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I really love if someone gives me a llama and watch! I made this feature for the 251st to 260th person who gives me llama, my watchers’ work and suggestions, and my personal favorite works too! Don’t forget to leave a link or thumb (if you are a CORE member) in comment of your or your friend's picture to be featured on the next one!!!

llama loveLlama Features llama love

Dino-Din by Sata-midnight  CDM Contest by MeruSketches Tysharina Ref Sheet by Zyleeth by Tysharina Hot Metal Text by DarthHaven  Character design by bento-chan  Great grey, Sif by emmassiee Jewel by Sinasni Seashell - tradigital version by Grassprietje 

I has watcher My Watchers I has watcher

The Sound You Need ...rain by naradjou14 Day By Day by 1chick1  The Pied Piper by nura-des  Suggested by :iconsummerdreams-art:
Heavy Halloween.. by Megan-Arts Emerald City by QueThu Suggested by :iconwhendell:
The White Witch by Sisterslaughter165 Suggested by :iconartorifreedom:
<da:thumb id="577464696"/>  Mystic by KyasCass Suggested by :iconlolita-artz:
 Suggested by :iconignisfatuusii:
Feliz Navidad by Casimiroliva  Gates to Shambala by apanyadong Suggested by :iconenergiaelca1:
On Rainy Days by ObscureLilium  Learn to love by SandraWinther <da:thumb id="537393894"/> Fire of Life (Birthday Gift) by IilekteS Suggested by :iconlauraypablo:
Fairy Wing HD by FrancescaAmyMaria <da:thumb id="512064962"/> Nyx meets Moonstory by houndoommegamaster  Mirako Yuu by MeruSketches  Perched Phoenix  by Maddie-rose17  Anime Peace!!! by ThePanda13 <da:thumb id="560616987"/> Wonderland-in-the-clouds by Renata-s-art Scary house by ektapinki  To Send Me A Letter, I Am Here. by staceycatz16  Gates to Shambala by apanyadong  Morrigan by lauraypablo  Doll by Sisterslaughter165

And many thanks for my new watchers :iconfrancescaamymaria:, :iconamethystraven-art:, :iconhoundoommegamaster:, :iconmerusketches:, :iconmaddie-rose17:, :iconthepanda13:, :icon24kiza:, :iconxux-naotne1425-xnx:, :iconevadevan:, :iconrenata-s-art:, :iconektapinki:, :iconstaceycatz16:, and :iconapanyadong:

Thanks My Favorite Works Thanks

Dark Angel by ClairObscurArt
Liquid Cool - Book Cover by Whendell  Snow White by Lolita-Artz Playful Alphas by Ooupoutto Deception,Envy and Defeat by EnchantedWhispersArt DUSKHERRE by Lunarlueur The Philosophy of Life by Helga-Helleborus  Poison Flower by AtraLunaDesign  The Bridge II by xetobyte   Minka by Arwenlindorie Allurement by Mocris Beautiful Disaster by Mihaela-V Gate to the ancient forest by KellieArt Unleash the Beast by ReyeD33  Ghost bride by OlgaSava  Dia de los Muertos 2015 by Nikulina-Helena Morning by t1na Blue Awe by Syvaender  The sound of silence by Ellysiumn  Cabin by EsbjornNord The Rude Visitor by EsbjornNord Swedish Summer by EsbjornNord Fire-Drake by Lovell-Art   Eternelle by Hellobaby Hell On Wheels by RejectAll-American Polar express by ElenaDudina  Memories Of Feeling by nancekievill Halcyon Days by Aegils The Kingdom of jellyfish by EowynRus  The-Magical-Apple by EnchantedWhispersArt Fossilised by kimsol New World Trip by Pincons  Betrayed by shizen1102  Silent Night by ChimeraArtz   Glamour Amore by GabrielleCarlson Zwoelfender by Megan-Arts  Rey (12/2015) by ppleong  Fireflies Forest by Rexionete  Titansgrave: Moonpeak Manor Gardens by ned-rogers Stormquake - Rudaea by Whendell

Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] My New Work Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] 

Cracked in Time by LeenaHill


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Many thanks for the feature! Much appreciated.
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]