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Published: January 9, 2019
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Diligently, Mitsuko followed the one who’d hurt Touma for quite some time, and it was going better than she had expected. So far, he hadn’t seemed to realize that he was being trailed, and if he did, he’d made no indication of it. Not only that, but he was taking a route that was leading them to the older, downtown area of this city; it was a much less busy and populated place, meaning it would be the perfect place to confront Wes.

If Mitsuko were to say that she didn’t have second thoughts about doing this, she would have been flat out lying. It was a risk— a calculated one, but a risk all the same. Everything was hinged on scaring him enough to leave Touma alone, but not touching him or giving him any leverage to rat her out. Having a... conversation with him was not enough for him to get her in trouble with her school or her family, but she couldn’t stoop as low as him and use her quirk on him. If she did, there would be some serious repercussions, possibly even expulsion from UA.

As they walked, Wes’ dark eyes suddenly met her green ones; he’d turned to peer over his shoulder at her, his brows pinched in inquiry. However, he turned back to face the way he’d been going, shoving his hands in his pockets. Only a few moments later did her turn to look at her again, and again, and again, until he was almost frantically whipping around to look at her with what she could have sworn was fear.

Without warning, he broke off into a jog, and Mitsuko narrowed her eyes in on her target; Damn. She thought. Guess the gig is up. If he thinks he can outrun this, he’s sorely mistaken. Giving chase, Mitsuko followed Wes through every curving street, until he unexpectedly darted into an alley. It was almost... too good to be true, when she turned the corner.

The alley was a dead end, and he stood looking up at the high wall with what she could only imagine to be exasperation. Whipping around suddenly. He backed up until his back was against the wall, his eyes wide, teeth clenched into a grimace.

“Who are you?!” He whimpered, and Mitsuko could already feel his quirk at work; he was trying to control her already? Shaking her head to push out the influence of his quirk, Mitsuko approached slowly, eyes narrowing in on him.

“Wes Murakami.” A single hand reached upwards; her index finger and thumb pinched the brim of her hat, lifting it upwards and off of her head, tossing it aside. It landed someone beside her with a muted thud. “Last week, you attacked a UA student— not very intelligent, especially when you stop to consider the kind of people who attend UA. We don’t take kindly to those who prey on the defenseless.”

The blond cowered at Mitsuko spoke, almost trembling as he was called out for his actions. “Please— I don’t know what you’re talking about! Why don’t we talk this out like civil, calm, normal people.. come on, there’s no need for all of this..”

“I already know how your quirk works.” Mitsuko continued, holding a hand out to her side. The tips of her fingers began to glow a myriad of colors and particles of light pour off of her; the effect traveled up her body until it reached the tip of her braid. The hair tie that had previously held her hair together suddenly snapped, either from the force of her hair expanding or the heat that it was giving off- or both. Either way, it released her hair from the braid, which swirled upwards as she spoke. “I’m afraid it won’t work on me, so you should really just give it a rest.”

“W-What do you want?” The boy asked through quivering lips.

“I just want to talk.” She replied, her hand charging up with an excess amount of power— it was almost blinding. “About Touma Murakami. My friend.”

Wes’ back slowly inched down the wall, until he was on the damp concrete ground, shielding his face. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, please don’t hurt me, please!” Mitsuko only looked on, unimpressed... until suddenly, Wes’ eyes snapped upwards to meet hers, a smile curled on his lips. “At least, that’s what I would say if I was a weakling like that cocky little prick.”

“Wha—“ Mitsuko’s eyes widened, the glowing of her hand diminishing quite a large fraction.

“Did you really think I’d be scared of you?” He stood up, wiping his palms off on his cargo pants. “I mean really. Sure, you got a strong, flashy quirk, but with the weight of a name like Ri-Shen on your shoulders, you wouldn’t dare risk actually hurting me. You’re harmless.”

Mitsuko listened, mouth left agape. He knows my name, he knows who I am... did he plan on coming into this alley just to mess with me!? Her mind swirled, anger welled within her chest, but she finally shook her head and got ahold of her emotions, reining them in. Her expression became neutral as she studied Wes’ visage. “If you know who I am, and know who my family is,” Mitsuko began, the colors of her quirk fading. “then you should know that we’re not only powerful in terms of our quirks, but within our standing as well. Not the kind of people you want to make enemies of.” She hated using her name as leverage, it made her feel dirty, but if she couldn’t scare him into compliance with her quirk, then her social standing would have to do.

“What are you going to do, tell every socialite in Japan that I’m a bad kid? News flash,” he leaned forward, hands out at his side. “everyone already knows that.”

This wasn’t going Mitsuko’s way— he had the upper hand here, and they both knew it. All the while, his voice remained calm and even as he continued to probe her mind with his abilities, and she was finding it hard to not concentrate on it. Still, Mitsuko glared daggers at the smiling boy with the siren quirk. “So, what? You’re inclined to just be what they already think you are? That’s sad.”

“Not as sad as you right now.” He countered, then laughed suddenly, loudly. “I mean, look at you! The fact that you’d stoop down to my level for some nobody like him is honestly embarrassing! You’ve really got it bad, don’t you?”

Although she initially had been angry that he would dare call her friend a nobody, his last words were all that remained in her mind; her cheeks felt oddly warm. “What?.. What are talking about?”

“Wow, for being a supposed hero in training, you really are pretty dumb. It’s so obvious that I almost feel embarrassed for you. Almost. Now, come here.”

Without question, Mitsuko took a step forward to go to him, but with a sudden gasp of realization, she halted, hands shooting upwards to cover her ears. He almost got me!

“Look at that! I thought it only worked on weak little bastards like Touma! Guess you fall under that category too, huh?”


“Save your breath, I’m bored now. I thought this would be fun but it’s honestly not even a challenge, so I’m just gonna get going if you don’t mind. Tell that Murakami idiot I say hello.” Wes walked forward, shoving his shoulder against Mitsuko’s as he passed her, who only stood frozen in her place in utter bewilderment. “Oh, and Mitsuko?” When she turned to face him, he continued. “You know I’m not wrong about Touma. He really is weak— defenseless, as you put it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here to defend him. Man, I really hope he doesn’t find out about this, I mean, what’s more insulting than your little girlfriend confronting your bully for you? Anyway, later.”

With a wave over his shoulder, Wes turned the corner of the alley and disappeared back into the street.

Mitsuko couldn’t move for what felt like the longest time; her eyes, blank, remained trained on the mouth of the alley, as if he’d ordered her to stay put, but he hadn’t. The young heroine in training remained there until the sky bled red and orange, where, without warning, she cried out in frustration and threw a punch at the nearest brick wall. The brick cracked and splintered under the pressure, but left her knuckles busted and bleeding. It wasn’t often that her emotions got the best of her, but... this had all been so...




The next day, Mitsuko came to school with a bandage wrapped tightly around her hand and a countenance that seemed more closed off than usual.


Mitsuko was... really out of her league, unfortunately. She thought she could scare him, but ended up being made a fool of. 

Wes belongs to BluebirdsandCanaries, btw!
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girl, are you even human with all dis skill?
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AHHH you’re so sweet, thank you ijjljdjfojhdfsdfgdnasd
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Anytime, you deserve all the positive vibes!
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Kasumi'll be worried as heck about her injury

and imma personally kick legs bUTT >:CCC
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She did a harm to her poor hand but Kasumi will take good care of it YoY 

YEEES ME TOO! (ง •̀_•́)ง
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Great job I love how it looks! :love:
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Thanks a ton! :heart:
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you are welcome! :hug: 
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