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I really love if someone gives me a llama and watch! I made this feature for the 331st to 340th person who gives me llama, my watchers’ work and suggestions, and my personal favorite works too! Don’t forget to leave a link or thumb (if you are a CORE member) in comment of your or your friend's picture to be featured on the next one!!!

llama love Llama Features llama love

The Beast slayer returns. by Suzanne-Helmigh
  . : * dragonpuppy * : . + SPEEDPAINT-VIDEO by Pantiesaurus  Sophia by RobotCatArt  Unicorn + Babycorn by Limerry  Moon Keeper by D-Archae Creme [COM] by llEttell  The Sunchild Journey - Cover Book by FrancescaPoliti 

I has watcher My Watchers I has watcher

The Darkness Is Coming by ektapinki
 Coeur actrice by 1simplemanips1  Jade Maiden by Incantata Suggested by :iconlolita-artz:

And many thanks for my new watchers :iconenigmaticsher:, :iconmsriotte:, :iconforeveroriginalgraph:, :icononyaneese:, :iconpams00:, :iconilluminatingdreamz:, :iconb1uef1ames:, :icontinalouiseuk:, and :iconargadeux:

Thanks My Favorite Works Thanks

Titania by Incantata
Thanks for the 30.000 watchers! by Ellysiumn  Apocalypse by Ellysiumn  best buds by Lolita-Artz   Rose pegasus by BronzeHalo   rose by Irina-Ponochevnaya Evening Tree by amebleu Still into you by Syvaender Back Home by Whendell Mountain Base by Whendell   proboscis little dragon by Incantata  Happy 1St Birthday by Incantata  Book Cover for Moon Tortured by McKenzie Hunter by cocoanderson Close your eyes by ClairObscurArt  Deathbringer by AlexandraVBach  Mistress of Summer by IngridTan Thunder Rain by Selenada Winter fairies by anotherwanderer the GIFT by ffnana Little present by FlashW Blacksmith Poppy New Splash Art Skin by dousanxian  Master Wind-The Wheel Of Destiny by Gworld Blue-dragon by mobius-9  Nimhue by OmarDiazArt Sakura Whispers  by FrostAlexis   Essence And The Ancients by MoodyBlue Butterswim by thegirlcansmile Coeur actrice by 1simplemanips1  Castle on the Island by btgarts  'Til the love rains down... by WhimsicalBlue  For Diamonds, For Dust by FrostAlexis  A Quiet Rainy day by alkab-art So lost by Ellysiumn  Jade Maiden by Incantata  White Raven by ThelemaDreamsArt  Black Beauty (Speed Paint) by Selenada  Legend of the Cryptids - Rooney reg. by anotherwanderer   Mobius Final Fantasy - Loxley by anotherwanderer  Anarchist by Valentina-Remenar celestial fantasy by Irina-Ponochevnaya   Somewhere Between Worlds by Tanatos83  I Love Rain by ThelemaDreamsArt  Apocalypse by brillgk Valley of dragons by ElenaDudina  healing spring by Incantata  Until-My-Last-Breath by EnchantedWhispersArt .: ABANDONMENT :. by SummerDreams-Art  Legend of the Cryptids - Rooney adv. by anotherwanderer  fairy tale by EatRubbish

Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] MY FIRST DD Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1]

Phoenix by LeenaHill

Thank you so much for everyone for supporting me, and especially ErikShoemaker who feature this as a DD. I can't believe to receive a DD this early. And I won't be here if it wasn't because each and everyone of you so supports me in any ways. Thanks again!

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