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Accurate Aperture Labs logo

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After seeing all of the really disappointing vectorized Aperture Science logos, and in want of one that didn't suck so much, I made this. For me, it's the splash logo on my computer's bootloader. Hence the "_bootlogo_" in all the file names.

If you look closely at the original texture for the elevator in Portal, and compare it to many of the logos that exist, you'll find that the shape of the "R"s in Aperture is wrong. This is because it's the wrong font. Also the spacing and alignment are usually off.

For a more accurate logo:
"APERTURE" : Zurich Black BT
"LABORATORIES" : Zurich Extended BT
(I used WhatTheFont! to figure out the fonts.)
You'd normally have to pay for these fonts. The "BT" at the end means you don't, for some reason. Google around to find them.

If you look at the Photoshop or Illustrator files, you'll see my reference (hidden layer), and that it's pretty damn close to what Valve made originally.

Made in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS5. The aperture I obtained from the Combine OverWiki.

The .zip file over there has:
Illustrator CS5 and CS3 versions
Photoshop CS5 version
SVG version
PNG versions at 1600x425 and 600x129 in orange and blue

Original design by (and most likely copyrighted by) Valve.
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Ahhhh ....

I'm building a mini spectrometer ... and this is the ideal logo to put on the various instrumentation boxes.

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Thank you for the explanation/clarification - actually having to design a logo from scratch because so far the vectors I have found do not scale DOWN very well. Some of the "LABORATORIES" letters end up vanishing.
I don't have PS or Illustrator so I can't use your logos ... But I also need it to be in a grey letters and transparent background to work with the rest of my project! =) Thanks anyway.
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bob0505Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks I'M using this in some art I'm making It really helped thanks
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verticityHobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks :D
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LeftSquareBracketHobbyist General Artist
=D yep!
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akitcougarStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! This helped with the Portal+Pokemon fanart I did recently.
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LeftSquareBracketHobbyist General Artist
Nice! Glad it helped!
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Much appreciated. If you don't mind, I think I'll be making some Android boot screens with this.

Also, I checked this thing's accuracy against another good source; the Aperature Laboraties logo at the very beginning of the official Long Fall Boots promotion, and it's damn accurate. Nice work.
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LeftSquareBracketHobbyist General Artist
=D Thanks.

You can go right ahead with those boot screens. At this point, I hope they came out looking sweet!
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