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Dear Azotic.
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Published: January 5, 2019
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“I can’t help but think all of this is my fault, but I don’t know how to make it better. I keep thinking about how you said it was because of me that you came out wrong, and.. it’s kinda crazy, ‘cause I think you’re perfect the way you are. Cheap words, coming from me I guess.. I also can’t stop thinking about wha happened— at the kindergarten I mean. You didn’t come finish the job like you vowed too, and I can’t help but feel that you.. didn’t really want to. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking... I don’t know if you stayed on Earth, or if you went somewhere else, but.. I hope wherever you are, the burden that you’re carrying becomes so light that you forget it was ever there. I hope you surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are, and they treat you with the love and respect you deserve. And I hope you, too, accept yourself for who you are, and learn to love your supposed flaws. And when you do, I’ll still be here, waiting for you. 


ANGSTY TOPAZ WHOA I didn’t know she had an emotion that wasn’t happy! Topaz wants so badly for Azotic to be happy, even if she did kinda try and murder her.. twice. :sweatdrop: revamp v2 She recorded a little message for Azotic and left it at the kindergarten, where they last saw one another, in hopes that she’ll find it and listen. 

Will these sisters ever truly be happy together? bunneh icon17 

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Any resemblance to characters of other works by other creators is completely coincidental. Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network and its creator(s), but the character and design of Topaz is mine. The artwork is also mine, so please do not post elsewhere without my permission. Do not trace, reproduce, or steal in any shape or form. If you want something drawn for you, I'm open to art trades, commissions, and the like! There really is no reason to steal!
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LynnesGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
I really hope we get to see Azotic again kjhKJJHFDG
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GoldBlockIngotHobbyist Digital Artist
omg the FEEEELS
I gotta make something like this for Py and Alpha at some point and like ACTUALLY DRAW IT MYSELF CAUSE NOW IM INSPIRED AND INSPIRATION OVERCOMES PROCRASTINATION
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very  nice picture, very sad too
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FyreglyphsHobbyist General Artist
The FEELS <3
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
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BluebirdsandCanariesHobbyist Digital Artist
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
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1st 0-0 interesting and deep
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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