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Five Brave Heroes
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Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome...

Pear Butter needs to be transparent, wear a white robe, have white wings, be standing in front of her gravestone, next to an equally tr...

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Here's a thought: I just had a chat with :iconlord-berkut: and decided to change Spooks's nickname to Terre, because "Spooks" sounds racist and is seriously offensive to black people.
I know I do! How about the rest of you forum-goers?
I had a weird dream involving Chancellor Neighsay (who was still a racist prick in said dream) and a big cave last night.



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Journal History

Halloween is on the way, and with Americans everywhere putting appropriate paraphernalia, candy, and costumes in stores nationwide, and my mother's workplace even having celebrated a Halloween Day a few days back, let's work on Creepy Castle!

Introduction cutscene

A KaSPLAT, probably Gucci's, emerges from a door in the throne room, shaking beyond belief.

Kremling: Whoa, dude! What happened here?
KaSPLAT: I-I called the queen a g-ginger, r-right to her face.
Kremling: I don't suppose you were forced to watch an extremely raunchy movie of sorts, were you?
KaSPLAT: I-I need t-therapy...

Anyway, welcome to Creepy Castle. Home of some appropriately frightening setpieces, the difficulty might scare you away from 101%ing this game, but most people want to see the entire ending, right?

In DK's lab, you'll find the final move in the game right here.

DK: I'm so sorry you had to wait for this one. It was worth it, though, right, {name}? You and the others can now hit the red switches too! I'm terribly sorry, this is all I have. But you can come here if you want your Crystal Coconuts refilled!

Every subsequent time you come back...

DK: Hello again. Sorry, I'm all out of potions for the time being. Oh, would you like a free restock of Crystal Coconuts? Here you go!

And Barry and Jeffy's Armory holds the Sniper Scope.

Barry: Hey, you're back! Would you like my special Sniper Scope for just 9 coins?
Jeffy: It's kind of mandatory, so you have to accept.
Barry: Anyway, here you go! In first-person mode, just press C➡ or C⬅ to zoom in or out. You can hold Z in first-person mode for 10 seconds to toggle the Scope now!
Jeffy: That way, it won't be permanent! It'll make any bananas you may have missed much easier to get!

Every subsequent time you come back...

Barry: Oh, we're so sorry, we're all out of new upgrades to your weapons.
Jeffy: Don't worry, refills are on the house!

Laurie is also here to provide you with the last upgrade.

Laurie: Hi! You're ready for my 9-coin upgrade, yes? Your instrument is now packed with extra power, meaning you can use it a lot more before you can come back to me! Well, that's all you'll be getting from me. See you around!

Every subsequent time you come back...

Laurie: What'd I say? I'm out of upgrades! However, I'm more than happy to refill you guys up.

Golden banana locations: Tri

  1. First up, you can find a creepy dungeon filled with all sorts of goodies. Of course, the crypt should be where one such goodie is located. In Tri's section of the crypt, he'll be able to find bouncy walls made of pulsating flesh! There's a Mighty Flyer pad that'll let Tri whirlwind around and bounce all over the place, hitting each wall about 3 times each to make the banana appear.
  2. There's another dungeon here too. Within the second dungeon, Tri's objective is to SUPER DUPER Simian Slam three different pads in a Simon Says-like manner. Do it right to claim your prize! (Candy's hint: "I bet Tri loves memory puzzles.")
  3. The museum is home to a Reflective Perspective thing! Pop on into the side of the glass that used to be home to the Pillar that Does Nothing and hop on inside the hole. I guess this is where the minecart game has been moved to. "Squawk! I'm much braver than Squawks, but are you much braver than DK? Well, let's see if you can grab at least 25 coins here. Use the joystick to turn your minecart and control its speed. Press A to jump, and now you can hold Z to stop the minecart completely! Have fun, but be mindful of the gravestones. I've also heard that a demon lives in this track, so watch out for him! Bwark!" Yep, Tawks is right. That demon DK had come across last time is back and just as ready to anger fundamentalist Christian parents as ever! Dodge his sparkling fists and army of flaming fire skulls and you're all set. And just like last time, the ride pulls a Mr. Freeze and forces you to do it again, but backwards! If you lose: "Squawk! So close... Sounds like you need to be wary of where the gravestones pop up and where the demon will punch. Bwark!" If you win: "Squawk! Hooray! You've done it! Braving the scary minecart course wins you a banana! Bwark!"
  4. Inside the tree trunk is a Welcome to Bonus Stage at the end of the watery hole. It contains Peril Path Panic!.
  5. Tri's KaSPLAT is in the museum.

Golden banana locations: Randy

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is home to a huge casket. Sword Barge it open to reveal a bony miniboss encounter! This giant skeleton takes around 7 Sword Barges to collapse and you've got your banana!
  2. The second dungeon has a Welcome to Bonus Stage at the end of the Sabrina-like maze. Fortunately, it's Teetering Turtle Trouble!. (Candy's hint: "Randy needs to find his way around the teleportation pads!")
  3. The ballroom has something special for you. Inside you'll fight off a bunch of skeleton Kremlings and bedsheet Kremlings. After they're done with, you're greeted by a Kopter carrying a banana. Shoot the bastard down and it's yours!
  4. There are five targets you need to hit with the Calamitous Cannon. Fortunately they're all fairly close to the top, thereby saving you precious Crystal Coconuts. Success means a cloudy staircase to the highest point in the castle, where there's a banana just waiting for you!
  5. Randy's KaSPLAT is in the tree trunk, where all the bats are.

