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I hate getting really political online (unless it's a cartoon I've made) and making rants, but I feel it is necessary to say something about today's events (especially with all the talk of Batman and guns). Late last year, I made an animation I couldn't help but be reminded of today called THE CYNIC, THE BAT, AND THE FIST depicting Batman as a Paul Kersey-esque vigilante brandishing a gun. Today, many were even noting of how the character of Batman (traditionally) never uses guns and some were citing a quote Batman makes in Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" (even though Batman happens to use guns on a few occasions in that exact comic). Whether a fictional character is or isn't supposed to use guns isn't really the point, but I think both Batman's use and reluctance to use guns says a lot about how I feel about them.

Guns aren't going to go away, but I have no problem with them when used for the right purposes by the right people. When in the wrong hands, they can no doubt lead to horrible atrocities like today. No matter what your political views are, I think we should all at least agree on two things today. A. Guns and violence in fiction is fine. It isn't real and isn't a valid excuse or blame for violence in real life. Violence and guns can only be blamed for being widespread in the media due to their presence in real life and not the other way around. B. Whether you advocate stricter gun-control or not, something needs to be done about the issue of firearms in this country (especially when it comes to weapons that are specifically created to kill large amounts of people).
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Submitted on
July 20, 2012