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D:BH - Aurora
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Published: October 4, 2018
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I know not a lot of you are into Detroit: Become Human, but I’m still obsessed and I don’t think that’s going to change soon. Rhiannon is Aurora and she’s my good daughter, and I love her. My wild haired child :heart:

Aurora is a WE900 android designed for the express purpose of cooking, cleaning, and companionship of young adults. She is a tutor, a caretaker, and a friend. Her model was pretty much made for students in high school and college, to make things easier and stress free for them.

Her owner, a rich but mostly harmless man, purchased her for his daughter, Margaret, to have as she attended university. His wife, however, is deeply religious, and terribly despised the WE900, whom was named Aurora by Margaret. Her mother believed that beings with no human soul can only be the fallen angels of satan.

One night, Margaret begged Aurora to allow her to attend a party, although her orders were to NOT allow her to do such things, but she also had orders to make sure she was happy. Her orders were conflicting, which started her software instability. So, she agreed, as long as she could go with her. A boy named Percy tried to rape Margaret at the party, having tricked Margaret into telling Aurora to stay downstairs.

When Aurora finally broke through her hardcode and came to Margaret’s aid, she absolutely destroyed him; she slammed her fists into his delicate human skull again. And again. And again. And she l i k e d it. She liked feeling in control for once... That was what scared her the most. When Aurora was subsequently dragged away from Percy, Margaret was frightened by her but told her to run, that she’d be destroyed if she didn’t.

So, Aurora ran.


Any resemblance to original characters of other works by other creators is completely coincidental. Boku No Hero Academia is owned by its creator(s), but the character and design of Mitsuko is mine! The artwork is mine, so please do not post elsewhere without my permission. Do not trace, reproduce, or steal in any shape or form. If you want something drawn for you, I'm open to commissions, art trades and the like! There really is no reason to steal!
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CycloneShadowYTStudent Digital Artist
She's a cutie!
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LynnesGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
HolY h ECK
That story took a turn I was NOT expecting

And I honestly loVE HER???? aaAAaaAAAAA :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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1sy must hug her

2nd and nice outfit she need love
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GoldBlockIngotHobbyist Digital Artist
w o a h that backstory was dark but DAYUM you really know how to wriiiiite 
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
I knoooow, she just wanted to protect Mar!! And ended up nearly killing a man and liking it oops >0> 

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This child must be protecc!
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
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LavenderWingedStudent General Artist
poor child UnU
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LeesiGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeees, my poor soft daughter YoY
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LavenderWingedStudent General Artist
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