Golden banana locations: Cody

  1. Inside the first dungeon's crypt, it seems over time someone changed the long hallway into a precarious platforming puzzle by cutting out most of the floor and filling it with acid! Use your Primate Pounce to make it to the other side, which has those same Hover Vines over a pit of some more acid. Cross them to reach the Welcome to Bonus Stage which contains Krazy Kong Klamour!.
  2. The second dungeon is home to a Partners in Time-like puzzle. You're on a boat with a SUPER DUPER Simian Slam pad that flashes arrows of 8 different directions. Slam it once to get it moving in the direction you slammed it on, and again to stop. The twist is that it's sort of a maze with lots of enemies. There are also some spots where you can stop and recover, even a few bananas here and there. The banana is on the other end of the maze! Good luck!
  3. The greenhouse is home to a small cloud with green eyes. "Oh, Cody... I hope you can find me with your barrel move." The Sparks Fly barrel is right next to you, thank the Banana Fairies, and the cloud is on the other end of the maze. You have around 30 seconds to find the cloud, but I think you can find him/her with 8 remaining. Zap him/her: "Thank you, Cody! You're the best! Let me work my magic on these hedges." He/she begins creating a thunderstorm on the hedges and causes a banana to appear!
  4. Next up is a tall tower. There's mercifully NO Beaver Bother!, but instead, there's a switch with a lightning symbol on it. Rid the room of fake ghosts and a Sparks Fly barrel will appear! Zap the switch to open the wind tunnel. Fortunately, Cody's light enough that he doesn't need to inflate to fly up there. (Candy's hint: "Reach the banana with the power of lightning and wind!")
  5. Cody's KaSPLAT is in the ballroom.

Golden banana locations: Gucci

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is home to not those hands from last time. Instead, you have this lost, adventurous little brown-eyed ferret thing with a bowtie. "Help! I can't remember how I got up here! Can you help me down?" Primate Platforms your way to the little guy and approach him to have him tag along for the moment. "Please, help me out, Gucci... I wanna get down from here!" Fortunately, the Primate Platforms doesn't dissipate the moment you transition out of the move. Help this adorable ferret get to the bottom of this path you created: "Oh, thank you thank you thank you! You've been such a big help! Have my banana!"
  2. The second dungeon sees you with a big plank of wood. Great opportunity to Tempest Twist! Cross your newly created bridge and play the Welcome to Bonus Stage, which contains Stash Snatch!.
  3. Now go to the trash can. Gucci can't shrink, but he can knock the lid over with Funnel Fury! He hops on in via a conspicuous mushroom and only has around a minute to dispatch the flies inside or it's lights out for him and he has to try again. This might be because he handles bad odors even worse than his mother did. Plus, your Tuba Tumble is disabled. Complete it and you get the banana!
  4. Gucci has something to do in the library. Maybe he's a bookworm. There's a book miniboss you can defeat for your banana!
  5. Gucci's KaSPLAT is on the highest point of the castle.

Golden banana locations: Cherry

  1. The first dungeon's crypt is full of invisible traps. You'll have to sniff your way across this invisible maze to claim the banana.
  2. The second dungeon has a huge bullseye that you have to shoot at 4 times to spawn the Welcome to Bonus Stage that contains Teetering Turtle Trouble!.
  3. Inside the library, there's no book miniboss. Instead, have a book maze! Fortunately, there's an X-Ray Eyes barrel to help you pick out the fake walls, which is the only way to get to the banana. (Candy's hint: "Did you know that some mazes have fake walls?")
  4. Cherry can hop on inside the tree trunk, destroy it with grenades, and use a Sniper Scope puzzle to release a caged miniboss. It's identical in appearance to that Randy miniboss from Fungi Forest, but it's mobile and requires grenades to destroy for real this time! Destroy it to claim your banana.
  5. Cherry's KaSPLAT is near the gateway portal.

Kerrie's question: Creepy Castle

Which arcade classic is the song you hear in this stage based off of?
"Donkey Kong" "Mario Bros"

Banana Fairy locations

1: Inside the tree trunk, after Cherry defeats the miniboss
2: Inside the greenhouse, after you get your banana

Boss fight: Resident Demon

Pitted against: Tri
Arena: Identical to the course you rode through, but your minecart is equipped with a cannon and there are no coins or gravestones to worry about
Hits to take down: 9

Yet again the boss is upgraded from a cardboard version of K.Rimson to this thing! The fight resembles a mix between what went down in the museum and Glitzem Grotto's secondary boss. Luckily, you don't get booted out of the fight because there's a bouncy shroom blocking the door until you beat this thing.

Introduction cutscene: Tri gets into a minecart. Sadly, Tawks isn't back. Fortunately, he installs a cannon into his minecart. Then, the demon-thing appears!

Fortunately, you can now do more than avoid the demon's sparkling fists. Press Z to fire a cannonball and hope the demon isn't blocking his face! Every 3 hits he'll get meaner and nastier with his behavior and block his face more often, as evidenced by him turning redder than before. One final hit and kaboom! He explodes into a fury of green smoke and sparkles and you've got your key! It cuts to you exiting the minecart area once you get the key.


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