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 I really love if someone gives me a llama and watch! I made this feature for the 271st to 280th person who gives me llama, my watchers’ work and suggestions, and my personal favorite works too! Don’t forget to leave a link or thumb (if you are a CORE member) in comment of your or your friend's picture to be featured on the next one!!!

Llamas Feature

Phoenix in a fiery light by queenofeagles
Max by Katinka-Duval Bowser Headshot by mistermints
 Autumn??? by Kamaite
Corgiiiiii by Gemma02 Sin City - A. by XaviRoStudio Contest entry - falling down by Khaifer

Colda lifetime ago I was that young man
convinced my immature evil was what it posed to be
an older woman showed me new levels of pleasure
and pain
and finally, loss.
now she is old and broken
her beauty faded and corrupted
her heart cold and lost
and alone
I saw her, or thought I did, the other day
and felt nothing
said nothing
walked away

My Watchers

Should I stay or should I go by AquaSixio
Fairy Castle by annewipf Suggested by :iconignisfatuusii:
 Suggested by :iconqueenofeagles:
 Suggested by :iconellysiumn:
House tree by alanleal22 Light by LaercioMessias
Fable The Last Story by BenjaminHaleySuggested by :iconsummerdreams-art:
Queen Titania by amadiz 
The Winter's Tale by AlexanderKorolev Suggested by :iconlolita-artz:
Her-Fierce-Protector by EnchantedWhispersArt Suggested by :iconsisterslaughter165:
Escape by Lora-Vysotskaya Suggested by :iconenergiaelca1:
A child's imagination by queenofeagles My kitttyyyyyyyyy by Gemma02 Snow-White by Renata-s-art
where am i? by moyo-moyo Warrior 2 by Hecate-Stock Weiss Cosplaying Micaiah by tennison-p
Rey (Star Wars, Half Portrait) by nameismaskyfornow Water Nymph Copy by ektapinki Protector Of The Princess by ektapinki
DepressionLife bleeds from my soul like an open wound
life bleeds corrupt
look and you see youth
don't look inside
few know me of the many that think they do
I joke about my dysfunctions
they laugh at my show
we laugh while inside I scream with rage
to them it's just a joke
I am the joke
I scream with rage at the twisted gods that had a hand in my creation
my corruption
my purposeless
hiding myself away from the world that made me
alienating family and friends until I am all that's left of me
until my life is as empty as my soul
still somehow not enough
to punish myself for being
I am the lord of my pain
Me My name no one knows but by night I rise out of the dark and into your home.  I creep up on your parents and make them not so merry, then I creep up on all your siblings just to make sure no one is happy. And last but not least, I am coming through your door, you look up to see nothing but a wide grinning me!!!!

And many thanks for my new watchers :iconqueenofeagles:, :icongemma02:, :iconnameismaskyfornow:, :iconmoyo-moyo:, :iconelizzabeth03:, :icontennison-p:, :iconwolftigress:, and :iconhecate-stock:

My Favorite Works

Though You're One Among a Million by NukeRooster
Spellthief Sprite by Whendell Day 4 - Jupiter by BronzeHalo Diva by XaviRoStudio 
Korsin, Female Ninjapunk - OC Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku Psychic by hgjart  Bittersweet Rose by AmethystRaven-Art
Assassin's creed syndicate by ArisT0te Tinkerbell from Disney by ArtML30
Angel and Demons 2 by Sisterslaughter165 Clouded Mind by Bluefiregrl
Day 5 - Uniborg by BronzeHalo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! by VeilaKs Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas by lauraypablo
Invader by Castaguer93 Mathael reaper of souls by timens
Eurydice by anotherwanderer Lil' mermaid 2 by anotherwanderer Day 10 - Solar flare by BronzeHalo
Light as Snowfall by Lambity Spring Thaw by Thylrienn
Snegurochka by Incantata Dark Sunset by Consuelo-Parra Merida by artofelaineho
Dewdrop Fairy by tamaraR Brighid by ClairObscurArt
 Shattered by WhimsicalBlue The Gathering Storm by Aegils Music Of The Sea by Lolita-Artz
Day 13 - Arabian horse (+base) by BronzeHalo Wind riders by Brumae-Art
 Doll by Ophelia-Overdose Dream Night by Veelu21
LittleFairyTales - Cinderella by nina-Y Shatter Me by Ariel87
Always by Super-Furet Something I need by Ellysiumn Horoscope series .Capricorn. by sakimichan Medusa by la-esmeralda
War Victor by NukeRooster
Stamens of Light by stroggtank2 cute 2 handle by Lolita-Artz La scuola magica della Maestra Cornacchia by Incantata
Legend of the Cryptids - Diula adv. by anotherwanderer apparatus blocking of early cock-a-doodle-doo by Incantata Legend of the Cryptids - Diula reg. by anotherwanderer
Heaven only knows by EstherPuche-Art Dark-Winged-Beauty by EnchantedWhispersArt Self-Portrait by SvetlanaKLimova
:: Home is Behind :: by SummerDreams-Art Realms of Addiction by Shann2j
Morufiana 1 by Yayashin Always by daekazu Air dress by ElenaDudina
Flamingo by EnchantedWhispersArt Never too late to dream by Ellysiumn
The butterfly wish by annemaria48 No Place Like Home by kuschelirmel

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak by LeenaHill
I'll try to finish it this month OMG MOAR POEMS! 

Have a great day!!!

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:iconthankyoupart1plz::iconthankyoupart2plz::iconthankyoupart3plz: for the wonderful feature. :heart: