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Halloween is on the way, and with Americans everywhere putting appropriate paraphernalia, candy, and costumes in stores nationwide, and my mother's workplace even having celebrated a Halloween Day a few days back, let's work on Creepy Castle!

Introduction cutscene

A KaSPLAT, probably Gucci's, emerges from a door in the throne room, shaking beyond belief.

Kremling: Whoa, dude! What happened here?
KaSPLAT: I-I called the queen a g-ginger, r-right to her face.
Kremling: I don't suppose you were forced to watch an extremely raunchy movie of sorts, were you?
KaSPLAT: I-I need t-therapy...

Anyway, welcome to Creepy Castle. Home of some appropriately frightening setpieces, the difficulty might scare you away from 101%ing this game, but most people want to see the entire ending, right?

In DK's lab, you'll find the final move in the game right here.

DK: I'm so sorry you had to wait for this one. It was worth it, though, right, {name}? You and the others can now hit the red switches too! I'm terribly sorry, this is all I have. But you can come here if you want your Crystal Coconuts refilled!

Every subsequent time you come back...

DK: Hello again. Sorry, I'm all out of potions for the time being. Oh, would you like a free restock of Crystal Coconuts? Here you go!

And Barry and Jeffy's Armory holds the Sniper Scope.

Barry: Hey, you're back! Would you like my special Sniper Scope for just 9 coins?
Jeffy: It's kind of mandatory, so you have to accept.
Barry: Anyway, here you go! In first-person mode, just press C➡ or C⬅ to zoom in or out. You can hold Z in first-person mode for 10 seconds to toggle the Scope now!
Jeffy: That way, it won't be permanent! It'll make any bananas you may have missed much easier to get!

Every subsequent time you come back...

Barry: Oh, we're so sorry, we're all out of new upgrades to your weapons.
Jeffy: Don't worry, refills are on the house!

Laurie is also here to provide you with the last upgrade.

Laurie: Hi! You're ready for my 9-coin upgrade, yes? Your instrument is now packed with extra power, meaning you can use it a lot more before you can come back to me! Well, that's all you'll be getting from me. See you around!

Every subsequent time you come back...

Laurie: What'd I say? I'm out of upgrades! However, I'm more than happy to refill you guys up.

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. First up, you can find a creepy dungeon filled with all sorts of goodies. Of course, the crypt should be where one such goodie is located. In Tri's section of the crypt, he'll be able to find bouncy walls made of pulsating flesh! There's a Mighty Flyer pad that'll let Tri whirlwind around and bounce all over the place, hitting each wall about 3 times each to make the banana appear.
  2. There's another dungeon here too. Within the second dungeon, Tri's objective is to SUPER DUPER Simian Slam three different pads in a Simon Says-like manner. Do it right to claim your prize! (Candy's hint: "I bet Tri loves memory puzzles.")
  3. The museum is home to a Reflective Perspective thing! Pop on into the side of the glass that used to be home to the Pillar that Does Nothing and hop on inside the hole. I guess this is where the minecart game has been moved to. "Squawk! I'm much braver than Squawks, but are you much braver than DK? Well, let's see if you can grab at least 25 coins here. Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! Have fun, but be mindful of the gravestones. I've also heard that a demon lives in this track, so watch out for him! Bwark!" Yep, Tawks is right. That demon DK had come across last time is back and just as ready to anger fundamentalist Christian parents as ever! Dodge his sparkling fists and army of flaming fire skulls and you're all set. And just like last time, the ride pulls a Mr. Freeze and forces you to do it again, but backwards! If you lose: "Squawk! So close... Sounds like you need to be wary of where the gravestones pop up and where the demon will punch. Bwark!" If you win: "Squawk! Hooray! You've done it! Braving the scary minecart course wins you a banana! Bwark!"
  4. Inside the tree trunk is a Welcome to Bonus Stage at the end of the watery hole. It contains Peril Path Panic!.
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the museum.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is home to a huge casket. Sword Barge it open to reveal a bony miniboss encounter! This giant skeleton takes around 7 Sword Barges to collapse and you've got your banana!
  2. The second dungeon has a Welcome to Bonus Stage at the end of the Sabrina-like maze. Fortunately, it's Teetering Turtle Trouble!. (Candy's hint: "Randy needs to find his way around the teleportation pads!")
  3. The ballroom has something special for you. Inside you'll fight off a bunch of skeleton Kremlings and bedsheet Kremlings. After they're done with, you're greeted by a Kopter carrying a banana. Shoot the bastard down and it's yours!
  4. There are five targets you need to hit with the Calamitous Cannon. Fortunately they're all fairly close to the top, thereby saving you precious Crystal Coconuts. Success means a cloudy staircase to the highest point in the castle, where there's a banana just waiting for you!
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is in the tree trunk, where all the bats are.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. Inside the first dungeon's crypt, it seems over time someone changed the long hallway into a precarious platforming puzzle by cutting out most of the floor and filling it with acid! Use your Primate Pounce to make it to the other side, which has those same Hover Vines over a pit of some more acid. Cross them to reach the Welcome to Bonus Stage which contains Krazy Kong Klamour!.
  2. The second dungeon is home to a Partners in Time-like puzzle. You're on a boat with a SUPER DUPER Simian Slam pad that flashes arrows of 8 different directions. Slam it once to get it moving in the direction you slammed it on, and again to stop. The twist is that it's sort of a maze with lots of enemies. There are also some spots where you can stop and recover, even a few bananas here and there. The banana is on the other end of the maze! Good luck!
  3. The greenhouse is home to a small cloud with green eyes. "Oh, Cody... I hope you can find me with your barrel move." The Sparks Fly barrel is right next to you, thank the Banana Fairies, and the cloud is on the other end of the maze. You have around 30 seconds to find the cloud, but I think you can find him/her with 8 remaining. Zap him/her: "Thank you, Cody! You're the best! Let me work my magic on these hedges." He/she begins creating a thunderstorm on the hedges and causes a banana to appear!
  4. Next up is a tall tower. There's mercifully NO Beaver Bother!, but instead, there's a switch with a lightning symbol on it. Rid the room of fake ghosts and a Sparks Fly barrel will appear! Zap the switch to open the wind tunnel. Fortunately, Cody's light enough that he doesn't need to inflate to fly up there. (Candy's hint: "Reach the banana with the power of lightning and wind!")
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the ballroom.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is home to not those hands from last time. Instead, you have this lost, adventurous little brown-eyed ferret thing with a bowtie. "Help! I can't remember how I got up here! Can you help me down?" Primate Platforms your way to the little guy and approach him to have him tag along for the moment. "Please, help me out, Gucci... I wanna get down from here!" Fortunately, the Primate Platforms doesn't dissipate the moment you transition out of the move. Help this adorable ferret get to the bottom of this path you created: "Oh, thank you thank you thank you! You've been such a big help! Have my banana!"
  2. The second dungeon sees you with a big plank of wood. Great opportunity to Tempest Twist! Cross your newly created bridge and play the Welcome to Bonus Stage, which contains Stash Snatch!.
  3. Now go to the trash can. Gucci can't shrink, but he can knock the lid over with Funnel Fury! He hops on in via a conspicuous mushroom and only has around a minute to dispatch the flies inside or it's lights out for him and he has to try again. This might be because he handles bad odors even worse than his mother did. Plus, your Tuba Tumble is disabled. Complete it and you get the banana!
  4. Gucci has something to do in the library. Maybe he's a bookworm. There's a book miniboss you can defeat for your banana!
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is on the highest point of the castle.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is full of invisible traps. You'll have to sniff your way across this invisible maze to claim the banana.
  2. The second dungeon has a huge bullseye that you have to shoot at 4 times to spawn the Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Teetering Turtle Trouble!.
  3. Inside the library, there's no book miniboss. Instead, have a book maze! Fortunately, there's an X-Ray Eyes barrel to help you pick out the fake walls, which is the only way to get to the banana. (Candy's hint: "Did you know that some mazes have fake walls?")
  4. Cherry can hop on inside the tree trunk, destroy it with grenades, and use a Sniper Scope puzzle to release a caged miniboss. It's identical in appearance to that Randy miniboss from Fungi Forest, but it's mobile and requires grenades to destroy for real this time! Destroy it to claim your banana.
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is near the gateway portal.

Kerrie's question: Creepy Castle

Which arcade classic is the song you hear in this stage based off of?
"Donkey Kong" "Mario Bros"

Banana Fairy locations

1: Inside the tree trunk, after Cherry defeats the miniboss
2: Inside the greenhouse, after you get your banana

Boss fight: Resident Demon

Pitted against: Tri
Arena: Identical to the course you rode through, but your minecart is equipped with a cannon and there are no coins or gravestones to worry about
Hits to take down: 9

Yet again the boss is upgraded from a cardboard version of K.Rimson to this thing! The fight resembles a mix between what went down in the museum and Glitzem Grotto's secondary boss. Luckily, you don't get booted out of the fight because there's a bouncy shroom blocking the door until you beat this thing.

Introduction cutscene: Tri gets into a minecart. Sadly, Tawks isn't back. Fortunately, he installs a cannon into his minecart. Then, the demon-thing appears!

Fortunately, you can now do more than avoid the demon's sparkling fists. Press Z to fire a cannonball and hope the demon isn't blocking his face! Every 3 hits he'll get meaner and nastier with his behavior and block his face more often, as evidenced by him turning redder than before. One final hit and kaboom! He explodes into a fury of green smoke and sparkles and you've got your key! It cuts to you exiting the minecart area once you get the key.
My dream last night involved moldy Q-Tips and maybe even a few Robot Masters here and there.
I had a bunch of terrible dreams last night. The first of which involved me being thrown around, but the rest didn't happen until after I had satisfied my hunger with the last of my birthday cake. They were really weird.
My Wii U wouldn't turn off, but when I "woke up", the lights were on and my sister was there, so I woke up for real and yep, the lights were off and I was the only one in my bedroom!
A winged dog, a few video games that totaled to 2,000 dollars, a shop that was open for 99 hours, 99 minutes, and 99 seconds...
A nap-dream this time, and I had this really bizarre one. It kept involving water, electric circuits made with construction paper, a game known as Electric Nurse which had been in production since the early 1960s, and of course, the end of the dream, where a man rubbed powder Ramen on someone's boob. A running theme was voices in one's head, and the girl said she had "other heads in her more head" (I think she meant to say other heads in her main head), thus introducing Esker, her etsy.
These things were in my dream last night.
  • Chinese Mung Daal
  • Sex
  • Games that resemble from Fifth Cell
  • Puzzle about cars and dead ends
  • New pants
My dream last night involved games, TV, not to mention this bit at the end where this big black dog didn't like me very much and decided to bite me by jumping over the counter, even though the larger a dog is, the less sociopathic he/she gets to be.
Oh boy, we're getting into difficult territory now! Despite Tropers calling this place easy, keep your guard up for the tricky samey-looking interiors of the cave. Better have a walkthrough guide handy, lest you get lost and swim towards the wrong waterfall!

Introduction cutscene

The cutscene begins with Bear Armstrong opening the viewing thingy.

Bear Armstrong: Are you responsible for giving me such a terrible, primitive strategy? That sweet girl Kong is a lot craftier than she looks!
K.Rimson: Oh...! What you're given is what you'll use. What seems to be the problem?
Bear Armstrong: Don't you see, Mistress? My paws hurt beyond belief, and a tree branch was shoved in my face! Owww!

The viewing thing closes.

One thing you'll notice, is that the peaceful music isn't interrupted every 2 or 3 minutes by a spell of stalactites that rains down from the ceiling. This is a hint for later, okay?

The final wave of proper moves is here, and it starts with Sparks Fly.

DK: Alright, your moveset's all finished up! Hop into a barrel with your face, and your electrifying new powers are sure to shock any foes in your way! Be wary of your Crystal Coconuts, though. Might I suggest something in Fungi Forest to test your new ability?

Then, we have Funnel Fury.

DK: Hold Z and press B to create a mini-tornado! You'd be surprised as to what can happen.

And finally, Rain Maker.

DK: Harness the power of weather by pressing Z on my pad with your face! Sometimes bananas will hide in clear weather.

You can go to Barry and Jeffy for a further increase in ammo.

Barry: Hey guys, I hope you like your new 200-ammo belt.
Jeffy: You also should give the Kongs more oranges.
Barry: Right!

And Laurie should give you 4 more HP.

Laurie: I've given you each one more melon. Now you can withstand more enemy fire until you surrender! Sadly, I can't upgrade your health any further. But what I can do, is increase the amount of times you can play your instrument.

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. The cabin is home to a huge mirror that spans the entire back wall. Pop inside for a surprise! It's a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Teetering Turtle Trouble!.
  2. Inside the igloo is also a Reflective Perspective area, but it doesn't look it. What makes it poppable is the floor. Duck and press B to pop on the other side. Bad news? The same spiky maze from before is here. Good news? You can stop time, thereby making the 46-year-early deaths almost completely moot. The banana is yours! (Candy's hint: "Tri can also traverse through mirrors on the floor.")
  3. Fortunately, there's no other obnoxious cabin. Instead, you Super Simian Slam into a hole where the cabin used to be. Inside is a maze of precarious edges, so make sure not to fall off. At the other end of the maze is a box, which you need to Super Simian Slam for the banana.
  4. Elsewhere in the caves, you can find a Mighty Flyer pad. Somewhere within its vicinity is another banana!
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is near DK's lab.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. The cabin is much more forgiving on Randy, but still quite challenging. It's like bowling, but with grenades and Klobbers. Your goal is to kill the Klobbers within 3 hits or less. Doing it right triggers the banana, but missing makes the GET OUT thing happen.
  2. He also has something to do in the igloo. You have to Sword Barge the correct sequence of numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: to get the banana. Hitting one in the wrong order or after you get your banana spawns some enemies and a few banana balloons. (Candy's hint: "Randy's sword is also useful for simple counting."
  3. Sky Diving is also a possibility for him. Doing it right will open a secret section of the cave only he and Cody have anything to do in. Inside this cave within a cave, Randy has a Welcome to Bonus Stage. Inside is Kremling Kosh!.
  4. Fortunately, Randy also has no other cabin. Instead, have a challenge similar to what Cherry did back at Frantic Factory.
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is near where Lanky's cabin used to be.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. Cody's cabin (now where Diddy's second cabin used to be) is the perfect opportunity to test out his new electrifying power. More electric than a sequel's boogaloo, he powers a small minigame from within the cabin. Match With Grapefruits! This time, you match character faces and not various sounds heard in the game. On this 5-by-4 board, you match the faces of both D-Krews, new and old. The board is randomized each time you play, so don't trust other playthroughs. Correctly do it and the banana is yours!
  2. Inside the igloo, you can find three pictures of Kaptain K.Rool. Shoot the one you think looks different from the other two (hint: look for the one whose tricorn has a slightly but noticeably larger symbol) and you're rewarded with a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Stash Snatch!. (Candy's hint: "Spot the difference with Cody's Grapefruit Bomb.")
  3. That cave that Randy opened contains a Grapefruit Bomb switch that leads to a minecart. "Squawk! Hey, these gems are awfully pretty, no? Well try to get 50 coins and you win. Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! Also, beware of TNT! Bwark!" Hectic banjos are heard in this track, and you have to dodge the falling Kabooms. This is somewhat difficult! Losing has Tawks express his disappointment thusly: "Squawk! Sounds like you need a little more game. Dodge the TNT a little faster by turning! Bwark!" But if you win: "Squawk! You're amazing! Here, take it. The banana's all yours! Bwark!"
  4. There are ladders on the big ice castle now. Climb the one that leads to the top, shoot the switch, and-- Wait, is that Tiny?? "Oh, hi Cody. I just discovered this slide, and now you can race me to the bottom with 50 coins in tow, can you? Use the joystick to steer yourself, push forward to speed up, and pull back to slow down. Press A to jump and now you can press B to stop completely, but use it wisely! Here I go, ready to kick your butt!" Refreshingly, she starts adjacent to you, but at the cost of making you lose 3 coins now if you hit her. If you lose: "You may be fast, but better luck next time." If you fall off (PAL exclusive): "Remember - stay on the slide, like me." If you win with 49 coins or fewer: "Nice job, but I'd suggest not bumping into me as much." If you win: "Great job! Here's your banana - you've earned it!"
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is near his cabin.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. The cabin is home to a bundle of wood planks in front of a large hole. Funnel Fury somehow puts them into place. Don't ask why they don't just fall down the hole... Anyway, the hole was separating you from a Welcome to Bonus Stage, and now you can get it. It leads to Minecart Mayhem!. (Candy's hint: "Gucci may not have any means to spin and glide for long distances, but he can blow down planks of wood.")
  2. Inside the igloo lies a banana, but it's too high to reach normally. Instead, Primate Platforms is key!
  3. If you Primate Platforms up to the highest area of the cave, you'll find a lone Kosha club that's abnormally large and covered in moss. Pressing B in front of it prompts Gucci to attempt to lift the thing. He's small, like his mother, so he ultimately fails. What's accomplished, though, is the handle breaking off, revealing a banana! After this, though, the screen rumbles while angered Kosha noises are heard momentarily.
  4. Somewhere in the ice igloo castle is a horde of Gnawties that you have to stave off. Then there's a drove of Zingers, then a group of Armies, and finally, your banana.
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is near the ice castle.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. The cabin has a small palm-like sapling. Near it is a Rain Maker pad. Creating rainclouds to grow the tree prompts you to climb it and claim your banana!
  2. The igloo, surprisingly, is not home to a Chunky who is strapped to an exploding barrel. Instead, we've got a bunch of those shades-toting fireball-men. Punching them hurts you, so don't do it. Instead, there's an invisible Rain Maker pad which you have to sniff for! The rain douses the fireball-men, giving you your banana.
  3. Take a detour to the one part of Crystal Caves that is actually a crystal cave. Inside is a series of mirror-like walls that showcase your reflection, only one is different-looking than the other two. Attack the one you think is different (hint: look for a reflection that has slightly darker trim on her camisole), and it triggers a miniboss fight against a shapeshifting ghost! This works exactly like Dark Link or the Amiibo feature from Smash Bros 4, in that the fake Cherry learns your attack patterns and adapts her AI based off of that. It'll take around 5 hits to disintegrate her into dust and you've got your banana! (Candy's hint: "One of Cherry's reflections is not what it seems...")
  4. Next up is a boulder you need to carry to the appropriately-marked switch. It'll grow huge, should you place it there! Roll it the other way, onto where DK's KaSPLAT had been, and it'll explode and turn into your banana. If you roll it off in this embiggened state, you're lucky, because it respawns already grown!
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is near Bananaport 1B.

Kerrie's question: Crystal Caves

What kind of enemy was responsible for the periodic stalactite storms?
"Gnawty" "Kosha"

Banana Fairy locations

1: On the wooden plank bridge
2: On top of the igloo

Also, begins a new segment. I hadn't covered the bosses from Jungle Japes to Fungi Forest because they were already covered in this  We're the New Kremlings! by Legacy-Galaxy image. Now seems like an appropriate time.

