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Daily Harry Potter Drawings Week 4 by leewlundin Daily Harry Potter Drawings Week 4 by leewlundin

Handdrawn with ink.

Day 19: Molly Weasley
 - Molly Weasley is brilliant. I’ve been quite influenced by how she looks in the movies to be honest. I suspect this is the type of frown she gets when Fred and George have been up to something.

Day 20: John Dawlish - One of the Aurors at the Ministry. Poor guy, he’s qutie competent, but doesn’t stand a chance against Dumbledore. He really goes through some tough time during the book series.

Day 21: Lily Evans/Potter - I’m really not happy with the exectution of this drawing. I am however pleased with the design, I could see her wearing those clothes in the late 70s. 

Day 22: Regulus Black - Seeing as he dies very young, I had to draw him, well… young. Not sure about the clothing, but I think the hair is allright! 

Day 23: Severus Snape - There’s no one who doesn’t know Snape at sight. I just really wanted to capture the bat-like quality of him rushing through the corridors of Hogwarts. I also wanted his clothes to be very layered.

Day 24: Amelia Bones - She is the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement, and has the role of some type of Judge from time to time. I didn’t quite got her square jaw right, but otherwise I’m pleased with the design.

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