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Bella x Edward - Twilight

By leenisabel
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Here's some fan art from Stephenie Meyer's novels, the Twilight series. This is taken from the scene in Twilight where Bella Swan hitches a ride on her lovely vampy boyfriend, Edward Cullen. I'm sure you can tell I'm for the Edward camp. :P

Of all the scenes in the book, I honestly wonder that that experience must have felt like. Must've been exhilarating! I'd ride that vampire anytime. -_^

Edward Cullen & Bella Swan © Stephenie Meyer

PS CS3 & pencil sketch. Comments and Twilight fans are welcome!

This print was featured in the Twilight Official Illustrated Guide! So exciting! :) Purchase a copy here: [link]
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© 2007 - 2020 leenisabel
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fan2468Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Run Edward run
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LynxOnProwlHobbyist Digital Artist
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meeeee7078Student Artist
fell bad for her
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TotallyDeviantLisaHobbyist General Artist
*cue Benny Hill theme*
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Edward won't make her a vampire because he knowns after that she will kick his arse badly :D
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KaylaBieberHobbyist General Artist
OH, i ABSOLUTLY Love that picture. I am a huge twilight fan :)
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AteTakaaHobbyist General Artist
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May-Contain-Nuts-xxHobbyist Photographer
This is realy good!! its detail is much sharper like this on a bigger scale than in the ilistrated guide
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TwilightPotterFanStudent Traditional Artist
This is so good!!!
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Congrats on making it in the Guide! That's wonderful!
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ScorschaStudent Traditional Artist
Bella:what the fuck how does he run this fast!!!
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daisy019Student General Artist
he's flitting!!

whoo go darren shan!!
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i luv dis!
go 2 mi pg i do twilite stf 2 i dnt hv ani up at da momunt but i wil do later :)
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you did well with this picture
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sigh* where the fuck is Van Hellsing when you need him
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Rage-o-ramaHobbyist Artist
As much as I DESPISE this series, this art work is certainly nothing to sneeze at! It looks like you painted this by hand with a mix of watercolor and a bit of acrylic paint, which for a digitally crafted drawing is REALLY good. Like I said, I cannot stand neither Bella nor Edward Cullen as characters, but your interpretation of their facial expressions and graceful movement that should have been portrayed in the book through good, descriptive writing is whimsically well done. Overall, I can always appreciate good pieces of art even if I do not agree with said fandom.
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nightengaleprimeHobbyist General Artist
Dude you pic is in the twilight Illistrated guide! I just checked the book out yesterday! 0_o
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Awesome job!
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Berries-FieldsHobbyist Photographer
I'm still worried about them running into a tree.
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Wow that's really good. I like the way they seem like solid figures, and the background really appears to be moving. Great job! :D
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artsygirl102Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should join our new club called HarryAndTwilight! You should also consider another group of mine called LoveForTwilight! They both dont have that much views but that is because we just started today!With your photos both of these groups can become very popular!!!
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