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We indeed made it back, my members! :party: And with a shiny new set of rules.
It actually shines lots, but is quite short, so please be sure to read them before submitting. (:

The rules for GALLERY submissions are these:
:bulletred: We don't accept WIPs. Only finished works, please, no half-coloured pictures.
:bulletred: We don't accept excessively mature or explicit deviations, we want our Group to be age-friendly and not everyone knows what a Mature Content filter is, nor cares about turning it on. =P
:bulletred: When submitting a story/comic divided into chapters, please be sure to submit the first chapter (or prologue) into the gallery folder „Prologues“. Any other chapters should be submitted to the folder „Excerpts“. :heart:
:bulletred: The submission limit will be set to one (1) per week (given that we are one thousand lefties in here already!), so choose your works wisely.
:bulletred: We only accept works you have done YOURSELF! Please be aware that submitting art that is not yours is not allowed on DA in general (there may be some exceptions though, you can read it all in the DA rules)!
:bulletred: Your work respects all of the above-mentioned rules? It then is perfect for submitting. :dummy:

:omfg: Also, important! Submissions to the "Featured" folder are forbidden, we will use it for future projects. Please submit to the correct Folder or your submission will be declined. :hug:

And for FAVOURITES suggestions, the rules are:
:bulletred: You can't suggest your own work for inclusion in this Folder. Sorry, we just feel this is very unfair. :(
:bulletred: We want to showcase the best of the best lefty awesomeness, here! Keep that in mind, high quality work goes in here. :eyes:

Submissions will now be re-opened, and hopefully the admin team will be able to sort through them without too many problems.
Please be patient with them the first while until they all figure everything out, they're lovely. :heart:

Thank you for your time, and I'm very glad we make it back on track. :la: Little by little, all the rest will come too.

The Lefty Master Of Evil,
TheMaidenInBlack and the LeftHandedArtists administrators

25-11-2013 Changes in Literature: Now we also accept not only prologues but also all other chapters of longer stories.

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HazzaMaya's avatar
Cool! this group is awesome! I'll get right on the art! maybe. :D
Lazeila's avatar
I'm liking this group already~
Rules are cool and well thought too! <3

Ever heard of human rights?
Get excited for.... alien lefts!
Arahiriel's avatar
Hahahaha, I love that quote!!! :giggle:

Welcome here!! We hope we can please you. :)
APH-Skittlez's avatar
FOREVER LEFTHANDED FTW :iconprussiawinplz:
lkcreate's avatar
My work might be a little bit too much erh... explicit for there XD but anyway i'll try to do some deviation that fits to these rules ^^
Arahiriel's avatar
I hope you can find some proper submissions for our group though. :)
If you find some which are not THAT explicit just be sure to put mature filter on. :aww:

Happy submitting!
SheThatKnowsAll's avatar

Are short story literature submissions allowed?
Arahiriel's avatar
Hi there,
sorry for the late reply, I was away the last two weeks. :heart:

Yes, short stories are also allowed. :nod:
SheThatKnowsAll's avatar
It's okay, and thank you!
Arahiriel's avatar
Estherhase's avatar
Does the 'only submit the first chapter' rule apply to comics or is it just for literature deviations? Woudl that mean that I can only submit the first page of a comic?
Arahiriel's avatar
Hello there.
This is something we are right now discussion (and it seems we will change the „only one chapter“ rule soon).
Until now we only had it for written submissions.

If it is ok for you it would be the best that you are waiting around one week until we officially bring up the rule changes.
(You will be able to submit more entries than – at least the discussion is going into this direction. ;) )

If you have any further questions please contact me!
Estherhase's avatar
Thanks. Waiting a week is no problem. :)
Arahiriel's avatar
Hi there,
I wanted to inform you that we have changed our rules right now in the group :iconlefthandedartists: ! :la:

As you have asked about this theme I wanted to inform you. You can find all changing infos here:

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!
Thanks for your patience.
Arahiriel's avatar
Hi there,
we are still discussing this chapter submission thing. But I hope it will not take too long anymore! I tell you when we have a dicission. :)
Arahiriel's avatar
Thank you so very much! We try to make a decision as fast as possible!
ChaosFissure's avatar
This is actually something we're revising and discussing at the moment; it is likely that the rules regarding this will be clarified.  For now, however, it would be preferred for you to submit just the first page of either type of medium, but it may likely be possible for you to submit more pages in the near future.
Estherhase's avatar
Thanks for explaining. I'll finish my comic then, before I post the first page here.
Frostbite97's avatar
I am proud to be a leftie!
Arahiriel's avatar
And we are proud that you are! :)
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