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How are you doing! I'm very good, I'm sorry I leave DA so ... abandoned. 
I'm very busy with my new job, designing software and web sites :3  so I will upload this journal at moments. 

Feel free to visit my facebook and blog, I update them more often 


<3 <3 <3 
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I was tagged by  rainismysunshine   


These are the Rules

1. You have to post these rules

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them

3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4.- Choose 13 people

5.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

6.- You can't say that you don't do tags.

7. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

9. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

11. - Cussing is ALLOWED. 

13 things about me:

1- I like sweet food like cakes, macaroons, pie, brownies etc.
2- Also I like salty food. 
3- In the past I hated when people combine salty and sweet flavors on a dish, now I love it.  
4- I would love to live in the forest :3  
5- I love light *u*   
6- Lately, I find myself socially disabled.
7- I love to play Otome games xD
8- I’m tall, and love loli style… so you can feel my struggle.
9- I like punk style anime boys and girls.
10- I recently opened my anime/manga/friki store
11- Many times I wish I were a dog.

12- I can’t leave the volume of the tv on numbers that are not multiples of 5 or 10.
13- I love drawing and painting, arts and craft, you must have guessed that.

rainismysunshine  questions.

1- What is your favourite artistic technique to observe?

Mmmmh technique, do you mean like medium? Well, I like a lot, digital, acrylics, oils, pastels… in style I love realism (figurative) and like anime/cartoon style.

2- What is your reason for being a part of the art world? 

I think is part of my nature, something in my blood, I can’t help it. I always liked to tell stories and art is a form of doing that.

3- What kind of fashion sense do you have?

A very good fashion sense, very glamourous :P

4- Do you prefer curvy or skinny women? 

In variety is the fun, but I find curvy women fun to draw.

5- Muscly or chubby men?

I don’t know,  I think muscly.

6- Can you tell me something interesting about your religious beliefs?

Yup! Like that if we all are sons of the same god, nobody is less and everybody has the same right to be loved and respected, and in fact if you don’t love and respect your neighbor you are doing wrong, so please be respectful to others, and if you let someone be bad at you, you are accomplice of their wrong, so please stand up and respect yourself!   

7- What is your favourite hot beverage? 


8- Which film genre do you most like to watch at home? 
Comedy or Terror

9- Which is your favourite season and why? 
Winter, I love cold.

10- Do you believe in any superstitions? 
Not really.

12- If you haven't yet, are you planning on going to University, and if you have, was it worth it? 

13- What are your favourite foods and flavours? 

Lol, sweet and salty :3  sometimes sour. I love Japanese food :D


I tag: 

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My questions.
1- What do you love to do?
2- Are you a thinker or a feeling person? 
3- What is the meaning of life?
4- What is art to you? 
5- Do you like otome games (dating sims) ?
6- Do you like goth, punk, rocker boys or not?
7- What is your favourite cartoon? 
8- What is your favorite movie? 
9- What is one thing you hate in the world? 
10- Do you care about others? 
12- Have you done something good to others lately? 
13- What is your favorite anime? 


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Hi, sweeties!

I have had a wonderful April's month, I feel very grateful for have been featured (well, my work, not me) by some deviants here, thank you very much (you know who you are ;) ) I feel that my work began to be appreciated and acknowledged and that feels great, its a great motivator!

On another theme, I FINALLY improve my website, and I love it n.n  I still have to update some sections, but I love how it looks, please visit it

I also have decided to have my official store on my website and to post signed prints, t shirts designs and more mech in a single place, it will be here:
Wait for me, I will upload a ton of cool stuff for you!

See you soon!


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Hello guys and beauties!
Let me update you with some news :D
I was invited to be part of a new social site called Nabaroo is a site for artists and looks pretty cool, do you have an account? Please share it below, so we can be friends there!
Also I began using Tsu another social media site, a little like Facebook BUT with the difference that is includes an photo editing app so amazing and you get paid for your posts, yeah its right! I have 4 cents by far lol, if you want to get paid for posting cute things and try Tsu, use this link to join:::

And about March events, I will be attending AVALON 4 (anime convention) as an artists!! WUUUJUUUU with my DeviantEns peers :)  Wish us luck!
I will be painting portraits (live) and selling art and commissions :) Also promoting my drawing lessons, I will be a teacher yeeeeeeiiii, wish me luck hehehe

