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The rest of the rugrats

Chuckie, Angelica and Susie are here: [link]
and some scrap doodles of them: [link]

I've seen these floating around tumblr, I like creeping on the comments. xD
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Big-bad-Rocket's avatar
Again this is really well done.
princessofDisney27's avatar
omg these look awesome XD I like how they look here than how in All Grown Up XD
Azaras-spirit's avatar
oh my gods I love this! Rugrats was one of my fave shows ever.
singinkitty89's avatar
Ok....PLEASE tell me you have seen MIB 3. Because grown up Dil in this pic looks like GRIFFIN!!!!!!!! OMG!!! :D
FunkCandy's avatar
Is that a little scar on Lil's cheek?

These designs are just so great; I'm especially fond of Kimi (because wow, that just fits her so well) and Lil! Gosh, why didn't they put you in charge of All Grown Up.
Leerer-Raum's avatar
Hah, thanks~! I tried to think of some back story for most of them, like susie's broken arm, angelicas sun burn, and the twins cuts. I figured for lil she's either a little hot headed and gets into fights or she's really into her sports and gets a bit mangled from playing rough.
FunkCandy's avatar
Wow, I dunno how I managed to miss the broken arm the first time around (I thought she just had one of those sleevey things!). The twins' cuts and back stories there are so like them, though (and so is the sunburn for Angelica; my guess was a tan gone wrong). It's perfect!
Musicalmutt2's avatar
i love how tommy kimi and the twins look >u< heheh... oh dil.. xD i love how crazy he is.
suckerforsidekicks's avatar
So much do I like these! They all came out great especially Tommy and the twins. Great style you got, nice work!
A-young-soul's avatar
:heart: awesome artwork
Cassie122's avatar
i like how you drew Tommy ans Lil , you should make a couple drawing of them ^^
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Extremely good one.
Itachi-Chrs-kun's avatar
I love how Tommy resembles his Dad!! ((Dil is HILARIOUS!!!))
didiyaya107's avatar
Dude, awesome! Love it! Both going in favs
TazzyDevil7's avatar
they are all great 0.O
Cusd's avatar
tommy looks like he'll be a hunk in the future..aww yeah
StellarFerret's avatar
VampElf27's avatar
Kimi looks rad.
samohsai's avatar
OULALA TOMMY!! He's prety handsome and Dil! LOL, omg XD They're all so well done, awesome job! :heart:
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