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If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen me posting about Desert Mirage for awhile now. It’s a feature-film directed by Michael Fredianelli that I’ve taken up animation duties on together with a team of skilled artists. It’s easily the most ambitious project I’ve become involved with due to the sophistication and amount of animation required. We’ve made a lot of progress bringing to life the movie’s cartoon cast (voiced almost entirely by the talented Jeremy Koerner!) and have about 70% of the film’s animation completed in its rough form. However to continue achieving the type of quality we’re aiming for and finish the film, we need your help. We’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign for which will give us the means to raise the minimum amount of funding to get the film completed. Please check out our IndieGoGo page and its accompanying teaser video and consider donating to Desert Mirage! Every little bit you can provide will get us closer to achieving our goal. Even if you cannot donate, feel free to share the page and spread the word. All help is most appreciated!
I sympathize with the VFX and 3D animation community and their recent plight, but something about the whole thing doesn't sit right with me. The 2D animation business in the US has gone through much harder times (with so much of the work in the field outsourced to other countries for years now). I don't think there was ever this much outcry and support for the 2D community even when they've essentially been dumped on and pissed on for years. Almost seems like another instance of the so-called "animation age ghetto" playing out again. People seem only to care now because they are realizing that their beloved (somehow deemed less for kids) superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy films (which are essentially animated films as proven by sites like the Before VFX blog) are nothing without CGI. So many things going on these days to make me upset with the current state of the entertainment industry as a whole, yet so much drive for me to want to keep pushing at creating the stuff I love.
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I hate getting really political online (unless it's a cartoon I've made) and making rants, but I feel it is necessary to say something about today's events (especially with all the talk of Batman and guns). Late last year, I made an animation I couldn't help but be reminded of today called THE CYNIC, THE BAT, AND THE FIST depicting Batman as a Paul Kersey-esque vigilante brandishing a gun. Today, many were even noting of how the character of Batman (traditionally) never uses guns and some were citing a quote Batman makes in Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" (even though Batman happens to use guns on a few occasions in that exact comic). Whether a fictional character is or isn't supposed to use guns isn't really the point, but I think both Batman's use and reluctance to use guns says a lot about how I feel about them.

Guns aren't going to go away, but I have no problem with them when used for the right purposes by the right people. When in the wrong hands, they can no doubt lead to horrible atrocities like today. No matter what your political views are, I think we should all at least agree on two things today. A. Guns and violence in fiction is fine. It isn't real and isn't a valid excuse or blame for violence in real life. Violence and guns can only be blamed for being widespread in the media due to their presence in real life and not the other way around. B. Whether you advocate stricter gun-control or not, something needs to be done about the issue of firearms in this country (especially when it comes to weapons that are specifically created to kill large amounts of people).
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