Boss fight: Kilo-Kosha

Pitted against: Gucci

Arena: Large circular arena with lava at all sides
Hits to take down: 6

That's right, what I've frequently called the Kosha of Unusual Size, or rather, a ghostly version thereof, has been upgraded to a boss in the game! Referred to in at least one strategy guide as Kilo-Kosha, he's introduced thusly.

Introduction cutscene: Interestingly enough, you're given control over Gucci right away! The cutscene only begins once you go close to the edge of the lava moat. Right about then, a rumbling sound is heard, scaring Gucci. A huge ghostly Kosha appears from the center, prompting Gucci to turn around and face the undead beast. This is Kilo-Kosha. Certainly more promising than a rematch with Torrance as Tri, am I right!?

Kilo-Kosha attacks by ramming into the wall. After a while, he'll stop to take a ghostly breather, leaving him open for a couple of horseshoes. This process will repeat until the third hit has concluded. Kilo-Kosha will then dunk himself into some lava, coming out as a giant undead golem made from the same dark greyish brown rocks and cyan crystals that compose the caves! He'll spawn in a similarly-crafted club from the same lava moat. He'll create stalactite storms using this club and, since the storms are always programmed to follow Gucci, you'll have to position him near Kilo-Kosha. That hurts him, and you need to do this two more times before his stone body crumbles in defeat and his ghost flies away. Upon grabbing the key, the lava cools down.
I don't know why Tiny's boss was before Lanky's, considering on the Tag Barrel and in the final boss, Lanky came before Tiny.

Introduction cutscene

K.Rimson's bored, once again.

K.Rimson: I need some entertainment.

She opens the viewing thingy to find Cody messing with some Kremlings.

K.Rimson: Perfect, he's outnumbered!

Suddenly, Cody then finds a Cody Cloned pad and stands on it, joined by a second Cody.

Cody: Hey guys! Which one's the real Cody?
Kremlings: Um... *points to the one on the right* That one?
Cody: Wrong!

Both Codies gang up on the poor Kremlings.

K.Rimson: My men may be pretty stupid, but at least I'm entertained!

Fungi Forest retains its gimmick of walking between night and day. They're even activated by weapons. The main passageways are all open though.

And now that you've gotten 15 Banana Medals to show to DK...

DK: Alright! Sweet, now you can play my Jet-Pac game! I have it emulated because the original was lost to time, of course, but you can have a go anyway. Get to 5,000 points and the coin is yours!

Get the coin and...

DK: Great job! You've earned this one, {name}! Alright, I'll shut up about the games.

The move you get in Fungi Forest is, again, Super Simian Slam.

DK: Listen to this, {name}! I've upgraded you and your pals so that you can hit the blue switches now.

Laurie is absent from Fungi Forest. Don't know why. But Barry and Jeffy sure aren't!

Barry: What's up, {name}? Jeffy says he'd like to show you something cool.
Jeffy: It's only 5 coins to purchase it!
Barry: Congratulations on your homing ammo! You'll now be able to home in on enemies and switches as long as you find a few red crates around here.
Jeffy: And I've also updated the old formula here! You can now switch between regular and homing at any time by pressing Z rapidly 3 times when you're in first-person. Have fun!

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. First off, is the shed in the blue tunnel. The number used to activate the conveyor belt has been changed from 21132 to 31241, and due to Tri lacking any means to pull levers, he now has to hit four Simian Slam switches marked with numbers in the right order. Fortunately, this banana is day-exclusive rather than night-exclusive.
  2. At night, you can access a shack surrounded by poisonous brambles. There's a Mighty Flier pad which'll make Tri into a living lawnmower, chopping down all the brambles that stand in his way! When you're done, you're invariably hurt, though. You were touching poisonous brambles! Now you can safely hit the Super Simian Slam pad to go inside! Inside is another banana, but it keeps moving from side to side. It's unobtainable while in motion like that, so use the Put on Pause barrel to stop it in its tracks and grab it. (Candy's hint: "Tri can spin around wildly and chop down plants in the way.")
  3. There are Mighty Flier pads in the areas with the tall grass, which he can mow like this. Saves you the trouble of having a Rainbow Coin hidden for years. A spot near DK's lab contains a banana!
  4. The giant mushroom contains a banana that's only there for around 6 seconds, even if you shoot the spot with everyone's ammo and open up the cannons. Perfect spot to use Put on Pause, because the cannons work even with time stopped!
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the shack that he goes into.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. At night, Randy can access two different kinds of shacks. The first night shack is the winch room, and just outside is a banana far too high for Randy to reach. This time, it's the up winch that's been broken, and the down winch is needed to lower the banana. "Squawk! Try shooting at the red button up top. Bwark!" Now you can make sweet, sweet music on your little tambourine to release the banana!
  2. The other shack is home to some precarious platforming. Shoot the Fig Caber switch directly above you to summon some Zingers holding torches for easier platforming! The Welcome to Bonus Stage that awaits you at the end is Minecart Mayhem!.
  3. There's now a thick wall of concrete where Lanky's KaSPLAT used to be. Hop into a Calamitous Cannon barrel to destroy the concrete and claim your banana!
  4. The giant mushroom has a bit of a problem regarding a Venus Fly-Trap up top, so feed it cannonballs. It'll take 8 cannonballs to explode the plant and give you a banana. (Candy's hint: "Randy's cannon is perfect for exterminating dangerous plants.")
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is hanging out next to Oddball's House.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. At night, the shack is open for business again! Cody's part of the shack contains a Super Simian Slam pad. Hit it to release a lone Rekoil, who's holding a banana. Chase him around the shack and hit him 5 times to claim your prize. Remember, the exit's on top of that bag of flour.
  2. Go through the log tunnel during the day and you'll find that the carrot and bunny are gone. In their place is a small wooden shed and a certain Hell of a guy. Serenade him during the day and he's more than happy to challenge you to a race: "H-hello, friend Cody. Chunky d-doesn't like night, b-but more than happy to race you in daylight. Collect 10 coins during obstacle course and beat me for banana, okay?" The race should be easy enough, since he's Chunky, he's slow, but there are a few enemies here and there who'll take away coins if you hit them. If you lose: "Chunky faster than you thought! Race again?" If you win with 9 coins or fewer: "Good job, but Chunky still need 10 coins." If you win: "Whew! Chunky rusty from not doing much since last adventure... You win. Take banana and have fun." (Candy's hint: "The area with the falling leaves is home to a familiar face Cody can come across.")
  3. Next up on Cody's banana agenda is a power generator within the heart of the forest, but I think he'll need to go to Crystal Caves first for that.
  4. Again, the giant mushroom has some stuff for Cody. The Super Simian Slam pad opens up a doorway to a room with bouncy mushrooms and fast Zingers. They have to be killed for the Welcome to Bonus Stage to appear. Going inside reveals Peril Path Panic!.
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the mushroom on the ground floor.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. In the shed is a night-exclusive area for Gucci to get into. During the day, and if you're playing as someone else, it's blocked by a web. Inside is a spider who looks remarkably like whatever species Squitter is, and in fact resembles a smaller version of Arich. She just became a mother, seeing as if you look up before starting this miniboss you can see that she has a huge egg sac. Standing in the dead center of the web triggers a miniboss fight with Arich Jr, whose eggs will hatch into 4 droves of little baby spiders. Rather than those Kevin Bayliss noises, Arich Jr will let out these strange roars. Each drove consists of 5 baby spiders, and they only take one hit to kill. Arich Jr waits on standby, occasionally spitting out blobs of web that hurt you upon contact, until all 20 baby spiders are done for. She then barges toward you, chasing you around the webby arena. She's impervious to weapons and standard melee, so throw grenades at her and claim your banana!
  2. The next thing on Gucci's banana agenda is to hop in the tree trunk. Luckily, due to Gucci not being able to shrink, the opening is much wider. Inside is a Primate Platforms barrel. Create a path to the Welcome to Bonus Stage, which is blocked by a mold-like miniboss. Lob 14 horseshoes at it to kill it and play the minigame. It contains Busy Barrel Barrage!. Fortunately, when you complete it, there's another one next to it, so you can take the cannon.
  3. Next up is to climb up the now-titanic beanstalk. It leads to a cloudy area that's home to the Banana Bird Queen! The music that plays is a 64-bit remix of the Mama Bird theme from Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. "Why, hello, Gucci. I see you've made it up here by yourself, yes? Follow me using your barrel and I'll give you a prize." What she means is, use Primate Platforms to follow the Queen to the banana. "I think you deserve this prize for being so diligent!" (Candy's hint: "Someone lies at the top of the beanstalk that Gucci may recognize in tales told by Dixie.")
  4. And of course, the giant mushroom is home to a banana that's at the tippy-top of the mushroom.
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is on top of the giant mushroom.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. Cherry can grab some giant metal barrels and put them onto the conveyor belt, but only if she plays the flute and Tri has done the thing. The third one contains a banana!
  2. Inside the green tunnel lies some angry tomatoes. This time, they're vulnerable to her when she's not big! The Cherry Mini-Grenade can blow these tomatoes into a sweetened reduction, granting you a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Batty Barrel Bandit!, but this is the only one in the game!
  3. Next on the list is, of course, the minecart. "Squawk! You ready for this, Cherry? Grab 50 coins and make it to the end! Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! Watch out for the bell-activated gates and all this stuff falling over, though. Bwark!" Less than 50 coins nets you with this message: "Squawk! You're an amazing minecart driver, but don't forget about the 50 coins! Bwark!" If you succeed: "Squawk! You won this banana! Here, take it! It's all yours! Bwark!"
  4. The giant mushroom has a cup and ball puzzle. Only this time, the "ball" is a banana and the "cups" are barrels, as per Donkey Kong fashion. (Candy's hint: "Can Cherry use her memorization skills? Watch the banana closely!")
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is in the area with the angry tomatoes.