I hope you had an amazing year, and let's keep improving our art, with love,


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Instagram: @leenacruzart

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I just discovered Instagram and I'm really loving it, it's so simple! I post a lot of pictures, sketches and scraps that I don't want to upload to DA because they are just ideas or not finished, but it's cool when someone see your first sketches and help you create something, so I want to share my Instagram account, you are very welcome to befriend me, follow me and I'll follow you back, so we can see what are we doing in real time.
Also I'm learning to use Vine, it's cool to upload short videos, if you have Vine leave a comment below! Do you know of another social site that I should use, I'm getting a little tired of Facebook, lol

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Instagram: @leenacruzart

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Llamas for everyone!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 22, 2015, 4:38 PM
Hey, hey! I'm going to be direct JUST LEAVE A COMMENT AND I WOULD GIVE YOU A FREE LLAMA! Also dont forget to give me one, I want to get the Golden LLama, so LLamaxLlama! Yeah!

Also, check my clothing designs and prints on my stores below!

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New Year, New Life

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 4:27 PM
Hi, guys and queens!

Tomorrow will be my birthday and it's a new year officially for me (because I lived enough to complete another year lol), even though I didn't made wishes or resolutions on new year eve, I have goals for my artistic career and also I have made some health related resolutions a few weeks ago (sometimes getting really sick it's the best motivator). And I will change a lot of my habits to be more happy, like eat well, exercise, draw more stuff just for me, and getting back to cosplay!

Also I really want to make a youtube channel for my drawings and paintings, and one for my DIY crafts and beauty tips, but this will be in Spanish :3 

Well, let´s see what this new year brings!

Take care!


Also, check my clothing designs and prints on my stores below!

Leena Cruz on Redbubble

Leena Cruz on NeatoShop

Leena Cruz on Fine Art of America

Leena Cruz on Society6

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Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 11:44 AM

Finally I have open commissions to the public!
Cause Xmas is coming and everything I give you a special deal until January 6, so quickly get your slot!

Limited Slots Available (if you want your commissions before Xmas)


Sketch  $10:
Gift for Donators - Sketch for Iginary :) by LeenaCruz Sketch Commission #2 by LeenaCruz
Black and White  $30:
Nana Osaki the Punk Rock  Queen by LeenaCruz Imaginacion by LeenaCruz The Ronin Thunder by LeenaCruz
Cell Shading $45:
Restaurant Mania by LeenaCruz Marceline the Vampire Queen by LeenaCruz Mina A. by LeenaCruz
Soft Shading $70:
Sailor Moon Serena (Usagi, Bunny) Tsukino by LeenaCruz And Bernie escaped the zoo! by LeenaCruz Princess Jasmine by LeenaCruz

Digital Painting  $150 :
  Love Spell by LeenaCruz Gnomish Experimenter by LeenaCruz

Have any question, note me or comment!
My email :


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Ya casi es fin de año y profesionalmente me ha ido muy bien, así que para celebrar quiero compartir un poco de la felicidad con ustedes y he preparado 3 concursos.
  • 1er concurso rifaré un set de stickers.
  • 2do concurso rifaré un set de stickers y una copia de Punto Comix : antología de historietas (donde participo con unas tiras cómicas).
  • 3er concurso Premio Sorpresa 

Para participar solo debes:

1. Suscribirte a mi boletín de noticias aquí:

2. Darle like a mi Facebook page aquí:

El ganador se elegirá por sorteo al azar y se anunciará el 1 de diciembre.

¡Espero contar con su participación y mucha suerte!


It's almost New Year and professionally has done very well, so to celebrate I want to share some happiness with you and I have prepared 3 contests.
  • 1st contest you can win a set of stickers.
  • 2nd contest you can win a set of stickers and a copy of Punto Comix: anthology of cartoons (where I participated drawing some comic strips).
  • 3rd Contest Surprise Prize.

To participate you must simply:

1. Subscribe to my newsletter here:

2. Like my Facebook page here:

The winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced on December 1st.

I look forward to your participation and good luck!



Visit my portfolio and social sites:…
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How are you doing?
2013 was a year with so many changes for me, personally and professionally, a good year... but 2014 promises to be better!
First of all, I'm working on the thing I love: illustration and videogames :)
I have seen an improvement in my skills these last months and I'm willing to learn and improve more this year.
I will soon release my new website  with a better design and more content, also more easy to update by me.
I have 3 beautiful dogs and a new member in my family a beautiful goat and I'm crazy (like a goat) about him!!!
I have many projects ongoing and this year I will begin to connect with you my friends, via Livestream and Hangouts (wait for more info).

