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September 20, 2018:

I now have a better version of the Blender 277 animation import script for "The Movies." 

The more I learn about the new Blender the more I like it, although I still have a long way to go to use it efficiently.  The best thing about it is the availability of a large community of current users who are cranking out tutorials and answering questions for users on message boards.  The process of learning about the new Blender has actually increased my understanding of how the old (2.49b) version works.

In order to complete the current script, there were two major difficulties to overcome.  The first one was the absence of a simple file selector dialog.  Apparently you are expected to write your own, but that is a really big step.  Fortunately, if you dig through the manuals, you will eventually find some sample code which you can incorporate into your own script application and that is what I have done in this second version of "load_anm." 

The second big problem I had in developing this prototype script was the absence of the ID property browser which comes installed in 2.49b.  The animation files may contain bone animations as well as prop animations.  The prop animations are tagged with "group names" which match the group names in the mesh files.  The mesh import script for 2.49 associates these names with the mesh object as custom properties and you can use view these names in the ID property browser.   When importing the ANM file into blender, you can use these group names to identify which prop animation data goes with which object.

When you open the blend file in blender 2.7, the group names are still there, but without an ID property browser, the only way to access them is using python code.  You can do this interactively in the python console or you can write a script to do it for you.  It would be nice if some one would write an ID property browser for Blender 2.7; the old code can be found in the Blender 2.49 scripts folder.

Anyway, the latest animation import script for Blender 2.7 has a file selector and it can handle props.  In order to use it, you have to import the mesh objects from "The Movies" using Blender 2.49 and save them as blend files.  You can then open the blend in Blender 2.7 to run this script.

This script works much like the old one.  When importing a bone animation, it uses the number of bones in the armature to determine which armature to apply the data to, and when importing a prop animation, it uses the object group name (grpName) to identify the prop.  If there is no matching prop, the script creates an "Empty" object and applies the animation data to it.  Many prop animation sets include data that is not used in a particular scene, so you can delete these  unused empties after the import.

One major difference between this script and importanm(5.1) is the "append" function which required setting a flag in the ID property browser.  In load_anm, running in Blender 2.7, the animation is always keyframed starting at the current frame start setting.  To append animations together, set the start frame to the end of the previous animation before running the script.  Then you can set it back to 1 to play the entire sequence of animations.  The demo video posted above shows several machine gun poses featuring Woody and the AK47 prop.

The scripts are included in this zip.

MoviesBandit Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018
Fantastic. Thank you very much for everything you do.
I hope Blender 3 isn't another complete change.
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