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Published: April 27, 2018
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EDIT;; I KNOW. I know. Pink is Rose, Rose is Pink, Steven is Pink, THIS IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT NOW. Nothing to see here, move along! I swear to god, you all act like I'm ignorant, this wAS WRITTEN, AND DRAWN, BEFORE A SINGLE PALE ROSE. Okay? Stop telling me, I'm going to start hiding your comments. Ty. :heart:

Now this, Steven hadn't expected; sneaking around White Diamond's personal quarters, he'd seen a bubble containing a vaguely familiar looking Gem. It was on display, like some kind of trophy, and it struck a kind of anger in him; so much so that his first instinct was to unbubble her. After all, if White Diamond of all Gems had bubbled someone, they must be REALLY good and could help him out of here!

The reaction was immediate, the gem began to take shape but it didn't take even close to how long it took someone like Pearl to cycle through previous outfits. The Gem immediately came into focus and dropped to the ground with an audible "OOF".

Steven's eyes were wide. Her eyes were wide. 

"What's going on!?" She shouted; Pink Diamond. 

She looked afraid, and Steven was sure he probably looked even more fearful.

"P-P-Pink Dia--" He stammered, but she cut him off.

"Where am I?!" The tiniest Diamond demanded. Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes. "Where's Blue?? I want Blue!"

"I-I don't know!" Steven replied, shocked; he seemed unable to comprehend just want exactly, or rather, who, was in front of him. Pink Diamond, the Gem he thought his mother had shattered, the Gem he thought was gone, was sitting in front of him, whimpering like a frightened child. He felt... bad for her? It was strange, he knew Pink Diamond had done so many horrible things, supposedly, but right now, she just looked.. pitiful. He took a few steps closer, and at first she shied away from him. Though, she took a better look at him and sniffled. 

"You're human," She murmured. Steven nodded, deciding maybe NOT to tell her he was also kind of THE Rose Quartz. "Do you know where we are?"

"Uh-- White Diamond's personal quarters I guess? I've been walking a while."

She winced, then buried her face in her hands. "I want Blue..." she whimpered. 

After hesitating, his hand hovering over her back, Steven gave her a gentle 'pat pat'. "I'll help you find her, don't cry!" Immediately, she dropped her hands from her face and jumped to her feet, determination in her tear-stained expression. 

"Okay- let's go!"


She grabbed him by the wrist then, dragging him along. Steven struggled to keep pace with her, tripping every so often; but perhaps it was because he keep staring up at her in shock and he wasn't watching where he was going.

Pink Diamond... was alive? This changed EVERYTHING. 


In before we find out Pearl shattered her or something

ANYWAY I know this is probably not going to happen this way, no, I know it won't. But it WOULD be nice! Our all-powerful ruler--- I mean, Pink Diamond needs a redemption arc! ;) 

I also just wanted an excuse to draw Pink again, I love her design more than life itself.
I threw in a quick story too just because I can


Any resemblance to characters of other works by other creators is completely coincidental. Steven Universe, Pink Diamond, and the... idea of White Diamond are owned by Cartoon Network and its creator. Please do not post elsewhere without my permission. Do not trace, reproduce, or steal in any shape or form. If you want something drawn for you, I'm open to commissions and the like! There really is no reason to steal!
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so make your story that is this an alternate universe since it was before the single pale rose i see this could be where rose and pink diamond are two separate being both double agents as they fight the ones who they rebel against if thats what your going, or fight the one who truly responsible for their tyranny as her or she corrupt their as in the end white diamond made a deal with rose and pink in return to leave the earth and other organic life planets in peace, a solution to colonise without harvesting worlds to nonexistence must be made but sadly they get the one
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The title should be "MOM?"
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
IF I had drawn this before I knew the information, yeah, it should have been. But I didn't have the information we do now.
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SevenObessed77Hobbyist General Artist
I like this! Well done!
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I know it's a little irrelevant now, but I appreciate it. X'D :heart:
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SevenObessed77Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay man, I love AUs.
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Lol. Pink Diamond redemption arc, you say? Well... we kinda get that... in a manner of speaking. :p

Interesting story, though! Also, I snicker a little at Steven's assumption that anyone bubbled by White Diamond must be good. I mean, it makes sense at first, right? One of the 'bad guy' leadership could only have sealed away a 'good guy,' right? But this show's more complicated than that; White Diamond, much like Yellow and Blue, would be many things other than just a 'villain' to everyone whose planet the gems have attacked, and most fans of the show know that by now, so I knew the second Steven said that, "uh-oh, he's in for a surprise when that bubble pops." A not-yet-reformed Pink Diamond is one thing it could be, but I wouldn't be shocked if some Stephen King-grade horror was unleashed...
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BenjaminHopkinsHobbyist Digital Artist
[To Steven]: She lives in you, dude... youtu.be/4B5g35C-j4M
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This is also an interesting outcome. :)
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If you saw the latest episodes, especially ep. 18 - "A Single Pale Rose", then This meeting would be SSSSOOOOOOO Much Different, I'm not going to Spoil how, you'll just need to watch them for yourself.
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes yes I’ve seen it, I understand that the picture is totally irrelevant now lmao 
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Well it's not Entirely Irrelevant, you could just change the story to where Steven had a dream, but it was actually a repressed memory of Pink Diamond, where she was in White Diamond's personal quarters, then Pink gets startled when Steven shows up because Pink was expecting White would have been the one returning, but here in Steven's Head, Pink & Steven can finally have a heart-felt meeting.
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaahhhh, I like the way you think!
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This is a cool idea! Oh, and I bet neither Blue or Yellow would be happy about White Diamond's deception and treachery against her fellow diamonds.

Blue: "How could White do this to her, and lie to us about it like that?!"

Yellow: "She will pay for this treachery...She...WILL...PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" *unleashes a pillar of electricity at the last word in her sentence*
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A theory I long for it to be true, but I don’t know what the crewinverse has in store for us. :D Great depiction with the reactions of both Pink Diamond and Steven seeing each other. =P
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LumitoonStudent Digital Artist
Tbh I thought this was a spoiler xD This looks great though <3 I hope this happens!
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
AHH thank you!! XD :heart: :heart: :heart: 
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Dulcechica19Student Digital Artist
I really want the theory to be true
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Me toooo! XD
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LuminoustarzHobbyist Digital Artist

this looks amazing oomggg <33
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist

Ahhh thank yoooou!!! <3 
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LynnesGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist

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