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Fishing equipment online store

By lefiath
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An updated version of my previous designs: [link]

Sadly I had to get rid of the wood textures, but other than that, everything has been improved. Design is simplified with cleaner graphic, more focused on content, and I know that there is empty space at bottom, I forgot to fix it in the design.
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Great work,truly... :) I like the colours picked and they liquify with the other ones... So,as the Deutschs says: "Supa!" XD
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Great work. I like it!
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I think the backfround is way to blurry, but it has beautiful colours.
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Thanks. I've picked the blurred version, because normal one was way too distracting. And when it wasn't as blurred, you could still see way too many details so it looked strange. It's better to blur it more, as long as you can see what it is (river). It's true that it might've been less, but it wouldn't make such a difference in the end.
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Ah okay. I do like it, I have not been working so much with web design, but I see a lot of pages eweryday on the job. Some is just so horrible and I just enjoy to see something this nice. :heart:
Some one kill me of all the horrible home pages I have to see on the job. XD

anyway. Great job with this!
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It's true that DA is mostly filled with rubbish (not that there is anyone to blame, but overall I feel there aren't many designers on DA, definetely compared to illustrators, painters and photographers), if you want to see something more regulated and focused on quality, try [link]
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Ah it looks good. My phone here just looks to not enjoy it but I'll see it more tomorrow in an computer.

CG society is also something I think looks good, I use it as an professional web-portfolio. But you get easy forgotten between the big guys.
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****** AWARD ******
*** Site of the Day ***
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Well, thank you very much :)
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Well, I thought I should better keep my mouth shut lol, because the design is cool in overall :)

More suggestions :
x Guess you can't change the logo, but personally i hate the strokes, they could have been done in a much more subtle way or even removed
x At the top of the page you see 6 icons, 5 of them are dark-grey, and facebook icon is colored. that's odd, guess facebook wouldn't have sued you if you made the logo dark-grey as well

And I really like the way you used the fishing hooks there
Good job, dude
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Yes, sadly I can't change the logo, but I won't stop trying to persuate client about changing it, since I hate it too :D I made facebook more distinctive, because this shop has a strong community of fishermans that visit it's facebook page, and that's the reason why it's more visible.
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I think I'll add you to watch list: getting back to DA since over last two weeks I've started working with 3 design agencies.
Looking forward to see more of your designs :)

Good luck, keep up the good work!
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Unique Creativity , realy like the design
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Looks good.

My sugestions:
Under the header where are those 6 links with icons i think they should be a bit lower so the top and bottom margin from the boxes would be the same.
A good idea would be adding date to the news so people would know from what time the news are.
Instead contact form at the footer i would suggest using company data (name, adres, phones, e-mail).
And the last thing from me is that you could add up at the top of the page phone number to the company.

Good job btw.
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I also wanted to add that I really appreciate anybody that actually tries to give such suggestions, because here on DA, so many designers are lazy to post their ideas or advices. So keep it up! :)
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no problem mate.
the phone number is based on polish "stupid" people that don't know where to look and want everuthing now and for free ... (my country), i've seen a lot of pages that where missing phone number adresses and more.

You have some nice works ... Keep it up.
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Thanks for the ideas. Icons are actually placed in the grid, you can see the margin is the same for the text, it's just that several icons have difference sizes. Company data is not necessary since this is e-shop and all that will be under section contact (there will be additional content), and phone number is only useful when it's specific e-shop where a lot of people buy over phone, which is not a case here. But I will consider the date, again not really necessary because it's mostly for returning users, but might as well add it there because I've used it in another column.
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