Kerrie's question: Fungi Forest

What is the main attraction of Fungi Forest?
Answers: "A giant mushroom" "A giant tree-clock"

Banana Fairy locations

1: In the giant mushroom
2: Inside Tri's portion of the shed, after making the conveyor belt move

In Frantic Factory, Funky's shop was just a tunnel with a few decorations. But let's leave that aside, because the next part of the dream involves some sort of food-based event going on! Delicious, amazing food! Custard and chocolate cake! It was part of something that alternated between "Pretty Precure Preppy" and "Miss Madame Mirage", while a Left 4 Dead-based animation was playing in the background. I think then, Mario made a reference to the infamous Marco pasta by creating the formula using various wildly-misspelled objects, one of which is a microwave filled with lightbulbs. I think dream!me found that super hilarious, seeing as I was laughing super-hard in the dream, but evidently not in real life.
My most recent dream involved the family dogs, especially the Boston Terrier of the bunch. At one point she growled angrily, and her yawning made me yawn in unison with her. Donkey Kong 64 was also involved, though I'd erroneously dreamt up the fact that you would encounter Army Dillo in a cave within Jungle Japes rather than his own little arena.
Fortunately, the only changes to the world order are Angry Aztec and Gloomy Galleon.

Introduction cutscene

It's just two Kremlings talking about what they should do.

Kremling 1: I'm feeling kind of bored. Since the Kongs appear to be succeeding, how about we set up more traps for them to fall into?
Kremling 2: Aha! Yeah, that's it. How about a pile of bananas in front of a net? When the Kongs approach the bananas...
Kremling 1: No, no, no, that's just too substandard. We need somethings more original. A distraction. That way, the Kongs'll never know what hit them!

Then, K.Rimson shows up on the scene.

K.Rimson: I see you guys slacking off! Aren't you supposed to be helping with the Main Drain?
Kremlings: Oh, so sorry, Your Highness!

They run off and get straight to work.

Frankly, I don't know why the order the Kongs fought the bosses in was screwed up so that Tiny was before Lanky last time.

Fortunately, all the temples are already readily accessed. Inside the cage where the llama had been trapped, you'll find Cherry.

Cherry: Gucci, where are you? I really need your help...

Laurie will also increase the amount of times you're able to play music.

Laurie: Hey, {name}, you're eligible for a 5-coin upgrade! Ready for this, {name}? Now you can play your instrument more times! Just don't forget about the headphones or me, of course.

Barry and Jeffy can increase your ammo and grenade count, too.

Barry: Hey, {name}, you can now get an ammo upgrade for just 5 coins!
Jeffy: Also, throw in a free orange upgrade too.
Barry: How about it, {name}? You're now able to use your weapon more times! Just be mindful of the very plentiful ammo crates, and me, of course.
Jeffy: What about the oranges?
Barry: Oh right, those.

And when you visit DK's lab...

DK: Oh, there you are, {name}! I see you already got 10 Banana Medals! I take it you're ready to play my personal Donkey Kong Jr arcade game? The winner gets the Nintendo Coin!

If you lose, you're greeted with this message.

DK: Come on, I did better on the DK arcade than you did here! Wanna try again?

If you forfeit, leave, and come back...

DK: Please play my game. It'll really do you a favor!

If you win...

DK: Congratulations! You've won the Nintendo Coin! Now come back when you guys have 15 Banana Medals!

And now that you've rescued Cherry, you get two moves from DK! The first of which being X-Ray Eyes.

DK: If you see my barrel with your face on it, be sure to hop in inside and you'll be able to see anything, even how many Crystal Coconuts you have leftover!

Right after that is Nosy Navigation.

DK: Your nose is more sensitive than it looks! Hold down Z and press B to start sniffing away at stuff, and let go of Z if you want to stop sniffing.

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. In what was formerly known as the Llama Home, Tri can find a Welcome to Bonus Stage that's locked up where Lanky'd been held hostage. The Peach Pit Automatic gets you in there really quickly, and you get Minecart Mayhem! once you hop inside. Fortunately, the minecarts shouldn't change paths as much during this version of the minigame.
  2. The hot quicksand just in front of the door where there used to be a Stealthy Snoop! is now paved over! You can now walk across it safely to get a surprise visit from Snide: "Greetings! My name is Snide. So, you say you're the son of Donkey and Candy? You've been gathering blueprints and giving them to my son, yes? I'd like you to bring me a spare part for my latest invention." The screen pans to a gear hiding away in the initial tunnel. "If you can get it, I'll give you a banana!" A Peach Pit Automatic switch will appear. Grabbing the gear will prompt Tri to say this: "Great! Now to go bring this back to Snide." Return the gear to Snide: "Awesome! Great job! I think you deserve this banana! Well, off I go!" (Candy's hint: "Tri already knows Oddball, so he should get along fine with the person who raised Oddball.")
  3. Once you get into said room, there's a small mini-room inside of it that's home to a Simian Slam pad. Down the hallway will appear a banana, but only for 10 seconds. It'll take a lot longer than 10 seconds to reach the banana, so use the convenient Put on Pause barrel.
  4. The main temple of course has a banana! Be quick on your joystick, though, because collecting the banana results in the notorious GET OUT voice and a 30-second timer.
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the room where the llama used to be.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. The monkey temple no longer has Tiny held captive. In her place is another Welcome to Bonus Stage. Correctly spell out "KONG" with your Sword Barge and you get to play it, and it has Stash Snatch! inside!
  2. Diddy had met with a vulture, so go to the spot where that happened and you'll find Snide there! "Hey, Randy! You up for a race on my latest invention? I've set a 10-coin requirement, so don't be hasty. Use the joystick to move, but be careful about the inverted controls when moving up and down! And as a bonus, if you win, I'll have a golden banana ready for you!" The course is lined with long winding temple hallways and boxes on propellers. If you lose: "Awww, better luck next time. Wanna race again?" If you win with 9 coins or fewer: "Lost some coins on the way, didn't you? Maybe flying more will help you avoid those boxes." If you win: "Nice work! I guess I have no choice but to give you this banana." (Candy's hint: Randy may also pop in for a visit with someone he knows.")
  3. The platform surrounding the spinning statue has gotten bigger. You can Simian Slam the pad to make the statue stop facing you and say "FEED ME", and use the bouncy shroom to hop inside the statue's mouth. Inside is four giant, mutated, moldy peanuts. They're impervious to normal attacks, so hop inside a Calamitous Cannon barrel to destroy them and claim your banana!
  4. Randy's temple banana requires you to leave in 25 seconds or fewer.
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is in the indoor pool.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. The monkey temple's also home to another Welcome to Bonus Stage that's summoned by a Simian Slam pad. In it is Kremling Kosh!.
  2. The other temple has not those matching monkey heads from last time, but instead, some Hover Vines leading to where the gaping hole now is. Inside this giant room is an entire two bananas' worth of stuff to do! The first requires you to use Vocal Violence on the appropriate pad, in which Tawks appears, holding a banana: "Squawk! Hey, I found you a banana! Nice notes over there. Bwark!"
  3. Also in said room is a minigame, involving a now-ironically-named (due to the passage of time) Kiddy and his boombox. "Hi, Cody. I set up a game in case you arrived here. Copy my movements using the C buttons and I'll give you my banana!" The minigame plays identically to PaRappa the Rapper, mostly because I imagine an adult Kiddy Kong to be voiced by the man who voices PaRappa himself. You can only miss cues 6 times in this sudden musical sequence: "Good dancing skills, but I need you to follow my timing more." If you win: "Amazing! With your dancing skills, you could replace me someday! Only kidding, but you're a natural!" (Candy's hint: "Cody is an amazing singer, but is he as good a dancer?")
  4. 25 seconds to leave the main temple after you grab your banana from there! If you come back, you'll be met by the ominous warning again if you set foot in the first merge again.
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the room where the matching monkey heads used to be.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. Approach Cherry to make her say this: "Head inside the nearest building. There'll be something to help you save me!" The monkey temple no longer has the bite-sized KlapTraps, but in their place, head to the monkey faces that protrude their tongues when you Simian Slam. Navigate them correctly to find a Tuba Tumble that opens the cage that Cherry was in: "It's so refreshing to be free! Thanks, Gucci. My banana color is pink. Really suits me! I-I have to go back to the Tag Barrel..."
  2. The other temple is home to those kissing snake things. Make them un-kiss by unleashing the mighty power of a Tuba Tumble and the banana is yours!
  3. Use Primate Platforms to go over to where Tiny had raced a certain purple-and-green rejected Jet Force Gemini character design (thankfully the hole should be a lot bigger) and you'll be greeted by Tiny herself, looking like she does in Diddy Kong Racing DS onwards: "Oh, Gucci! What a surprise to see you here! See this slide? I know it from memory, but can you beat me to the bottom with 50 coins in tow? I'll give you a banana for succeeding. Use the joystick to steer yourself, push forward to speed up, and pull back to slow down. Press A to jump and now you can press B to stop completely, but use it wisely! I believe it's time to race now, and I'll kick your butt!" Tiny's just as brash in her adult years as she was during her youth, but she's more fair than that bleedin' beetle. For instance, hitting her will only cost you 1 coin rather than 3. Fortunately, her voice grew up with her body, as evidenced by the sounds she makes being lower pitched Eveline Novakovic noises than when she was directly responsible for saving DK Isle. If you lose: "Good try, but I still win!" If you fall off (PAL exclusive): "You fell off? Now you know how I felt when I was a kid myself." If you win, but have 49 coins or fewer: "You beat me, but you'll need more coins if you want that banana." If you win: "Nice job! Here, take this banana." (Candy's hint: "DK holds the key to helping Gucci reach one of the other old DK Crew members.")
  4. In the main temple, you'll notice that the banana is different. The banana is a minigame! The Welcome to Bonus Stage inside is Speedy Swing Sortie!. And as usual, the post-banana time limit is 35 seconds.
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is around said slide course.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. Her first official golden banana of the game is in the monkey temple, provided you've grabbed enough coins for her arsenal here. Play the flute and you'll experience a tricky trap! The room spits out 16 gravity-defying KlapTraps, and you'll have to hit the Simian Slam pads marked by arrows to kill the KlapTraps on that particular side of the room. Killing all of them rewards you with the banana!
  2. Number two is a much easier version of the pot spinning sidequest. There's no quicksand and no Zinger. Just a banana.
  3. Cherry lacks any means to alter her size. Instead, she can roll particularly large boulders! Conveniently, there are slopes leading to the switch meant to be held down by the big rocks. Inside is another banana. (Candy's hint: "Cherry may not be able to grow, but she can roll boulders!")
  4. Cherry, being the slowest Kong in the game, gets a merciful post-banana time limit of 40 seconds. Lucky her.
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is in the first hallway of her section of the main temple. Luckily, you can get to the KaSPLAT without being met by the infamous "GET OUT". That's in the second fork.

