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Well we are currently streaming Smash 4 with the newly released Mewtwo!
Come check it out
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Sewerbuddies currently streaming Smash WiiU!
Training up some Amiibos!
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Hi guys! I recently started a business Facebook page for all of my artwork! Its been a long time coming.

Any kind of support or Likes would be VERY much appreciated!

Also if you have ever commissioned me please feel free to leave a review.

Thanks so much everybody. Love you!

[EDIT:  Fixed the broken link. Sorry about that]
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No money needed! Just looking for a Super Smash Bros demo code? Lol

Note me!
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Sorry guys but the sale is currently over.
No worries though I have sale pretty frequently so keep an eye open!

If you are still interested in commissions though check here

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Making a new character!

I was just doodling a new plant character for no reason, but holy shit! oh my god! I’ve fallen in love with him!

He is going to be a plant anthro (found out those are called Treants? cool) based off of a Stinging Nettle.

I’ve decided to name him Frett!

I think He’s gonna start off as a human and somehow get turned into this plant monster. That way he wont be used the the pain of CONSTANTLY stinging himself. It will be kinda tragic D:

He turned into something where he is in constant pain. Any little movement like folding his arms or rubbing an itch with the back of his hand absolutely kills him.
This being the case he is the most irritable/impatient man in the entire universe. If you don’t give him a chance to fully think something out or you some how make him touch himself he will lose his mind on you.

I’m gonna like this character. I love torturing my OCs  >:) 

here is a SUPER early w.i.p.
His third redesign. I like this one a lot. I’m keeping this face and body type.
any suggestions on what to do with is head? I have no clue. He keeps looking like Vegeta somehow no matter what. lol

So I get pretty far in making this new character! (I do stuff like this really slowly.)
I have a new W.I.P. To show you guys! 
I had a bunch of help from Kinla who did 6 headshot concepts for me! WOW! So thanks girl!
Look at that progress lol

Still looking for suggestions! I love making characters with people♥

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Having a small commission bundle sale to get the remaining funds for my English Budgie!
He's about 3 weeks old now!


They will be items I can finish quick! So you will most likely only be waiting a MAX of 2 days for you finished piece!
there will be a total of 6 slots!
Only taking 3 at a time though. So if you miss the first three slots you have a chance again in the second set of 3.

The sale will include:

1 flat colored bust shot!
2 flat colored chibis!

Total combined price is usually $35.00
With the sale it will be $25.00!
You basically get a chibi for free! Or the bust for just $5.00!

I will draw mostly anything as long as its allowed to be posted on deviantart.
Comment here for a slot. I'll then message you for details on your commissions and payment.
I don't ask for payment until after I've shown you a watermarked sketch.


Round 1
Round 2

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These guys need a home so I've reduced the price of EVERYTHING!
All $3.00 - $5.00 or 300 - 500:points:

I'll accept trades, looking for monster type adopts but I'll be very very picky, sorry

Everything I have is open unless stated otherwise in the title.

And here are a few of my favorite adoptables!
Chibi Anthro Adopts -OPEN 1/3- by Leemak  closed by Leemak
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I'm getting rid of all of my adoptables that haven't sold yet. 
Everything is $3.00 - $5.00 or Points300 - Points500

I'll accepts trades to but I am specifically looking for monster like adoptables
(not humanoid)

Here is my list
~Adoptable Gallery~

Just ask on the deviation of the one you want.
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If I priced my commission the way most people say artists should price their stuffthey would be $80-$100 instead of $30-$50

I do charge well under the American minimum wage for myself though…

I don’t think ANYBODY would spend that kinda cash honestly



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For a limited time only get $5 off all my prints! 
Only through using this link♥
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Just stopped by my old Beauty School today to talk about taking a brush up course so I can FINALLY take my State Boards. They said they would love to have me back!
I would only be there a couple days and they would get all the paper work needed for the exams. I have to buy a ton of supplies though and pay for the tests. 

So if you know ANYBODY who would be interested in buying some artwork for person use or if a bushiness needs something please send them my way! 
Friends, family, people at work/school anything would help♥

I have super competitive prices and really high quality work!
Thanks so much everybody! I really appreciate it♥

Also adopting off some characters here!


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Here is a link to my normal commissions 

Typical commissions include:
Headshot, chibis, full colored images, youtube banners/thumbnails, and more!

I also have a YouTube Bundle Commissions

Buy TWO thumbnails get a THIRD free!
Buy a Banner and a Thumbnail get another thumbnail for free!

If you have ANY questions dont hesitate to message me here or by email



Moving this week so I'm hoping to get some super quick commission done to help with the process :D

After that the sale is over

Either note me for info of email me at



Thanks so much!

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I'm going to be drawing so new characters of mine for the first time and wondered if anybody was interested in hanging out in a livestream?
Maybe at like 9-9:30 EST?
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Free shipping on my TribeTwelve prints only by using this link :D


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I have big plans for Slender man in my future! And by plans I mean huge art projects!

A long while ago I drew fanart of one of my favorite (they are all my favorites) Slender Man series TribeTwelve and it got SO much attention. With hundreds of favorites on Deviantart and even more reblogs! 

TribeTwelve Prints Available! by Leemak

It even got me a neat chance to talk to Adam(Noah) and send him a print of it! A print that can now barely be seen in an episode of the series. hah I'm such a nerd dont look at me

Point being all of this has made me VERY happy! Being an artist, this is just what I strive for! So I am currently working on other Slenderverse drawings and I'm so excited!

These are the ones I really want to do
I want them all to look somewhat similar to the TT one as well when it comes to page layout

  • TribeTwelve(done)
  • DarkHarvest00(in progress)
  • MLandersen0(brainstorming)

Others that are more meh

I may still draw it but its low on the list

  • MarbleHornets: I love MarbleHornets more than I can say. It was my first Slender man encounter many many years ago, but it already has SO much love and so much art. Thats why I wanted to draw TT so bad cause I thought it deserved more attention than is already has. SO I LOVE MarbleHornets but they already get enough love♥
  • EveryManHYBRID: I'm gonna get hate for this one :T I tried watching Everyman around the same time I started DarkHarvest00 and I just wasn't feeling it. It wasn't that I thought the acting was bad or something, it just wasn't clicking with me. Honestly I'm kinda sad about it cause so many people love it. I may try starting it over yet again though. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.

I would LOVE suggestions on other good series to watch and draw! Always want to see more♥ And if anybody has suggestions about what I should put in the pictures let me know! Thanks♥

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I want to try and feature a different artist every Friday!
I thinks it would be such a nice thing to do! 
Just helping people out and spreading the love!

~This week is~

PLZ Unlike Comic - Plus Dot Heart  :iconbyebi: PLZ Unlike Comic - Plus Dot Heart 
This artist has the CUTEST style I have seen in a LONG time!
I just literally want to hug everything she draws X3
If you like cute art with nice soft colors this is the artists for you♥

I will chose people I find on my own or people who I always see around.
I'll feature people who I feel deserve it
So please don't ask for one

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*whispers* I'm doing commissions for Sly again <_<
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my DA is riddled with ads again :T

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Welp I only have a 3 day premium left XD

I guess I should handle that. Adds on DA are the worst.
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