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In a previous journal entry, "Magic of the Movies Game," I reported observing "Look At Behavior" in at least one FLM file (001_group_move.flm).  The discussion of that observation led to the question "What data element in the FLM file triggers this behavior?"  I think I may have at least a partial answer.

Header by lefty2016

The header of the file 001_group_move.flm shows four actors, the lead is Actor 1 and the 1st support is Actor 1090.  If we trace the flow of the Ref to Next Item ID filed from Actor 1 to the next block, we soon arrive at the following type4 block number 1197:

Lead Type4 by lefty2016
 Note that item 28 is the ID of the first supporting actor.  Could this block be telling the actor to interact in some way
with the first support?  Hmmm.

If we follow Actor 1090 from block to block, we arrive at the type4 block 1196:

Support by lefty2016
If we look in slot 28 we see the number 1 which is the ID of the lead actor.  Hmmm.  What if you change 1090 to something else?  How about -1?  Maybe that
turns off the effect.  So I tried it.  When you play the scene, the lead actor does not look at the supporting actor.  The two other actors in the scene do not use any type 4 blocks and they walk straight without turning their head.

The number in slot 29, immediately after the actor ID, is the time the "look at" option is in effect.  It appears to be in miliseconds.  If you
increase that number, the actors continue looking at one another for about 2 seconds.

The game is afoot!  Anybody who has a copy of flmreaderzero can play.

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