Kerrie's question: Angry Aztec

What is the name of the ominous sniper who tells you to get out?
Answers: "Kannon Krosshair" "Krackshot Kroc"

Banana Fairy locations

1: On top of the entryway to Tiny's slide course
2: In Tri's section of the initial tunnel

Fortunately, all the stages keep their amazing music, and that includes Frantic Factory.

Introduction cutscene

K.Rimson's not in this cutscene at all. Instead, it's Captain Sirenia, who's keeping tabs on Randy using the viewing thingy. And it seems Randy has procured a Calamitous Cannon barrel for this cutscene!

Randy: Woohoo! Fire in the hole! That's what you get for threatening the Big Fairy!
Kremlings: This kid's gone crazy... What's he holding to make him go nuts like that? It looks kind of like a cannon. We should get out of here!
Randy: Not so fast...
Capt. Sirenia: *covers her eyes* Oh, this can't be good...

The cutscene focuses on the Captain for the rest of its duration, as we hear cannon fire and the screen rumbles, indicating that Randy is absolutely mauling those Kremlings!

You gotta love those couple of bars starting at 0:57 of the song, don't you?? Plus, due to the passage of time and abdication, the rug on the floor of Frantic Factory now has K.Rimson's face.

The moves you'll get in Frantic Factory are Reflective Perspective...

DK: Now you can go through mirrors and other such reflective surfaces! Press B when near a compatible mirror and you'll be able to find some goodies on the other side!

Cody Cloned...

DK: You might like this one! Head on over to my pad with your face and press Z to make the other Kremlings see double! You can press B to toggle whether you want the fake Cody to move or not.

Tempest Twist...

DK: Press Z when you're on my pad with your face and create a powerful windstorm that's sure to knock things over!

And finally, Primate Platforms.

DK: Hey, now you get some of my barrel action! Hop into one of these with your face on it and BOOM! Now you can walk anywhere you please, as long as you have some Crystal Coconuts leftover!

In the Testing Department, you'll see Gucci in a cage in the room where the Krem Dartboards used to be.

Gucci: I'm begging you, Cody! Release me from this imprisonment!

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. The Production Room is already activated and has been for years, but it's a little rusty. Why don't you head on over to the conveyor belt with the fireballs? Conveniently, there's a Put on Pause barrel to help you avoid the fire. It still hurts you if you touch it, though. Once you get to the other side, there's a Simian Slam pad for you to hit. It'll only work if you get out of the time-stop. Once you hit it, it summons some robot helicopter Zingers with scrubbing brushes to iron out the kinks in the Production Room. After this little mini-cutscene is over, you're rewarded with a banana!
  2. The DK arcade machine is now with DK as one of his little surprises, so instead, try something else in the room with the table. There's now a Simian Slam pad where the arcade machine used to be. Hit it to break the window separating this room from the Testing Department, granting you another banana!
  3. Elsewhere, you can hop on inside the R&D Room and grab a banana for completing a Welcome to Bonus Stage, which this time is Mad Maze Maul!.
  4. You can do the number machine again. This time, you have to go in reverse! (Candy's hint: "How fast can you count backwards from 16? I believe Tri has the answer!")
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the room with the number machine.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. In the Production Room, Randy can go across the spinning thingies to grab a banana, that is, after he hits the Simian Slam pad first.
  2. Completing Randy's Sky Dive, which is next to the block tower, causes an elevator to appear. At the top lies another Welcome to Bonus Stage containing Big Bug Bash!. If you're scared of the bug's laughter, don't worry, this is the only one in the game.
  3. The R&D room is also home to a gauntlet of enemies consisting of Dice Men and Domino Men, robot helicopter Zingers, and Krembots 9000. Kill the last Krembot 9000 to win another banana!
  4. Randy doesn't have to limit his swashbuckling to the high seas and the jungle! That's right, Diddy and Dixie appear in this stage, also in the R&D Room! "Hey, Randy! We were just on an outing here in Frantic Factory. We were just practicing fencing, and we figured you'd be perfect practice material! Wanna join?" You're taken to a special arena, which is essentially the K.Rool battle arena with His Grumpiness's face gone and a DK symbol on it instead. You have to push the Kongquistador Kouple off of the arena to claim your prize. "Wow, you're good! I'd say you're even better than us! Here, have this banana." (Candy's hint: Randy can spot his folks somewhere in the R&D room, looking for a fencing match.")
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is in the room where the DK arcade machine used to be.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. Cody's Production Room banana is where Tiny's used to be, due to Cody lacking any means to get up steep slopes. It's found in a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Kremling Kosh!.
  2. Gucci's still stuck in that cage, and when you're close enough to him, he has this to say: "I don't have time to be trapped like this! Get a move on!" A simple Grapefruit Bomb on the block that inexplicably has the corresponding switch will free Gucci: "Wahoo! Nice one, Cody. Really helps to get back on my feet! And for your information, I'll be collecting grey bananas! See you guys in the Tag Barrel!
  3. In the R&D Room, the Simon Says piano comes back, but this time instead of burping, the red Kremlings belt out the corresponding notes and this time the F is involved! (Candy's hint: "Cody has a taste for music, and he has the perfect surprise waiting for him in the R&D Room!")
  4. Near Oddball's House, there's now a Simian Slam pad that unlocks yet another banana.
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the hallway separating the Testing Department and the number machine room.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. And Gucci's Production Room banana is where Lanky's used to be. Use the Primate Platforms barrel to access it.
  2. In the room next to the Testing Department, there's a small room that leads to an area with several large pegs sticking out from the ground. Above them is a sign labeled "Krem Horseshoe Course". The light in front of you shines the color of the next peg you want to hit, going from yellow, to red, to blue, purple, and finally green. The sign opens up to reveal another banana if you win!
  3. The R&D room is home to a minecart course that's themed like the racing car's course. "Squawk! Yo, Gucci! This minecart course is fun, ain't it? Your goal is to get 50 coins! Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! Be careful, angry toys might be out for your coins! Have fun and come back in one piece, okay? Bwark!" If you fail: "Squawk! Those toys had you real good, huh? Well, try again later and you'll be fine! Bwark!" If you succeed: "Squawk! You're one cool cat, Gucci! Here's your banana! The toys never stood a chance!"
  4. Elsewhere in the Production Room, Gucci can enter the Reject Pipe to access a special minigame. The ghost of Cranky Kong appears with this to say: "I knew at least one of you losers would enter this dump! I've got a special banana for if you win my minigame. It's the best one in the whole lot! The rules are simple - Beat me to the switch and pound it with this Simian Slam thing you guys have. The game is best 2 out of 3, so let's go already!" Conveniently, the platforms are bouncy now, so you don't have to jump and make 9999999 weeeeeee for this. Beat Cranky to receive this banana: "Gah! You beat me! You're much more agile than you look. Here! Take this dumb banana! I don't want it anymore! Not to mention I hate bananas..." If you lose, he taunts you like so: "Haha! I did so much better than you, and I've been dead for several years! But, if you're so persistent, wanna have another go?" (Candy's hint: "Gucci doesn't need spinning pigtails to go across the platforms in what used to be the giant springy box's arena.")
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is in the room where Chunky had been held captive.

Kerrie's question: Frantic Factory

Among the Kongs who had saved DK Isle last time, who didn't ride a minecart?
Answers: "Chunky" "Lanky"

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. Cherry's Production Room banana is inside a pile driver with a 99-second time limit. She can hop inside a Welcome to Bonus Stage with Stealthy Snoop!.
  2. Inside the room next to where Chunky had been held captive, the platforms are inexplicably gone. In their place lies a sandbox where Cherry can use her X-Ray Eyes to reveal a bucket, a shovel, and a banana.
  3. She's not alone in the R&D Room either. She can sniff around for a Simian Slam pad that opens a toybox that releases one of those loud toys that resembles a keyboard and releases invisible soundwaves that hurt her if she touches them. Hop into an X-Ray Eyes barrel so she can see them. Dodge them cleverly and hop on top of the noisy keyboard monster and use your Cherry Mini-Grenade to blow out the batteries to shut this thing up and claim your banana. (Candy's hint: "We all know Cherry hates loud children's toys. She can take care of one such toy in the R&D Room!")
  4. Inside the room where the only Stash Snatch! last time was, Cherry can hit a Simian Slam pad that opens up a special minigame. The rules are to locate and chase the circle around Frantic Factory and Slam it 3 times within 99 seconds. Failure to do so warps you back to the room with the switch. If you succeed, of course, there's a banana!
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is in the room with the switch.

