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This update is to correct a bug in anm_import module which prevents the script from loading an animation if it contains no bone animations.

You can download the zip from my dropbox (I hope) and replace the module in the Blender scripts folder with the one in the zip, or you
can simply correct the error yourself by editing the script you have.

About line 382 in you should find the command raiseIOError "No Bone Animations Loaded."  This should be deleted or commented out.  It was put there by me for debugging purposes and I forgot to remove it.  Sorry about that.

Also, I have added a user note to the readme file.

User Notes:

If you are using the gui, before reloading the Blender default settings, stop the script by hitting escape in the gui.  Failure to do so may lead to Blender crashing when you attempt to execute a tool from the gui.

I have been using tmg_gui for  awhile now, and while it is not ideal for all purposes, I find that it can be a great time saver for many repetitive, routine tasks.  You might be surprised how much time we spend in the file selector navigating through the various folders.

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July 10


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