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This is a follow up to the previous article, "TMG Category Files" in which I had concluded that if you wish to add a new costume to a category, you need the game category file so you can edit same and add your costume to the list.  Unfortunately, no one seems to have those category files;what we have are the category files from the baseline game which do not include the S&E costumes.  One solution is to add the S&E costumes to the list when you add your mod.  That way you will have your mod and not lose any content from the category.  This is easy if you can figure out the costume file names (*.cos) for the corresponding S&E costumes.  There are only two S&E costumes in category_military, and they were easy to identify, f_pilot_us_nam, and m_pilot_us_nam, so it was easy to reconstruct the .ini file for that category. 

Foolishly, I then set out to recreate all of the category_.ini files for all categories so I could add new costumes to any category without losing any S&E costumes.  Also, MED would then be able to recognize those costumes and they could be extracted from the game for editing if so desired.  Alas, it turned out to be a harder task than I was willing to undertake.  Some categories have quite a few S&E costumes and the *.cos files are not so easy to identify.  It's possible, but it would be a lot of work.  It would be nice if someone would do that, but I decided to look for another solution.

One possibility is to avoid messing with the category files would be to create new categories for your modifications, so I decided to try creating a new category called "Fantasy" in which I would place giant and dwarf costumes.  I looked at a couple of examples I had of mods people had made which created new categories and tried to follow the apparent recipe, but for some mysterious reason, the game would not recognize the new category.

I had added the  following to category.ini:

    cat = Fantasy

It took awhile to figure out what was wrong.  What was wrong was that I did not understand what that second line was for.  I had named my category definition file "category_fantasy.ini"  That second line was supposed to tell the god damned game what god damned file to load.  When I finally realized my error, and renamed "category_fantasy.ini" to "Fantasy.ini," the category appeared in the game.

But Lionhead wasn't done with me yet.  After a successful test run, I was prepared to celebrate having learned something, so I started shutting down the game.  Instead of a graceful exit, however, I got that dreaded message from Microsoft: "Your stupid program has stopped working."  That's not supposed to happen!  I could not live with that.  So I  abandoned my attempt to create a new category Fantasy for several months, but finally I decided to try again, with a different category called Aviation which would include Beowulf's new aviator costumes.  The same thing happened, the new category worked fine, but the game crashed on exit.  After some experimenting I found that problem is caused by having a costume appear in more than one category.  I removed Beowulf's costumes from the category military and the crash on exit went away.  I restored my category Fantasy, removed the giant and dwarf costumes from where I had originally installed them, category_future and category_monster (giant gorilla).  No more crash on exit.

We learn from our mistakes if the consequences are serious enough and we can learn from the mistakes of others.  Also, it is a good idea to write down what  you have learned in case you forget it.  That's what this is.

MoviesBandit Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018
If you need the category ini files, or all ini and cos files for all S&E costumes you can download them here:
All Movies StuntsEffects Costume COS INI Files by TheMoviesGame
lefty2016 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Excellent!  I got them all merged in this morning and now I believe the category problem is solved once and for all.  I have all my mods, plus all of the S&E costumes, and Movies Editor can now see all of the costumes.

As far as I can see, the only things I was missing were category*.ini files.  MED was able to extract all the other files in the "costume" folder.  I am mystified how you were able to retrieve those files from the game when I could not, since I am using the same MED (I hope) and I installed the game from disk.  Perhaps not all disk copies are equal.
MoviesBandit Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
I wonder if anybody can extract the cpak files.

And I wonder also if it is possible to re compress pak files.
There would be difficulties in adding mods this way however.
Probably a bad idea.
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Submitted on
July 2, 2018