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Amazing! Powerful! Astounding! I love the green smoke surrounding Banjo, which symbolizes how positively evil Grunty is! And how Grunty...

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome...

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Extraterrestrial Tension
Meanwhile, in the base itself, Rock and pals have been avoiding the decisive battle going on for a while. It's caught his eye a few times, but only now does Rock notice the bubble. Pharaoh Man and Sunstar are too busy duking it out to even notice this rescue attempt too.

There's just one problem.

Kalinka: No, stop!!
Rock: ?
Kalinka: Venus blew that bubble! Only he or others of his kind can pop it! If anyone else pops it, KABOOM!
Rock: Right, I'll get back to Auto and Eddie!

Meanwhile, Rush is keeping watch of Tango, who's doing his best to help out Pharaoh Man.

Mega Man - :iconcapcomplz:
The Japanese boxart for Mega Man 7 is just so amusing. Auto is just spaced out, Junk Man looks like he's about to lose a music battle against some crazy evil hate-leeching sirens, and apparently Wily birthed Bass and Treble from his hair.
Stardroid Showdown
Meanwhile, the other Robot Masters are busy duking it out with their respective Stardroids. Things get incredibly tense, but Auto's modifications seem to be working out in the good guys' favor.

All the while, E-Tanks are being sent each Robot Master's way each time an entryway glows more red than green.

Mercury v.s Acid Man - Green and Gross

The duel rages on and on in a disgusting manner. Mercury constantly slips and Acid Man gets a little tripped up from time to time, but overall, they seem to be fighting fine. Mercury then attempts to snatch an E-Tank via his Grab Buster, but fortunately, Acid Man happens to be one of those Robot Masters who has a shield weapon, in his case the Acid Barrier. He's then able to Toxic Trail past those tricky sink-into-the-ground moments, too!

Venus v.s Dust Man - I Hate to Burst your Bubble, But...

Dust Man doesn't have any dead robot bits for his Dust Crusher, so he has to avoid the Bubble Bombs Venus keeps blowing at him. He fortunately has a reverse setting on his vacuum jets, so he's able to just blow the bubbles back. Even better, this is one of the only times in recorded history when his halitosis problem works out in his favor, leaving Venus coughing and gagging. One last Bubble Bomb that Dust Man sucks up with his Vacuum Buster, then uses against the angry soapy crab robot!

Terra v.s Flash Man - Show Me Your Moves

Infuriatingly, Flash Man keeps on doing these dance moves to avoid Terra's Spark Chasers and freeze-in-placey circles. It gets to the point where he's just about ready to resort to physical assault, but a Saber Beam to the gauntlet oughta do it! No worries, Sunstar will get it fixed when the battle is over...

Mars v.s Napalm Man - Constant Warmongering

A constant assault of explosions! A pyrotechnic's dream! Napalm Bombs against Photon Missiles! They appear evenly matched, but a mighty Cannon Fire is enough to leave Mars on his knees. That's what he gets for attacking Napalm Man in his dream!

Jupiter v.s Tengu Man - Shock Treatment

Tengu Man doesn't like the ice, so of course he has to slip around everywhere in this icy arena. Even worse, Jupiter routinely gets up in the air for a mighty Electric Shock, thereby not leaving much room to fly. It's only by pure accident that Tengu Man happens to slip up and let loose a Boomer Fan, interrupting Jupiter's next move and hitting him in the robot equivalent of a gut.

Saturn v.s Galaxy Man - Pulled Into the Excitement

Easily the most tense of the mano y mano fights, Saturn is trying to pull Galaxy Man towards him using the Black Hole, but he flies just fast enough that he can stay still during this. "You know what!?" He musters up the courage to bring his arm out. "I'm not scared of you!" A Comet Blast to the face! Saturn is knocked down to the ground, ring deactivated! Galaxy Man has more than enough reason to celebrate!

Uranus v.s Centaur Man - Myth-Mash

Now that Centaur Man has a second hand to grapple Uranus's horns with, this fight becomes a lot easier. The Athens Hand provides some much-needed assistance in knocking him to the ground. Not even the Deep Digger can be of any use, due to those powerful hind legs. The rock crumbles, securing a knockout and victory!

Neptune v.s Splash Woman - Aquatic Animosity

Neptune attacks in a lust-and-revenge-filled rage, but Splash Woman avoids with all her prowess thanks to her Lazer Trident, now capable of letting her fly! Water against water in the form of the Hydro Funnel v.s that Salt Water! Even more excitingly, she's motivated to do her best by thinking about how good Galaxy Man must be doing!

Pluto v.s Slash Man - Sharpest Needle in the Haystack

Only now are Pluto and Slash Man evenly matched in their jungle combat skills! They're claw-to-claw, headlight-to-headlight! Break Dash-to-Slash Claw! Fortunately, Slash Man is much smarter than Pluto, so a distraction via a mighty jump is in order! And then does he resort to a Rising Uppercut from behind!! Ouch, that'll leave a mark.

Mega Man - 



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