This year one of my goals is to improve my art, talk better in public, learn how to teach in order to share my skills and improve my English (it's not my native language even though I can understand it).

If you want to connect with me or just say hi, feel free to search me in:

UPDATE: I'm starting a Patreon campaign, (it's like a kickstarter for artist) can you help me with your feedback? What do you think are good rewards? I will appreciate all your comments, please take a look at my campaign here:…
twitter:  LeenaCruz

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Leena <3
I think this is of everyone's interest so I like to share with you PACT *Professional Artist-Client Toolkit*

PACT will be a tool to help freelance fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book illustrators negotiate a better living wage for themselves.…


Hi, my name is Jim Pavelec. I have been a freelance illustrator in the fantasy genre for 15 years.

Throughout my career I have watched contracts get progressively worse for artists, and our pay stagnate or even decrease. We all saw it happen, and we all complained to each other about it, but nobody did anything about it.

I decided to give a lecture at the 2012 Illuxcon symposium regarding the state of freelance illustration for fantasy and sci-fi artists. I wanted the panel to be a forum for ideas on how we could affect positive change in the industry.

I gathered fellow artists Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos, Aaron Miller, and Mike Sass to join me on the panel, and to brainstorm beforehand on some ideas. What we came up with was the idea of a website. You can hear about the inception of the website and the entire Illuxcon panel on the Drawn Today podcast:…

or via this YouTube version.


I know you're thinking,"Oh great, another website where I have to post my images." Not to worry... that is not what this website will be about.

First and foremost, the website will be geared towards improving the standards for artists within the fantasy, science fiction, and comic book genres.


The site will be broken up into a free area, and a pay area. The free area will be a resource destination for illustrators. 
In this section you will find:

  • A definitions page of terms you may come across in a contract. 
  • Downloadable sample contracts, drafted by our lawyer, that you can use as a tool to start combating the proliferation of work-for-hire contracts. You won't always be able to negotiate out of work-for-hire clauses, but when you can, it will be nice to have professional documents to send to your clients. 
  • A downloadable PDF of Randy Gallegos' document "A Guide For Publishers Learning How to Commission Illustration." This document is the most comprehensive piece I've read on educating clients about rights, what it takes on the artist's end to make good art, and what good art costs.
  • A list of the companies that are reviewed in the members area.


Yearly membership to the site will be $29, but for our Indiegogo supporters we have something special in mind. For $29 you will get a Two Year Membership!  You will be given access to the site four months before its official launch. You will be able to provide feedback to help create a site that suits your wants and needs. You will have early access to all of the features and resources listed below. A forum will be set up during this Beta phase where you can discuss what you like and what you don't like.

member badge


The membership area will provide a ratings page.  Imagine it as an Angie's Listspecifically for genre illustrators. There you can anonymously (or openly if you prefer) rate the companies that you have worked for along four different criteria:

  •  Contract Terms 
  •  Amount of Pay
  •  Timeliness of Pay 
  •  Ease of Work 

Once you have given a score for each category, they will be averaged  to make a final score for that company, which will then average into the scores that other artists have given this company. You will also be allowed to give a brief description for why you gave each rating. These descriptions will be available for other members to view.

You will be able to vote for each job that you have done for a company. Since many companies have multiple lines and art directors, your experience may vary from job to job, so the company's rating should reflect that. We will ask, though, that you do not mention art directors by name, and that you keep your descriptions courteous and professional. Any personal attacks will be removed by the website administrators.

We feel that this will allow members to make a more informed choice about which companies they choose to work for. Does that company pay on time? Does their pay meet a favorable industry standard? All of the stats to answer these kinds of questions will be at your fingertips.

Additionally, the members area will have a news page in which we will keep you updated on the actions of the companies in the industry (much like we have been doing on our facebook page). We will inform you when there is encouraging news on the horizon, bring attention to practices we feel are questionable, and report on everything in between.

The members section will also contain articles and interviews featuring industry professionals from both sides of the table. You will get to hear from artists and art directors alike as to their experiences in the business, and how they feel things can be improved. 

We hope PACT will be a forum that benefits the industry overall, in a respectful, inclusive way, and with the involvement of our client-partners.

