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Second Shadow: Chapter 5
Late afternoon in Hawthorne town, the sun was going down and bringing in the night. A playground was empty and covered in snow except for two teenage boys getting to know one another. “Jay” and Jack Frost had been casually chatting for almost an hour now. Jay was sitting on a bench watching Jack balance on a railing, barefoot and unfazed by the cold metal touching his skin. Beside him was his backpack full of snacks and drinks he had “acquired” before going to meet with his friend; already half gone.
“ I’ve pretty much been wandering around the world since then. Making snow days, playing with kids even though they couldn’t see me, hanging out with other spirits, stuff like that…” Jack said, perfectly balanced on the railing as he twirled his staff in hand.
“’m surprised you haven’t gone crazy yet…” That made Jack paused for a moment, looking over his shoulder at his friend. Jay was
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Second Shadow Ch 5 Preview by LeeVC Second Shadow Ch 5 Preview :iconleevc:LeeVC 6 7 [Request] Carola Meek by LeeVC [Request] Carola Meek :iconleevc:LeeVC 11 1 [Request] Jewel Ageless by LeeVC [Request] Jewel Ageless :iconleevc:LeeVC 9 1 [Request] Kasaka by LeeVC [Request] Kasaka :iconleevc:LeeVC 6 1 Queen Alexandria of Asterya by LeeVC Queen Alexandria of Asterya :iconleevc:LeeVC 3 0 Island of Asterya by LeeVC Island of Asterya :iconleevc:LeeVC 1 0 Draw me like one of your French Pearls by LeeVC Draw me like one of your French Pearls :iconleevc:LeeVC 140 12
Second Shadow: Chapter 4
“I call the darkness unto me,
To show me what I cannot see...
I open wide my heart and mind,
To dream of one I cannot find...
To learn of where my life first bud,
I seek to find this bond of blood...
Reveal to me my deep desire,
Reveal to me my one true sire....”

“Okay, is Section NA-31 cleared yet? Great! Make sure you stack them in a pyramid formation; 10 boxes high! Uh-girls! Make sure you go over Section SA-02 very carefully, I’m seeing a lot of grey spots on there!”
Sunset at the Tooth Palace, the fairies were fluttering to and fro, with boxes, teeth and coins in hand. It was time for the once a century clean up of all the tooth boxes in the palace. Once every hundred years, she takes the time to clean out the tooth palace of all the ‘grey’ boxes that were no longer used to be recycled for the next generation of children in the world. And while it’s only been 97 years, 3 months and 1 week, she thought it best to start e
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Portrait: White Pearl by LeeVC Portrait: White Pearl :iconleevc:LeeVC 203 10 Portrait: Pearl by LeeVC Portrait: Pearl :iconleevc:LeeVC 151 2 Portrait: Blue Pearl by LeeVC Portrait: Blue Pearl :iconleevc:LeeVC 222 2 Portrait: Yellow Pearl by LeeVC Portrait: Yellow Pearl :iconleevc:LeeVC 165 1
Second Shadow: Chapter 3
Though the winter season was coming to an end, patches of snow could still be seen on the roofs of the small New England town. Winter break was long over and the roads had been salted and plowed of any remaining snow from previous winter storms so it was business as usual. Much to the enjoyment of the people, it had been particularly sunny that day, so it was warm enough for people to enjoy their lunches outside. A few cafes had screened off areas so that the wind wouldn’t be so biting for their patrons. And for those who didn’t mind the low temperature, a nice hot cup of coffee helped keep them warm.
A good day for adults. A bad day for Jack. Perched on a tree branch, he pouted as he watched a classroom full of students struggle to stay awake during a math lecture. All those bored faces, wishing they didn’t have to be stuck in a stuffy building, learning equations they’d never use in real life. It broke his poor snow flaked covered heart.
A mischievous smile sp
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Second Shadow: Chapter 2


Broken out his deep thoughts, Pitch looked up from the chess board he had been blankly staring at. Floating just on the other side of the chess was a speckled mini-fairy, her hands on her hips and head tilted in concern.
‘Am I playing so badly, you got bored?’ She asked and Pitch had the decency to appear a little sheepish.
“Oh...sorry, Vidya. It’s not you...I’m just...thinking…”
Pitch sat back in his chair, taking a moment to look around his library. He had spent all morning in here looking for dream specific spell books but he couldn’t find any new information that he didn’t already know. Vidya had been in his library at the time, interested in reading a few horror stories after Shelley had gotten her interested. [1] She would be reading a copy of “Nosferatu” when she saw a few book flying and smacking into the wall around the corner following by frustrated
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Second Shadow: Chapter 1
He was here again.
Beneath his feet was an endless plain of what he could describe as a watery void. It appeared to be as deep as the largest oceans yet it did not move like one. Above it, darkness yet all around were watery shadows of deep blues and tiny dots of light floating around, dimming and alighting like lazy fireflies. This void, this endless and calm void was all that he could see.
And Pitch was all too familiar with it. This dream, or rather vision, he’s been having for the past 3 months has been haunting him every time he decided to rest and that was not often. At first he thought he was having a nightmare. That wouldn’t be too far fetched for him. If his Fearlings and Nightmares were not sated enough the evenings before, they didn’t care where they got their next “meal”; be it from a child or their own master. But after a while, it was clear this wasn’t a normal nightmare. Or even a dream. It always feels like his mind was sent to anothe
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Next chapter will most likely be released Next Friday instead of Monday since I gotta take care of a few things first. Then I'll try to keep the release schedule more consistent. It usually takes me a week to finish a chapter then I take a week to recharge then rinse and repeat. So look out for it! Heart emoticon 


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I hope you'll have the best birthday ever! Tight Hug 
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your art got reposted on Instagram… your signature/url is still there, but it's very blurry. and he didn't give credit. also, he steals other people's art, removes the signature and gives no credit )): if you want to report him, here's a link for that…

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LeeVC Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for letting me know. It appears the pages have already been deleted tho.
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