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Walk With You Through the Dark

I made a decision about this painting.
And that was - I am going to be awesome.

Actually, I had no idea what I was doing when I started drawing it, at my friend's house... with his bristol. >D
Makes sense that I ended up drawing his character.
(The bad-ass, charming man on the right.)
He is Caenus, the Praetorian. Ask no questions.
The other is Liz... You've met her. ;)
She, of course, is Chris'.

Sketched yesterday.
Inked last night.
Colored today.

All around... about 10-12 hours.
Fun times.

(...It's big.)

Download for full size, PLEASE!!!!! <3
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Okay, it's official, I need to start posting my own deviations, and we need to start doing some collaborations on those characters.
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thats fantastic !
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Sweet :) Love the expressions and sense of motion. And that red-tinge in the hair...*wistful sigh* Great work :D
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Thanks! I love Liz's hair so much, mine has been dyed that way for a couple of months. :D
I usually don't go with such extreme colors on myself. XD

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Oh really? :) Very cool. I bet it looks fantastic. Kudos for trying something out of the ordinary for you!
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They're actually genetically engineered/'mutated' beings. To see that many at once... well... People die that way. :)

But I like your interpretation. XD
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Ohhh, so like evil teenage munant ninja turtles, eh? ;P
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... Close enough?
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