Finally, a page will be available where we explore solutions to the various problems we face. We will delve into the areas of contracts, spec work, contests, copyright, alternative revenue streams, the Fair Use Act, and many more. Here we hope to get your feedback in order to create viable solutions to these problems.

This will also help us create a thorough FAQ section.

This site will not be a place where freelancers go to bash companies, but a place where we can learn to be more professional, to promote an appreciation and more respectful attitude toward the work we do, and encourage companies to treat us in a more professional and economically viable way.

The site will be constructed by Tecture, a fantastic Chicago based web development company. They are real pros, which means nightly on-site back up and weekly off-site backup, as well as monthly maintenance.  With Tecture in our corner we will be able to grow the site in any direction we need, and you will not have to worry about security, crashes, or an amateurish looking site. But, professionalism costs money (which is kind of the entire point of this endeavor), so the majority of the funds raised through the Kickstarter will go to pay for the building and maintenance of the site.



Why do we need to raise $45,000 for a website? To begin with, we will be delivering a top of the line, bug free, slick, and user friendly website, and that costs about $25,000. On top of that, we have hired lawyers to draft sample contracts for your use, as well as using them to make the site air tight, so that no one can come along and sue us and shut us down before we even get rolling. As you know, unlike artists, lawyers know what they are worth, and charge for every minute of their time. But in this case, that's fine, because they will be fighting for us. 

Also, we have to package and ship all of the rewards, which takes considerable time, and takes a chunk out of the money we raised.
Finally, once the site is live we will have to moderate it. This means time away from paying gigs. It would be hypocritical of me to ask people to work on moderating the site for free. The whole point of this endeavor is to help people get paid what they are worth, and that is what I will do, and that is why we need the funds.

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Comienza mayo y a ver que hacemos, hace mucho que no escribia un post, con la llegada de facebook y eso comence a subir mis dibujos a otro lado y me olvide de los journals DA.
Pues ya tengo un portafolio oficial:
Facebook para socializar:
Tienda en Society6, donde vendo prints, iphone cases y camisetas:

Pronto subiré una colección de ilustraciones basada en uno de mis animes favoritos Ranma 1/2 y los mantendre informados!
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Jajajaaj eso sonó muy serio, pero bueno este post es sólo para "aclarar" en que sitios web estoy participando.

El primero es Cosplay Tips un blog dedicado a publicar tutoriales en español sobre el hermoso arte del Cosplay!
Soy la administradora XD echense una vueltecita!!

Y acabó de reinagurar mi sketchblog : Leena Cruz! para que puedan ver los sketches de mis trabajos asi como adelantos de mis proyectos, como que subir sketches a DA no me late mucho asi que este será mi cuaderno virtual.

Y pues tal vez, prontamente inaugure mi webcomic, pero todavía no estoy segura de la URL asi que no desesperen XD, les diré pronto.

Y estos son los lugares en los que estaré publicando regularmente :3
Cuidense mucho y besos!!
Muchas gracias a todos mi amigos por su apoyo!!

P.D. Ya esta impreso la antología .Comix donde publiqué algunas cosillas, se recopilaron 6 historias, y es un tomo de 92 páginas (casi un libro jaja) con muy buena calidad a $60 pesitooooos, para que nos ayuden a pagar la impresión del segundo tomo, aaah y si quieren participar pueden mandarme sus historias, el formato es carta, minimo 3 páginas máximo 10 más la portada!!

Ahora si, hasta pronto!
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Solían repartir donas, ahora reparten sangre!

Felices Vacaciones!
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"Ven y escucha el canto de la sirena"

De regreso a casa, nuestros recién nombrados caballeros, leyeron aquella frase.

Estaban en un pueblo a 2 días de camino de su hogar. Aunque era una regla irse y llegar a tiempo; Uther no entendía el por qué de tan extrema puntualidad.
Sus tiempos eran medidos de tal manera que podían viajar tranquilamente dependiendo de cuál fuera su misión.Algunas misiones eran largas y tomaban varios meses en concluir, otras se cumplían en dias y era importantísimo regresar a tiempo, en orden de cumplir con otras misiones. Era un asunto más que nada de burocracia.

Aún con todos estos peros y por la insistencia de Uther, decidieron quedarse ahí por esta noche, ver el show y correr temprano para llegar al reino.

Los viajes del conejo blanco
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