Banana Fairy locations

1: In Cody's section of the R&D Room, after you clear it
2: In the Production Room, where DK's KaSPLAT had been

We were all in a classroom adorned with some markers and Countess Coloratura's Cutie Mark, being punished for various acts by filling in the Cutie Mark. When it was my turn, I had to watch something incredibly sad - The DK Crew had to be separated from each other! I felt really bad, especially for Chunky, because he was crying so much... I told him to say his final wishes to his family (which consisted of his brothers, his sister, his parents, and especially his cousin Donkey*).

*Now, he does have a brother in canon, and the DKverse does give him parents and a sister, but for accuracy, I would've said "Maybe even your cousin Dixie" rather than Donkey.
That's right, folks, Angry Aztec and Gloomy Galleon have switched places in the story! Now, you wouldn't want Randy fighting a soldier and Gucci fighting a pirate, would you?

Introduction cutscene

K.Rimson: Oh, right! I forgot! Torrance, have you pounded and skewered Tri yet?

She opens the viewing thingy, revealing a sad, defeated Torrance.

Torrance: Sigh... Mistress, it was my fault. I just wasn't being competent enough...
K.Rimson: What? You can't be serious. But hey, at least you tried, so I won't go too hard on you. Oh, but just you wait, Kongs, you're going down!

The camera for some reason pans to the door that has our five heroes' faces on it, as if to further hammer in the gimmick of five playable Kongs.

Welcome to Gloomy Galleon! For some reason, it's gone the route of Labyrinth Zone and become world 2 in this version of the game.

And this area is where you first meet Laurie, who'll give you music!

Laurie: Hi, {name}! I'm here to lend you musical instruments, and it'll only be 3 coins for it. And, since you're my first customer, I'll even give you more health!

Upon buying your musical instrument...

Laurie: {name}, I'll show you how your new instrument works. Hold Z and press C⬆ to get this thing going! The soundwave it creates is enough to destroy any Kremlings unfortunate enough to hear it, but stand on a pad with the correct instrument and you'll do amazing things! If you're running low on music energy, there's some headphones for you, or, alternatively, you can report back to me. That's about it for me right now, so give me a little more time and I'll be ready.

If you come back right away...

Laurie: Huh? Back already? I'm in the middle of something, give me a little more time.

And once you get to the lighthouse area, Cody will be in the cage where the talk like a pirate seal used to be.

Cody: Listen up, Randy! The key to my freedom lies in the clouds.

DK will give you the following moves here in Gloomy Galleon.

Here's Put on Pause.

DK: Whoa! You lucked out on this one! Now you can stop time for as long as you have a few Crystal Coconuts leftover. Hop into my barrel with your face on it and you're ready to go! Or in this case, stop.

Here's Calamitous Cannon.

DK: I feel like I've seen this exact cannon once before... But nevertheless, blast away as you break out of my barrel with your face on it! Be careful though - This move needs some Crystal Coconuts to keep itself going.

If you get another potion for one character ready just as you finish the first, or say no to DK's game...

DK: Ha! Lucky you! I've already got another potion ready, and this one's just 5 coins to buy!

Here's Sky Dive.

DK: Here you go, Randy. Now you can use my pads with your lovely face on them to leap way high into the air! Press Z to start flying.

Here's Primate Pounce.

DK: Here's how to use this move. Hold down Z and press B for a hop, a skip, and a jump to victory!

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. Towards the other area near Laurie's Music Shop, there's a coconut boat. Get on it when the water level's raised and you're taken into a race with Lanky! "Hey, Tri! I've been honing my boat racing skills since that fight with Pufftoss. If you can beat me to the finish line and grab 10 coins on the way, you can have the golden banana I found! Hold Z to start your engines, use the joystick to turn, and if you want to jump, press A. Ready? Go!" Fortunately, there are no gates to pass through and Lanky won't cheat. But you still have to worry about the exploding boxes! If you win, Lanky has this to say: "Great job! You can have my golden banana." If you win, but have 9 coins or fewer: "Good, but you'll need to collect some more coins. I'd recommend jumping over those boxes." If you lose: "Ah, it feels so good to win! But do you wanna race me again?" (Candy's hint: "Tri can meet up with an old face near Laurie's Music Shop.")
  2. Inside the lighthouse, which thankfully is already powered up, Tri can find a Welcome to Bonus Stage at the top of it. Inside is Speedy Swing Sortie!.
  3. There's an underwater cactus near Barry and Jeffy's Armory. On it is the music pads for everyone save Cherry. They all lead to the same ship in the middle, but on different sections unique to each Kong, with a minute's time limit for each. In Tri's section, you're met with 3 Puftups. They're easy to avoid, even with the finicky underwater controls, but they're in front of a banana, which should be easy to grab.
  4. There's a Simian Slam pad that opens up a banana next to the lighthouse. The catch is that it's only available for 3 seconds, so use the conveniently placed Put on Pause barrel to grab it while you can! "Squawk! Check this out! Your new ability uses up Crystal Coconuts! Hold down Z and press C⬅ to stop, y'know, just in case you're running low. Bwark!"
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the lighthouse.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. Approaching Cody will have him say: "That slimy K.Rimson... Let me out and I'll help you defeat her!" Do you remember what Cody said upon first seeing him kidnapped? That's right, it's time to use the new Sky Dive technique! Completing it will free Cody: "Amazing job, Randy! I'm so glad you could help. Gotta stretch my legs. I'm ready to collect salmon bananas, but first I've gotta wait in the Tag Barrel!"
  2. On the crow's nest of the continually-circling K.Rimson boat, there'll be another banana for you to grab.
  3. In Randy's portion of the sunken ship, there's a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Busy Barrel Barrage.
  4. In the room made of money, the coins should be much easier to climb. At the top of the pile where Diddy had gone is a new area where you're supposed to Calamitous Cannon to send the money wall flying. At the top of the middle column of coins is the banana!
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is on the K.Rimson boat.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. In the tunnel entrance, you'll find switches for Cody and Gucci. They lead to a sunken ship, though this time, the wiring has scrambled. This time, Cody explores the top portion! Inside the hole, you'll find a whole gauntlet of Scubis! You'll have to think fast to avoid them, and the banana they're guarding is yours.
  2. The money room is home to something amazing on what used to be Lanky's pile. The top of that leads to a new room, one full of giant coins floating over a pool of molten iron. How they stay solid, we'll never know. Your goal is to Primate Pounce on over there! The banana is yours!
  3. Cody's portion of the sunken ship has a fish holding the banana in his mouth. Touch the fish to claim the banana! (Candy's hint: "It seems monkeys like Cody aren't the only ones who like bananas... Look in the sunken ship for the hungry bandit!")
  4. If you approach the area where Tri raced Lanky, he'll reward you with a banana. "Hey, it's you, Cody! You're looking just as spritely as ever, aren't you!? Here, have a banana."
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the area near some Kabooms.

Kerrie's question: Gloomy Galleon

What persona is K.Rool under in all those pictures of him in the sunken ships?
Answers: "Baron K.Roolenstein" "Kaptain K.Rool"

Candy's hint for Randy relates to the boss. "DK might help Randy deal with the angry pirate sea lion." Of course, referring to Captain Sirenia.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. The other sunken ship has Gucci enter through the bottom portion. Instead of Enguarde, though, we have another Welcome to Bonus Stage! This one contains the much-reviled Splish-Splash Salvage!, but luckily, this one's the only one in the game!
  2. For his portion of the money room, Gucci has to have the water lowered. He'll need to Simian Slam down on it, releasing five angry clams. They look identical to the ones that had stolen the pearls for the mermaid. Shoot them with your Horseshoe Hand to get rid of them. Their death equals one banana for you! (Candy's hint: "Lower the water level, and then go to the treasure room for a clammy surprise!")
  3. Gucci has to survive an army of chasing Puftups for his banana in the sunken ship.
  4. There's a Primate Platforms barrel near the lighthouse. Use it to get to the top, where you'll be able to Tuba Tumble on top of a respective pad for your banana.
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is in the area where the battle arena pad is. You'll have to Funnel Fury for this one.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. Inside K.Rimson's perpetually circling boat, there's a section where you need to dodge repeated cannon fire. Use your Nosy Navigation to detect traces of the alcoholic leftovers that Chunky ingested over 20 years ago. As you get closer to the other end, the exclamation point slowly transitions from green to yellow and finally to red. Eventually, the strong scent of the rotten Sake is enough to make her faint! Evidently, it seems she's even more of a lightweight than her father. Speaking of which, here's a flashback to the events of Donkey Kong 64! You get to play as Chunky for this section, in the same area his daughter just fainted in! Events play out exactly as they do when you play the game proper, right down to the reversed controls when Chunky gets drunk. The moment you exit the cannon, the game fades back to the present day, where you inexplicably find a banana in front of you.
  2. This one requires a higher water level. You'll need it to reach the cannonball. Fortunately, unlike Chunky's section, you don't have to complete this within a strict minute with only 6 shots.
  3. Cherry's part of the sunken ship is activated within the lighthouse area, near where Diddy's KaSPLAT used to be! Fortunately, the time limit increased to 99 seconds, and inside is a Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Stash Snatch!.
  4. Her next banana is guarded by a circle of Kabooms. It's wise to play music or throw a grenade for easy banana access. (Candy's hint: "Watch out for a circle of exploding barrels!")
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is right near DK's lab.

