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I really love if someone gives me a llama and watch! I made this feature for the 321st to 330th person who gives me llama, my watchers’ work and suggestions, and my personal favorite works too! Don’t forget to leave a link or thumb (if you are a CORE member) in comment of your or your friend's picture to be featured on the next one!!!

llama love Llama Features llama love

Animal Collage by mshellee
<da:thumb id="602402317"/>  Bleeding Rust Rose by boldfrontiers <da:thumb id="510873125"/>  Fear or else by tennison-p Ice Queen's Dance by KayStarlit  Until Vingilot Sails Again by ShawneeDawn I Wandered Off The Yellow Brick Road by shanblue  Soma by Angel-soma

I has watcher My Watchers I has watcher

Enchanted forest by ektapinki
   The evening by vivi-art Suggested by :iconlolita-artz:
El Tigre! by bhav2859  Sea of Serenity by msriotte A Star Is Born by shanblue  Childhood Dreams Brought To Life by Renata-s-art True Friendship by ektapinki  burning my soul by ektapinki  Mgical Necklace by ektapinki

And many thanks for my new watchers :iconenigmaticsher:, :iconmsriotte:, and :iconbhav2859:

Thanks My Favorite Works Thanks

:: Two to Tango :: by SummerDreams-Art
Thank you SummerDreams-Art for this amazing gift :cuddle:
Angel of Light by Ellysiumn  Twisted Fairytale Snowwhite by LevanaTempest So tired by Ellysiumn  In Flames by Valentina-Remenar  Autumn Fairy 2 by marphilhearts The old railway track by Ellysiumn  water goddess 2 by Lolita-Artz  Feel the fire by Ellysiumn  asleep or dead? by Lolita-Artz  Legend of the Cryptids - Kodorfitte adv. by anotherwanderer Unfinished Symphony by Ellysiumn  The red macaw ~ Collaboration by Ellysiumn  Legend of the Cryptids- Pellini adv. by anotherwanderer Everdream by Ellysiumn 2C_kz2101 by Syvaender  Magic whispers by Ellysiumn  Legend of the Cryptids - Pellini reg. by anotherwanderer  Celestial Guardians - Aura by Whendell :: The Death Hour - Collaboration :: by SummerDreams-Art  Legend of the Cryptids - Sceptermaker Kodorfitte by anotherwanderer   Phoenix by Incantata   Baby Phoenix by Incantata  Summer by Gedogfx  Moonshine-3 by EnchantedWhispersArt  Light by Gedogfx  Secret-Window by EnchantedWhispersArt  Bella Muerta 3 by EnchantedWhispersArt  Dark-fae by EnchantedWhispersArt Oasis by NukeRooster Love at first sight by EstherPuche-Art The Wish by ClairObscurArt  P - Yasu by Hanoru  Druid's egg by Incantata P - Assrant by Hanoru The Enchanted Forest by Ellysiumn  Lupus Descending by UltraShiva  Water Goddess 4 by Lolita-Artz La foret aveugle by AmiralAesir  Amanita by JeromeBirti  Beauty and the Glitch by JeromeBirti   Into the Dark by LevanaTempest   Secret Crypt by LadyEvilArts  Phoenix by moonchild-ljilja  I Wish I Could... by LadyEvilArts Magic Bottle by lauraypablo Beware Of Shadows by LadyEvilArts Friends Reunion by Ashiria Black Dragon Knight by DongjunLu Deer Queen by DongjunLu  Red Roses Never Die by ED-Creations Mists of Time by Lhuin believe in unicorns by Animal75Artist The Bridge by annewipf  The Forbidden Ritual by CherryAbittant

Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] My New Work Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] 

Peter Pan Gender Bender by LeenaHill
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I know it's too late and am sorry for the delayed response!! But thank you so much for this lovely feature Leena and you are most welcome!:heart: