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Talking Head Video

The link will take you do a demo of a lip sync test of a script for importing papagayo lip sync files in MOHO format into Blender and applying them to Movies Game heads.  As described in my previous journal entry, I created lip and jaw poses for a head (it was generic_facial_skin) to match the "Moho mouth" pictures.  I then saved the rotation and location data and wrote a script that would read the papagayo file and set the face bones according to the MOHO switch codes.

It appears to work, but I learned to my dismay that it works best for the head you use to create the original face poses.  I used generic_facial_skin to create the face poses, but when I applied them to a starmaker head they looked okay, but not quite the same and not as good.  So perhaps it will be necessary to customize the face poses for different heads.

The system works like this:

1.0 Create 10 facial poses for the MOHO mouths

Moho Mouths by lefty2016

in frames 1-10 of blender using whatever head you want (warning: you need to reassign
the lower teeth vertices to the fa_jaw group so the teeth will move with the jaw).

2.0 Run a script (generate_visemes) which writes out some python code to initialize a viseme dictionary.  This code is  pasted into a script called importmoho.

3.0 Run papagayo to create a moho switch file for a line of dialogue.  Use the graphical user interface to align the words with the waveform of the sound, then export.

4.0 In Blender, load your head (with teeth regrouped to jaw) and run importmoho to animate the head.  You can import the wav file you used in papagayo into blender using the sequence editor.  When you play the timeline, you can see the lips move and check out the timing.

At present, the script only uses a subset of the headbones, those around the lips and the jaw bone.  You can load another animation and apply the lipsync animation on top of it without affecting that which has already been loaded.

You can download papagayo for free and use it to create your lip sync animations.  I will make the python scripts and available for download once they have been adequately tested.
MikeDBoing Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Holy Guacamole-on-a-stick-with-special-sauce!!..... because, why not.............that is awesome Lefty!! Can't wait to try it out!!
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December 28, 2017


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