Banana Fairy locations

1: Near Cody and Gucci's sunken ship
2: Where Lanky's KaSPLAT used to be

In this version of DK64, the Big Fairy gives you the camera right away, considering she's the game's version of K.Lumsy. She explains that with her kidnapped, the Banana Fairies ran away, once again in pairs, so you have to snap them. She also expects you to bring 8 Boss Keys, held by what she calls "K.Rimson's most notorious soldiers", to her cage, which has bars spaced closer together than with K.Lumsy, seeing as she's a lot smaller than him. She also explains that K.Rimson is in the middle of creating a device that'll drain her power and give it to Her Eagerness.

The hub worlds, instead of those five Wrinkly doors, have a stand with Candy sitting at it. Candy serves as this game's advice giver.

Candy: Hi! Don't worry, I'm not gonna frighten the children like Wrinkly did back in the day. What I am gonna do, though, is provide all sorts of helpful advice! Sadly, though, I'm only allowed to give one hint per Kong in each level. Now, whose do you want me to give?

(note: Each subsequent visit will only be met with the question.)

After she asks her question, five choices will appear. You're able to choose between the five playable characters, though the names are initially replaced with "??????" if you haven't saved that particular Kong yet.

Introduction cutscene

K.Rimson is sitting bored, in the throne room, refurbished to have pillows on her throne for a more comfortable sitting experience. She feels for some reason like opening the viewing thingy.

K.Rimson: Let's check on Tri, see how he's doing.

The viewing thingy shows Tri sitting before the first gold banana. He runs up and grabs it effortlessly, doing his OH BANANA dance.

Tri: Check this, Your Audacity!
K.Rimson: Oh, figures. First banana already. *closes the viewing thingy* Don't get too cocky, K.Rimson, as my dad once said, "pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall"...

Jungle Japes serves as the tutorial stage. Now that you know about swimming, grenades, climbing, and barrels, and that DK's granted the Simian Slam upon you, it's time to learn more about this game and what makes it tick!

If you try to get to the tunnel leading to the main portion of the stage without the Hover Vines, Tawks will have this to say:

Tawks: Squawk! I don't know about you, but I think those Hover Vines are pretty dang important, right? Bwark!

This way, you have to use the Hover Vines to reach the Simian Slam pad at the end. Just landing on it doesn't work, though, so actually jump and press Z to lower the bamboo bars that separate you from the tunnel!

Going through the tunnel will reveal the first Kong kidnapped: It's Randy, of course, trapped in the same place his father was all those years ago!

Randy: Help me, Tri! I could really use a hand!

Walking a bit more forward will have Tawks say this to you.

Tawks: Squawk! That reminds me! Some of K.Rimson's goons kept 25 of the golden bananas in each of the various parts of DK and Krem Isles! But each Kong can only grab five at a time. Bwark!

And upon approaching the boss gate door...

Tawks: You'll need lots of bananas for these doors. Grab 75 of them for a Banana Medal!

Near Barry and Jeffy's Armory is a special platform adorned with K.Rimson's face.

Tawks: Squawk! Nobody likes a Kremling, so hop on one of these platforms and give'm the old banana slamma! Bwark!

Inside these platforms is a minigame reminiscent of that one Atari game where you're on a turret fighting off parachuting enemies! The Kremlings try to approach your turret and destroy it, but none of the minigames are very hard. You'll win a Battle Crown for surviving each one. There are 10 in all, 1 in each world and 2 on DK Isle, and they can be accessed with any Kong.

And inside Barry and Jeffy's Armory...

Barry: Hi, Tri! K.Rimson's coming to ruin your day, huh?
Jeffy: Well, Barry and I have created special weapons to make taking care of her army that much easier.
Barry: So, {name}, how about it? It's 3 coins for a weapon. I'm sure you'll need it!

Upon purchasing your weapon...

Barry: That weapon really suits you!
Jeffy: I think it might be time to explain the weapon's controls to {name} now...
Barry: Oh, right! To use your weapon, hold Z and press C⬅. Press those same buttons again to put it away. Toggle first-person mode with C⬆ for easier aiming, which is accomplished by moving the joystick. Holding Z slows down your aim, and B fires your weapon. While not in first-person mode, holding Z locks you in place. And if you're low on ammo, find these ammo crates or report back to us for a free refill!
Jeffy: That's all for now. Bye, {name}!

If you have everything they offer...

Barry: Oh, I'm so sorry, {name}...
Jeffy: We're not done with our next upgrade yet! If you could come back some other time, maybe we'll have it?

In the rainy portion, you'll find DK's lab.

DK: Hey! You came here expecting a potion, didn't you? I've got one for you, and you'll need it to move on. It'll cost 3 coins to acquire this one!

Upon getting Mighty Flyer...

DK: Hey, you could really use this one! Find a special pad that I've set up, and as long as it has your face, press Z on it and you'll be soaring through the sky, destroying most anything in your path!

Upon getting Sword Barge...

DK: You love your wooden sword, don't you? You'll get to do this cool dashing technique with it! To get to charging, hold Z and then press B.

If you get every potion he has to offer at this point...

DK: Welp. That's about it for now. If you get a little farther, maybe I'll give you guys a couple more!

If you come right back...

DK: Aw, looks like you'll have to procure 10 Banana Medals if you want my first surprise.

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. Tri's first banana is near Randy's cell. The moment you grab it, Randy has this to say: "I need you to find Barry and Jeffy so you can free me." (Candy's hint: "Tri can visit his friends Barry and Jeffy to free Randy from his imprisonment.") Approaching Randy further will have him say: "Stop being so lily-livered and get me on outta here!"
  2. His second banana is acquired once you free Randy. "Hey, Tri, that was cool! You saved me! Now I'm ready and raring to grab every mauve banana I see! Into the Tag Barrel I go, waiting to swashbuckle with some worthy Kremling opponents!"
  3. Banana number three is a Welcome to Bonus Stage, located in the spot where Rambi used to be held. You'll have to use Mighty Flyer to get to it, as it's very high up, way higher than anyone can jump. Going inside reveals that the minigame in question is Stash Snatch!. If you don't have the move before hopping on here, Tawks will say: "You'll need to head to DK's lab for this one."
  4. The fourth one is in a cage near the main portion of the stage. Hit the switch in the rainy portion to release it. You'll have one minute to get it!
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is on the way to the rainy portion, where DK's lab is.

Just above Barry and Jeffy's Armory is Oddball's House, which is shaped like a small Animal Crossing-esque house. The mailbox next to it says "Oddball's House". Going inside entails...

Oddball: Oh, hello! I apologize. I-I always keep getting distracted. A-anyway, my name is Oddball. I know! My mom thinks it's so odd! R-right, the blueprints! T-they're for a machine K.Rimson is making that will drain the Big Fairy's power, thereby putting the island in serious danger. I think it's called the Main Drain, but I'm not sure. S-so, if you could recover the blueprints for me, that'd be fantastic. They're b-being held by large Kremlings called KaSPLATs, if I remember correctly. I think my dad said that for every blueprint you guys gave me, I'd give you a golden banana.

If you report to him with a blueprint in tow...

Oddball: Oh wow! You gave me a blueprint! Here! Have a golden banana!

If you give him two or more at once...

Oddball: T-this is incredible! Here! You can have more of these!

If you don't have any...

Oddball: Hey hey hey, what's going on? I thought what we had was special!

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. Randy's first banana is located on the top of the mountain. Fortunately, it'll appear the moment you shoot the switch that'll make the wooden walkway appear. Walk up to the top before the walkway disappears and it's yours!
  2. His second banana is inside the mountain. Coming in here without the Sword Barge prompts Randy to say this: "Mmm... Maybe if I visit Great Uncle D, he'll give me what I need." Grab the Sword Barge potion if you want to be able to access the minecart. This time, it's accessible via an elevator that'll only work if you hit the Sword Barge switch, itself no easy task due to the Klump who's near it and the ones near the elevator area. The elevator leads to a minecart area identical to Diddy's. (Candy's hint: "DK should help Randy get through the elevator in the mineshaft.") "Squawk! Yo, Randy! You wanna be like your dad and great uncle? Well, this cool minecart tour should be perfect for you! Your goal is to collect 50 coins. Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! And remember, watch out for the TNT barrel behind you and the other minecarts driven by Kremlings. Off you go! Bwark!" If you do have 50 coins by the end of it: "Squawk! You did it, Randy! The banana's yours! Bwark!" If you don't: "Squawk! Looks like you may have lost a few coins on the way. If you go back and try again, you'll do better. Bwark!"
  3. His third banana is inside the tunnel that connects the entrance and the main area. Sadly, it's not just sitting out in the open like Diddy's was. It's now behind a Fig Caber-activated switch. Fortunately, there's no Welcome to Bonus Stage here, unlike with Cody and Gucci.
  4. The fourth one is next to the cannon leading up to where Randy used to be held. The switch will release it, giving you a minute to grab it.
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is wandering around the mountain.

Inside the special boss gate doors (which have Kerrie's face on them instead of Troff and Scoff's), lies Kerrie. She has this to say.

Kerrie: Welcome! Let me explain this. You'll have to answer one question about this current level to give me the sufficient bananas you'll need for the boss. Okay? Here goes!

Kerrie's question: Jungle Japes

Where is the minecart ride Randy had to go through?
Answers: "In the mountain mineshaft" "In the rainy portion"

Answer her question correctly and she'll fill up her basket enough so that she'll reach the key to unlock the boss arena! Beat Torrance, the boss of Jungle Japes, and Tawks will show up thusly:

Tawks: Squawk! That's the way to do it, Tri! Now report back to the Big Fairy and she'll be one step closer to freedom! Bwark!

