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A Green Singing Shark in an Evening Dress by legacyheir A Green Singing Shark in an Evening Dress :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 1 Is dA sending a message? by legacyheir Is dA sending a message? :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 2 2
Mature content
A Portrait of Me, A Century... :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 1
My head feels as if
Anansi Storystealer
wove his nest around
my Third Eye chakra,
using his blankest cloudcord
silk to strangle my
visions.  In my youth,
my indigo Eye could see
hidden worlds behind
this reality.
Laminated numbers showed
their true colors as
monsters above the
corkwood bulletin boards on
the walls of First Grade.
My leafcarpet woods
once bounded with goblins and
expatriate gods,
and my bruiseblack nights
shone with starships and worlds which
only I perceived.
Now, though memories
of memories still remain,
and though dreams trouble
still my sleep, the webs
stifle imagination.
Spiders suck it dry.
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 2
Canada Queen
Borne on a whim and a southbound wind
from a great white north I've never seen -
A smiling maid whose cheer couldn't fade
and who danced straight through all my dreams.
Your pixie-cut hair always went everywhere,
and your eyes, with diamond-like gleam -
so pretty and smart, you kidnapped my heart
and held it ransom, my Canada Queen.
It blew me away when you couldn't stay,
though I knew that much going in.
The time was and right, even though I would fight
to bring you back to my arms again.
But though you had to leave you led me to believe
that Good still exists on this Earth.
And if our paths never cross, all won't be lost -
Our short time restored my missing mirth.
So I bid you "adieu" rather than "I love you -
We all have our secrets to keep.
Though you left me blue, I could never hate you
or the beauty that still drifts through my sleep.
I still feel regret that we couldn't have met
when our friendship could have grown into more -
but if it can't be so, then at least I have known
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 7
Doctor Haiku
Eleventh Doctor
Smart man, loves to have his fun,
but still not ginger.
Amelia Pond
Sexy ginger companion
The Girl who Waited
Rory the Roman
Fell through a crack in space-time,
but he got better.
Keeps Amy's ring close.
Her love, dragged alongside her
The group's buttmonkey.
River Song - "Spoilers."
Her past, the Doctor's future.
Shoots the poor man's hats.
"Hello, Sweetie."  Prison can't
keep her in for long.
The blue box "TARDIS."
borrowed without permission.
Ancient heart, new blood.
The Weeping Angels.
Stone when you see them; killers
when you don't.  "Don't Blink."
"I wear a [blank] now.
[Blanks] are cool."  Bowties, Stetsons,
Fezzes are fashion.
Daleks - killers all.
That plunger is deadly as fuck.
"Exterminate!"  "RUN!"
Sonic Screwdriver
Mechanical fix-it-all
Deus Ex, but who cares?
"Now come along, Pond!
"Time's our wibbly-wobbly pearl!
"Now - Geronimo!"
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 6 4
Meme Mundus
Never have I ever been to "4chan dot org-"
gonna head over and check out /b/ and
give this place a shot- OH GOD IS THAT CALVIN AND HOBBES?
You bastards!  You Anonymous monsters – I'm gonna call
up the Cyber Police on this CP!
Never shall I ever return to that haven for Rule 34.
Gonna head over to the Cheezburgers instead.
Let us see – Lolcatz, Failblogs and Demotivationals – Oh my!
You never know what wonders you'll find to
down-load when you search the internet!
Never have I ever had so much fun as this!
Gonna make some "lulz" of my own now!
Run, children! A wild Pedobear has been seen
around this vicinity,
and – oh, you're safe, Chris Hansen is here, your Christ in the
desert of the internet, where
you never know if the girl you're talking to is really a guy.
Never have I ever watched animated images -
gonna right-click these .gifs for later,
make my own when I have some time.  But I want videos with sound…
You-tube!  Of course!&
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 2 3
Mature content
Blood, Part III :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 3
Mature content
Wowzers :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 4 7
Never Free
The cavern rang out with the sound of steel-on-steel.  The sabres they clashed with were ancient blades, which had gone out of style in ages past, even considering that they hadn't been used in normal combat for the better part of a century.  Their garb, too, told of an earlier time; over two hundred years had passed since it had been the style of the land.
But still, the men fought, never aging, never dying.  Their wounds healed as they were made - even a blade cut through the spine felt the bone, flesh, and nerves knit as soon as the metal had passed through.  A sabre stuck through was pushed out by whatever magic kept the battle going.  The clothes, too, reknit themselves, to the same condition as when they had taken up swords against one another.  Their blades, which should have reduced themselves to shavings of metal, never lost their edge, were never notched but for a second before the enchantment renewed the metal.
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 0 0
Pope Pika I by legacyheir Pope Pika I :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 2 2
Haiku 100413a
Dreams scattered like clouds
Upon starless skies above
Give light to darkness
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 6
break smash crush snap part
     smaller smaller broken down
  not enough glue here
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 2 1
Dev ID Lantern Corp by legacyheir Dev ID Lantern Corp :iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 4 4
Light doth fades and drifts away
Into a sea of void, black.
Vessles skim across this water,
Their captains never turning back.
It's a life they've chosen, this empty sea,
Or so it doth appear.
But to the men who sail it now,
Whispers speak if you'll hear.
Nothing is truly empty.
Nothing is truly a hole.
No vacuum is truly a void.
No man is without his soul.
The abyss they sail on is deep;
The chasm they cross is wide;
But it's a vessel each of us captains
At some desperate time in our lives.
For if this sea we sail not
In our nihilistic moods at night,
We sink into its illusion,
And drift away like the light.
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 1 2
Find Me...
Find me at the end of the world.
Search until you drop
Where your heart is lost
At the end of the world.
I'll meet you at the end of time,
Wait till all the clocks stop,
When days are running on empty
At the end of time.
We'll kiss under the next big bang,
As another world rings the bell
Come Heaven or Hell
Under the next big bang.
:iconlegacyheir:legacyheir 2 1



The One and Only John
United States
Current Residence: A singularity at the edge of madness. The far edge.
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: Working on being my own
Operating System: I am not a surgeon.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Skin of choice: Mine, usually
Personal Quote: Bad things happen to bad people... I'm one of those things.
Yes, I can haz birthday.

I'm 21 now.

Nothing is off limits anymore!!!
  • Reading: Many many things
  • Drinking: Nothing... yet.


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