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Owari no Seraph - Akami by LeesiGalaxy Owari no Seraph - Akami by LeesiGalaxy
Heey! I actually drew this a whiiiile ago but I didn't know what to name her, so I hadn't uploaded it. I decided on Akami after hours of research! It seemed like every name I settled on, I forgot was already in use! XD

But here she is finally! 

Akami's family lived in a dangerous area, and thus, they agreed to marry their oldest daughter to wealthy progenitor, who promised them safety, riches, food, and anything they could possibly desire. Akami agreed to this, of course, wanting nothing but happiness and safety for her family. The nobleman turned her and then ordered the murder of her entire town, including her family. He'd gotten what he wanted; a beautiful bride! He didn't need to protect those humans, they'd only pull her attention away from him.

Well, obviously, Akami didn't approve. She slaughtered him and his own family, leaving her the only one left with the family's name, their home, their riches. 

Rumors spread of her treachery and she would have been executed for such a thing, but Krul seemed intrigued by her and, as she put it, 'let her off with a warning.' 

That's all I have so far anyway, I really enjoyed the anime and can't wait for season 3!


Any resemblance to characters of other works by other creators is completely coincidental. Owari no Seraph is owned by its creator(s), but the character and design of Akami belongs to me. The artwork is mine (aside from the background), so please do not post elsewhere without my permission. Do not trace, reproduce, or steal in any shape or form. If you want something drawn for you, my commissions are open. There really is no reason to steal!
LynnesGalaxy Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You posted her yeeEESSS!!! :heart:
But omG I wasn't expecting that story pOOR BABY LKFJFKJGVSKLCGJSD

It sounds sO COOL THOUGH KGHJGFL :heart: :heart: :heart:
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