Of course, there'll be some bananas for Cody, Gucci, and Cherry.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. Cody's first banana is on the staircase that's now installed into the sloped area of Jungle Japes. He'll need the Grapefruit Bomb to get inside. Inside are those pegs and that portrait of DK Isle. This time, the pegs are still down after all these years and there's a Vocal Violence pad. Tawks will have this to say: "I feel like something will happen if you use your voice here." Sing your little song to spawn some Armies. Your Vocal Violence is disabled after they spawn in, to avoid cheesing it again. Now you have to hit them, they're immune to your Grapefruit Bomb! The picture splits open from the sides and rewards you.
  2. His second banana is inside that alcove that Randy opened up. He'll have to Grapefruit Bomb to his Welcome to Bonus Stage, which is Minecart Mayhem!. Every Kong should have one of these.
  3. The third banana is inside the large hole that's now opened up near where Diddy's KaSPLAT used to be. Hop inside and Primate Pounce across the lava to get to the banana. Use the cannon to leave once you've got it, or if you're somehow not the right Kong. (Candy's hint: "The Hover Vines now hang over a very deep hole. I've a feeling Cody will need to use this!")
  4. The fourth one is near where you rescued Randy. You have 50 seconds to get to it, seeing as Cody is the fastest Kong in the game.
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is hiding around in the alcove Randy opened up.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. The first banana is in the area opened by Gucci. It contains stuff for both Gucci and Cherry! Gucci will have to use his Primate Platforms power here. Wind your way up the four trees and just above Cherry's Welcome to Bonus Stage (which this time is much lower on the ground) is a banana for you!
  2. Still in the Gucci and Cherry area, you need to keep Primate Platforms activated so you can head on over to the Zinger hive. You won't be able to go inside it, but you will need to climb above it and into the tree where it spawned from. There are around 20 Zingers, released in groups of four each. They're easily dealt with by way of Horseshoe Hand, seeing as your music is disabled here. (Candy's hint: "DK needs to help Gucci reach the tree above the Zinger hive.")
  3. Inside the alcove that Randy opened lies another Welcome to Bonus Stage. This one is the infamous Beaver Bother!, but the total amount of Gnawties needed is only 3.
  4. Number four is once again activated by a switch in the rainy portion. It's near the river, with 55 seconds to reach it.
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is wandering the area where Gucci and Cherry have stuff to do in.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. The first banana is in the Gucci-opened area. There's an X-Ray Eyes barrel which will reveal the Welcome to Bonus Stage. Go inside it, and you'll be met with Mad Maze Maul!. (Candy's hint: "Cherry has special eyes. Use these eyes to reveal one of the minigame barrels!")
  2. The second banana is inside a rock that Cherry can lift.
  3. From there, Cherry can Simian Slam three times to reveal a hole underneath. Go through the same perilous walkway to find yourself face-to-face with a scary gargoyle face. Fortunately, the Hover Vines are already down, and where Chunky's KaSPLAT used to be, there's now a Simian Slam pad. Hitting it will make the banana appear!
  4. This time, Cherry's switch is in a cave away from DK's lab. Throw away the rock covering the switch and press it, revealing a banana that's near Oddball's House. You have a whopping 99 seconds to reach that area!
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is where her switch is. Fortunately, you don't have to throw the rock, K.Rimson's not that mean!

Banana Fairy locations

1: Inside the X-hole, near the scary gargoyle face
2: In the river

Here's a slight idea for a general story for a version of Donkey Kong 64 that features the Next-Gen crew.

The story is, that K.Rimson's cooked up an evil scheme. However, rather than following in her father's footsteps and creating a lazer to blow up DK Isle, she's this time decided to kidnap the Big Fairy (who you might recognize as being the leader of the Banana Fairies) and lock her up in the cell where K.Lumsy had been held all those years ago. Like her father, though, she's pilfered the golden bananas and locked the other four playable characters besides Tri away, though the game heavily relies on said five Kongs to complete it and in fact features them a lot (even Cherry) in the promotional material!
They implemented more unique things for each Kong?

  • You know how Chunky said he didn't like heights? His cowardice could probably show when he explores a high place, a known GET OUT zone, Fungi Forest at night, or Creepy Castle. Cranky would probably refer to this as "Chunky's much-beloved frightened state"! He'd quiver about, sacrifice half his walking speed, jump a lot lower, his idle animation would have him cower for a few seconds, and if you pressed B, he'd do this pathetic punch that hurts only half as much as his normal punch, so that way, he'd still do any sort of damage even when scared. If you held B to attempt to do a Coconut Charge, the resulting Charge would have him crying like a coward. You'd still be able to use your weapon, instrument, Crystal Barrel, and grenades, too, so you're not completely helpless.
  • Lanky would have a blue star on top of a purple, upside-down star and Chunky would have a butterfly as their soundwaves when using an instrument.
  • The Boss Keys would match the person who got them. For instance, Diddy would have a star and Tiny would have a flower.
  • The SUPER DUPER Simian Slam would hurt you. Makes sense, they are hitting their heads. Cranky would have this additional line: "Be careful when using it, as it costs one melon slice to use!"
  • Tiny's 7th KaSPLAT would be more ethereal and ghost-like, indicating he didn't survive the giant KlapTrap. He'd still be defeatable for that Print, though.
  • When you hear the ominous warning of GET OUT, your character would run a lot faster and in a more panicked state.
  • The Kongs would be more panicked, animation-wise, when facing a boss. Lanky still wouldn't fight Pufftoss unconscious, though.
  • If Lanky was the one to get the Super Simian Slam potion, he'd get out angry for about 3 minutes, tapping his foot angrily, with his idle animation having him creating an effigy of Cranky out of a grenade and kicking it. This is because Cranky said "mangy", and Lanky mistook that for "Manky", which is a name directly connected to his past.
  • Chunky would leave his experience in Cranky's lab in Crystal Caves deeply saddened for about 3 minutes, head hanging down, with his idle animation having him burying his face in his massive hands and crying. He'd walk a lot slower too. Chunky doesn't take kindly to being called ugly.
  • There'd be some sort of splash along with the barrels in Chunky's boat breaking, indicating that there's alcohol spilling out of the barrels as he breaks them.
  • Losing a race or the arcade games would create an angry reaction. DK would pull at his cowlick, Diddy would remove his hat and angrily stomp on it, Lanky would smudge his face in anger, Tiny would pull at her pigtails making that "YAH-HUP" sound, and Chunky would grumpily cross his arms and face the other way.
  • Cranky would mercifully stop egging you to play Jet-Pac after you got the Rareware Coin.
  • You'd be able to change between Homing and normal ammo at any time, and you could also turn off the Sniper Scope any time too, thereby negating that nasty glitch with the robot piranha.
  • Chunky would be engulfed in flames when you punched the sunglasses-toting fire that was running towards the TNT barrel. Mercifully, it wouldn't hurt.
  • There'd be occasional puffs of air in Crystal Caves coming out of every living being within the vicinity, maybe about every 30 seconds or so.
  • There'd be a single giant Kosha club lying around if you Monkeyported/Tiny Warped back to where the Kosha of Unusual Size was after killing him. Pressing B near it would allow you to pick it up, creating satisfying revenge for the times the stalactites would fall on you! In this minigame, the joystick moves the camera and the B button makes a stalactite fall. Aim the reticle at the enemies and watch them get impaled!
  • There'd be small visual details of each boss you defeated in the interludes where there isn't a boss. Dogadon would fly up to the KlapTrap after he caught him enjoying himself over Diddy destroying those Kremlings, Mad Jack would be furled and resting in the background, Pufftoss would be re-inflated behind K.Rool, Army Dillo would be hiding embarrassedly behind his master's throne, and those two Kremlings responsible for King Kut-Out would be sitting down on the floor, brainstorming ideas for their next big plan.
  • The reflections would actually blink when the character blinked, so as not to give the impression that the "reflections" are actually demons living on the other side of the surface and using your likeness to lull you into a false sense of security. They also wouldn't emerge from the surface if you did anything that would clip your model through it, such as Chunky's punches.
  • The Kongs would have unique animations for when they were imprisoned, rather than just the boring "stand" pose. Diddy would pull at the bars, Lanky would nervously look around, Tiny would tap her foot impatiently, and Chunky would try to stomp at the ground to get his cage to fall.
  • Chunky would say, when you got into the room where he was being held prisoner, "P-please! Let Chunky out! S-so scared..."
  • Whenever Chunky would use his pad move, he'd turn all the way invisible, vest, ballcap, and everything. No sparkles either! Instead, you'd have a green dotted line following your every step, that would disappear after a few seconds so as not to overload the system and eventually cause a crash.
  • After entering Creepy Castle for the first time, the KaSPLATs should no longer say "SPLAT" every so often.
  • The beetle should start more next to you for a fairer chance at winning.
  • Lanky would shudder when near a body of swimmable water, and when actually swimming, he'd automatically sink, forcing you to move up to stay afloat. Makes sense, his kind is incapable of aquatic movement, as their bones are a detriment and sink easily in water.
  • The Homing Ammo can be toggled for whether it homes in on balloons, enemies, or switches.
  • Watching: A funny Brony-man playing Donkey Kong 64
First, I'm going to talk about a dream I remember having a few nights ago, about eating pasta noodles in olive oil with my hands in a wooden place.

And now, I'm going to discuss my most recent dream. It all started late one night, as my sister and I were going to visit our mammaw. Suddenly, it was supposedly set when we were really old, yet she didn't look a day older. She was showing me all these assistant gadgets for her cat, such as one to help her see, one to help her hear... They were all soft and made of felt, for some reason. As she was about to talk to me "for the final time", I realized something strange. If we were old people and she was still in her 60s, that had to mean I was dreaming, right!? So I woke up in some distant bed, nothing like my own, also at night. I then began to fall asleep in a bucket, probably due to the tallness and the sensation like I was falling. Then, I began to dream of some stinky frog named Paula pushing this bucket over, with myself narrating the whole experience. I believe I woke myself up due to the absurdity.