness!

I absolutely agree, Javier. 
There should be more awareness of his contributions to the medium, and support for his current endeavors.

While I completely respect his desire for privacy, a part of me wishes that he would make a 'one-time-only' public appearance at a Con or a bookstore, or  Comic Shop.
Just so that he could experience, first-hand, how well-regarded he is by the fans, and just how significant his contributions to comics has been.

Is there any particular issue(s) of his self-published work that you particularly enjoyed, or would recommend that I purchase?
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I know what you mean, as far as having him make some type of appearance. But my understanding of the man is that he's not interested in 'meet and greets'! For him it's more about the producing of the work, then moving on to the next work. He obviously know there's interest in his work (and in him), as he often addresses these 'fans' and their rampant speculation about him, through editorial cartoons he makes. And the recent Kickstarter his co-publisher ran I'm sure tells him that there are still folks out there who enjoy his newest comics.

As far a recommendations? Well, I always go with the adage that every Ditko fan's mileage will vary (regarding showing them recent work!)...

Of his recent 32 page comics (basically one-man anthologies) I've really enjoyed the ones featuring Miss Eerie. But I've enjoyed most of everything from his recent 32 page comics. For collections of his works, try THE DITKO PACKAGE, THE 160 PAGE PACKAGE or the 80 PAGE PACKAGE (Missing Man). Lots of stuff from the late 90s/early 2000s in there. Classic Ditko storytelling.

His recent reprints of LAZLO'S HAMMER and THE PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE definitely give you his more personal take on things.

But for his most recent work, grab about 5 of the new books. DITKO ACT 5, ACT 6, ACT 8, A DITKO #14, etc. I love the seemingly haphazard numbering on all the comics!
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Nice, a new wallpaper for my co workers to say, "who the hell is that guy!  and that guy!"

:)  Very fitting tribute.  I love all his creations. 
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A wonderful homage!
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No Blue Beetle!?
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It wasn't meant to be all-inclusive.
Then I would have had to invite Squirrel Girl!
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Squirrel Girl flying the Bug!
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See.... This is why I need collaborators!
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