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It‘s our date again - International Left-Handers Day, August 13th!!!
Have you celebrated this day?
Any ideas?
What are questions you often hear as a lefty?
Let us guess some:
How can you write with the other hand?
This looks weird to write with your left...
I thought left-handers have an ugly writing...
Why can‘t you write with the normal hand?
Sounds familiar?
Do you have any other sentencens you can no longer hear? 😝
Want some facts about lefties?
Here you go:
Celebrate our special day!
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Welcome to the group.

Ever felt like a minority?

Well, it's because we are! No one really cares about us, you know. People like Joan of Arc, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoléon Bonaparte, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were born ages ago.
And no one remembers them.
Oh wait.
You do?

That's because left-handed people are awesome.

So we decided to set up what is now a welcome home for all lefties of dA.

We understand how hard it can be to be left-handed. There's a constant barrier, a visible difference between lefties and the rest of society.

But we're not here to lament that uniqueness.

We are proud of who we are.
Are you?


Two of the most famous lads in the world, Bill Gates and Barack Obama, are left-handed.
So you're in good company.





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Okay, but I'm right handed. 
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In watching, but I can't join and you guys should know why.
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Hi I'm a lefty and I'm proud of it! I just found this group today, am I allowed to join?
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New article on left handedness:…
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