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Zangief, the meanest character in SF!
(Taking a Final Atomic Buster does wonders to one's opinion) ^_^
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Can I use this artwork for an arcade sick?
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The only guy that can spin around without looking stupid.
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The Red Cyclone: Only for advanced players.

Many a time I've seen pros snatch poor Chun Li fromt he air and Spin Piledrive her.

Russian wrestling is always No 1!

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Very very good. Awesome!
I love the colors
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Great work man! Well done!
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wicked dude, awesome painting style and love the look on his face.
Nice man Zangief is my fav character
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Zangief o3nz!!
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Hahaa, Zangief is hardcore! ;)
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That's amazing! Well done. I love it.
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excellent artwork :)
damn you're good :)
i like a lot the texture, colors and also the terrible eyes of the fighter :)

well done !!! :+fav:
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Great work on Zangief! He was surely my :+fav: character in that game. Interesting pose and BG.
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:clap: Really wonderful. No words, again.
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I like the pose, but the background color looks good too. It's so deep and has so many hues that it's really intresting to watch.
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Awesome job, and he is my favorite Fighting character too.
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lol yees! Zangief is awesome! Mm I really love your coloring and shading! So pretty! Kekek well.. for a zangief! :D Love the expression!
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