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Nanowrimo Calendar 2009

Here's my 2009 Nanowrimo calendar!
Created using MSPaint (Windows Vista)
Coffee stain art: "Coffee Stain" from the Free-Photo-Gallery

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone who commented on, downloaded, favorited, or viewed this year's National Novel Writing Month calendar! I appreciated all your comments, and hope the calendar in even a tiny way helped you achieve your Nanowrimo goals this year! Happy editing! :)
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alexismroark's avatar
Hello. Would you be wiling to update this one for 2016? Thanks!
Sure! I don't have the original templates, so I updated minus the year:…
alexismroark's avatar
jvenegas's avatar
it works for 2015! YES!!!
SpecificSleep's avatar
I know I'm way late, but considering it's a new year I thought I'd comment.
I love it! Really cool idea and put together nicely. And I love the one quote, "Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." XD
Glad you like it! :) Thanks for the comment!
PiichixChan's avatar
This is great! ^^ I'm using this to keep track of my words per day! I also love the design with thee coffee stains, i can relate to it knowing that i always spill my coffee all over the place lol! Thanks so much for making this, its a huge help!! :heart:
So glad you like it! Thanks for the comment :)
This is pure gold! I SO need this! it's adorable.
Thanks! Glad it's helpful
Eatfoodzap's avatar

It's my first year of NaNoing, and I started 4 days late. Currently at 11,200.
I'm gonna die! YAY!
Thanks! :) I actually had to stop NaNo-ing (my plot wasn't working and I'm teaching and completing my Masters at the same time ... wasn't working), but now I'm itching to write so ... 35k in 3 days? I think I can do it :)
Eatfoodzap's avatar
0_o That is book (if you could call it that) kinda fizzled out after I got up to 11,000, but...I'm gonna try to keep writing up 'till the end, regardless of whether I finish or not.
Wow, I didn't know this was still getting comments! Yes, I made one for 2010 (and eye of the tiger is back!) ... I'll be posting it shortly. And freakypencils, thanks so much!
freakypencils's avatar
this is the best MS Paint creation I've seen in my life.

Yopex's avatar
Simply fantastic :D I love the quotes and the Eye of The Tiger. Will you be making one for '10 as well?
WriterOfWolves's avatar
Featured in my NaNo journal [link] :)
riverbellarose's avatar
so cool!! but omg i'm so far off the number of words i should be up to by now!!! i'm supposed to be typing right now!!
haha, don't worry, a lot of folks are off! just think .... you've got the night of writing dangerously to catch up! :)
riverbellarose's avatar
lols yh, i think it may take alot more than one night tho^^
firstRainbowRose's avatar
I think I love this more then I should. You've chosen amazing quotes, and the number count guide is really useful. (It tells me how much I should out shadow myself by.)
thanks so much! happy weekend writing! :)
firstRainbowRose's avatar
You too. And best of luck (thought, you might not need it.)
PrincessOfDonutland's avatar
that's adorable, I love the font and the coffee stains x.x
the quotes are nice <3
thank you for sharing
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